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2012 Campaign Post Mortem: We've All Been Had

To paraphrase T.S. Elliot, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

What did the official campaign organization do with the tens of millions of dollars that we, the grassroots, sacrificed to them? Precious little.

They never challenged Romney directly. They never exposed him like the media and Obama are exposing him now. They gave him a pass, as if he were an acceptable alternative for Republicans to consider and support; as if he were just another Republican with a nice big family, not all that different from the Pauls.

In fact, Mitt Romney is (and always has been) an elitist monster. He is, at best, a Republican-in-name-only. He has no redeeming qualities. None. The chasm separating Romney-world from the lives of average Americans could not be greater. He has no popular appeal. He has no real grassroots support. Barack Obama will destroy him as Ron Paul should have destroyed him, but didn't.

Not only did the Ron Paul campaign do nothing to effectively challenge Mitt Romney, when they did act, it was only to undermine their own grassroots' efforts. In effect, they cleared the field for Romney at the critical moment when the grassroots, despite being saddled with the dead weight of the official campaign organization, began racking up victory after victory.

In retrospect, then, the official 2012 Ron Paul Campaign was worse than an EPIC FAIL. It was a BETRAYAL, and it was a THEFT -- a theft of tens of millions of hard-earned dollars from good Americans desperate to get their country (and their freedoms) back.

Sadly, campaign contributions were solicited under false pretenses by professional politicos with an entirely different agenda. While the grassroots understood the critical importance of this historic moment, those whom they entrusted with their financial resources apparently only wanted to further their own professional prospects by:

1) Maxing-out our contributions (and their salaries)
2) Currying favor with Romney and the GOP establishment

They did not want to win. They never intended to win. They ran the campaign so as to insure that the grassroots would not win. Worst of all, they have doomed our nation to four more years of economic dissolution and world-wide war.

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There's this guy (Octobox)

He's been saying for 4 years now (the following):

1) Voting is an Abdication of Consumer-Rule it is (by definition and by the power granted to the politician) a "future" circumvention of consumer-choice.

2) Lobbying is Bribery. It is an attempt to buy the future voting, future bill writing, and future affinity partnerships of said politician.

3) Individualism is not born from Hero-Worship (including Ron Paul). Individualism will not be sought (not in the macro- or micro- sense of the word) by people who have idologies based on self-dimunition, self-effacing meekness and self-sacrificing humility.

Do a DP Search on "Founding Father's" or on "Natural Law" or on "God Given Rights" and you'll get a sense of what I mean from "Hero-Worship"



Philosophy vs. Reality

I agree with those who note Dr. Paul's successful philosophical and intellectual influence among individuals in this country (as well as the rest of the world). He helped me and many others find the courage to have values, which is a success. He also showed me that the electoral system is a total joke even though most people are deluded into thinking it's honest and it works. It reminds me of how most people could care less about what their food or vaccine is made of-which is ridiculously stupid, but I digress. I agree with the poster of this thread that the campaign dropped the ball in what could be the last chance at anything less than a horrible future for this country. The grassroots was there but the campaign was not what it should have been. In a way it's not really their fault because of the degree of moral depravity among a majority of the individuals in this country. This is a cultural problem we all, as individuals, are stuck in and nobody has tried harder or made more progress to fix it than Dr. Paul. I wouldn't be here ranting if that statement wasn't true. The red pill is a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

Remember the inspiring

speeches and Ron Paul's integrity, intelligence, consistency. Look again at some of the videos of the crowds of people cheering and inspired by the truth that RP stands for. He has touched more young minds than anyone in America, and it was NOT using brainwashing, but rather the simple presentation of what is written in the constitution of the American Republic.

He keeps pointing the way to Tampa, and seems quite emphatic that as many show up as possible. Let's do him that honor if we can. We just might end up with the president we all want and hope for; President Ron Paul.

And if not, then probably world revolution, because either one of the other two will continue to make this nation and the world a fascist police state.

Let's stand firm and see this through; one last supreme effort, for Ron Paul and the Revolution.

Ron Paul betrayed us

I agree so much with your post. Ron Paul either deliberately lost or put family members and unqualified people in positions of power in his campaign - when he ought not of.

that was a massive waste of some very hard working people's money, especially in this awful economic time.

i say shame on Dr. Paul for that.

i love liberty - but I don't have that same feeling I used to have for Ron Paul

Perhaps I am naive...

...but I am still hoping that Ron Paul was betrayed WITH us, by a very sophisticated spook subversion op headed by professional spook subversive, Trgyve Olson, that targeted and exploited Ron Paul's one "weakness" -- his devotion to his family.

Rand let this viper into the tent. Benton became his sock puppet. Together, they insinuated themselves into key positions in Ron Paul 2012 campaign organization.

Checkmate. And the rest is history.

Ron Paul could have fired Benton and Olson

early on but he didn't. After Ron Paul announced he wouldn't be contesting primaries anymore, he could have let them go and say it was necessary to downsize the campaign and be frugal.

Ron Paul let the vipers into the tent because his priorites were never winning the presidency

They were:

1) Nepotism
2) Book Sales
3) Prevent personal enemies Santorum/Gingrich/Perry from winning

The truth will set you free.......

I didn't find out that Benton was his grand son in law or whatever he is until April.

The whole campaign was an exercise in nepotism as well as a huge book selling tour! And to think he is still accepting donations!


For the Ron Paul national campaign it was not about the movement

The Ron Paul Revolution is about the "movement" but the best way to advance the movement was to have run the campaign as aggressive as possible. Somewhere down the line the decision was made that Rand Paul will endorse Romney so the campaign stopped attacking Romney (the last attack was a mild one in a TV ad shown in Texas for a short while) and the campaign was slowed down to the point where all momentum was lost and supporters and would-be supporters got discouraged. People would still be donating money to the campaign if they saw an ACTIVE campaign - yes, TV ads are expensive but how about cheaper forms of advertising like radio and print? And does it really cost a lot to speak at a university (Ron Paul could have spoken at more universities)? Ron Paul failed to attack Romney even when it was clear that it was down to a two-man race. Ron Paul's surrogates could have also been more active in speaking to the public at the state level. The local campaigns did their best but with a passive (on purpose) national leadership they could only do so much.


They were never attacking Romney to begin with

The Texas ad was a joke and an embarrassment to all of us! The so called attack of Romney at the end was so brief if you blinked you might have missed it.

Three of a Kind was the only ad which attacked Romney, and even that ad focused mostly on Santorum and Gingrich. That was January!

The 'delegate attainment strategy' requires that you prevent one candidate from running away with too many delegates in order to force a brokered convention. Romney was ahead going into Super Tuesday and all out war should have been waged against him!

Instead, they spent our money running 'Betrayal' in Michigan which helped Romney beat Santorum?

How much evidence do people need?

I understand how you feel,

I understand how you feel, but......Ron Paul has opened up so many people's eyes as to the severity of the injustices being forced upon the American people, that in my eyes, he has won 10 times over. God Bless Him!

A Lot Can Happen

We've all heard Dr. Paul say, "a lot can happen between now and November." The campaign, while much stronger than in 2008, is still not strong enough to take on the establishment Republican candidate Romney. His personal resources are greater than all the money bombs combined. A frontal assault would never have been effective or allowed. This is an insurgent campaign. It belongs to us.

What if every Ron Paul supporting delegate just votes for Dr. Paul on the first ballot at the convention? The worst that can be done would be for State governments to charge them with perjury if the delegate had to sign some sort of oath. So what? There's "Lawyers for Ron Paul" whom we could hopefully assume would work on the delegates behalf. A money bomb could be held to support the effort. The signers of the Declaration of Independence would be proud.

What if Romney's campaign blows up before the convention. He's hiding something in his taxes aside from the fact he's rich. Personally, I think he should just photoshop some returns and tell everyone that's enough evidence. Maybe he could trade his tax records for Obama's personal records. But I digress. Anyway, Republicans don't like or trust Romney.

What if the shooting part of the already commenced war with Iran starts? Dr. Paul will most likely be the only candidate on the anti-war side of the issue. Although what happens in Syria shouldn't matter, it could. The EU is coming apart (complete with riots).

The list of "what ifs" goes on and on.

I understand many of your sentiments...

...'nuff eaid.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

You Ask Some Valid Questions

I think you have had the courage to ask some difficult questions. And, rather than simply dismissing them, I would like to hear some possible answers.


as someone who has . . .

been voting for Ron Paul since 1988 and has listened to him for that long--

I don't know.

Time will tell.

*We* can all have opinions, and we can guess a lot and wonder a lot--

but only time will tell. In the meantime, I keep my ear to the ground and I read what I can find to read about everything, and I wait--

and I don't let go of the concepts of liberty. Liberty is in my heart--

nothing can root it out.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Where were you in 1976? Or 1986? From your perspective, Ron Paul's campaign has been an abject failure. But from mine, starting with the election in 1976, the Paul campaign as been a brilliant success.

Libertarian ideas will never be implemented until enough of the American people believe in them again. Thanks to Ron Paul, libertarianism is being taken seriously by enough people to scare TPTB in the Republican Party into doing underhanded things to prevent its' influence at the convention.

Ron Paul broke through the wall of silence. The People have heard him. They cannot unhear him.

I am sure you mean well but...

you have no context. Revolutions aren't won in a day. I have been working on this one for about 25 years and Ron's campaigns were the biggest move forward on the political front ever. Ron's campaigns were historic and have put libertarianism on the mainstream political map. I maxed out and it was a good investment. It is bitterness and finger-pointing that can fritter away our investment, so let's stay on track.

On factual note: Ron's ads DID attack Romney directly and these came from Ron's campaign not Ron as Ron has always been reluctant to make things personal. See Brian Doherty's book on the subject.


I am so tire of seeing BS threads on how the campaign effed us. Get over it. The campaing, and the cause of liberty, is a MOVEMENT. IT has NOTHING TO DO with an election. We are TAKING OVER a political party. DO YOU GET IT YET???

Cheer up new guy. You just

Cheer up new guy. You just got your cherry popped. Don't worry about it.
Reality is a real b*tch. Get back to us when you've been at this for a few decades like Ron Paul or Lew Rockwell.

Believe me when I tell you that gigantic progress has been made in the last 4-5 years - more than in my entire life, and Ron Paul has said as much. Now that your eyes are opened up a little bit, you probably realize that the hard work has just begun and instead of pointing fingers, you should probably start picking up the slack yourself.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

RE: Cheer up new guy. You just

You're off topic here. Reread what the new guy wrote. He's not complaining about losing, but the behavior of the campaign.

Exactly my point. What did he

Exactly my point. What did he really expect from a bunch of politicos and hired guns? Politics is war. Becoming disillusioned and disgusted with the process is to be expected. Now the lengths to which some will go in order to gain power should be painfully clear. Now the very meaning of political power is made clear. Time to wake up and realize what must be done to wrestle it away from those who would abuse it.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

RE: Exactly my point. What did he

So you are theorizing that he became demoralized by the behavior of his staff and the general corruption of the process, and then decided on that basis to subvert and destroy the campaign by conceding in an off-handed manner? Could you explain further how that works?



"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan


Hey, that's a helpful reply to someone who is asking a question to try to understand your point. From it, I gather that you have no point and are intentionally posting blather. I'm not totally sure of the meaning of "lol" but believe it is a conventional phrase among 13-year-old boys writing text messages, to denote nerdish giggling.

lol means

laughing out loud or lots of laughs

RE: lol means

Just as I said in my reply.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan



Maybe, but you can't forget....

...all the "professionals" on the campaign staff need jobs afterward, so if they were associated with a "kook" or a campaign that REALLY challenged the establishment, they might not be able to get jobs afterward.