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2012 Campaign Post Mortem: We've All Been Had

To paraphrase T.S. Elliot, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

What did the official campaign organization do with the tens of millions of dollars that we, the grassroots, sacrificed to them? Precious little.

They never challenged Romney directly. They never exposed him like the media and Obama are exposing him now. They gave him a pass, as if he were an acceptable alternative for Republicans to consider and support; as if he were just another Republican with a nice big family, not all that different from the Pauls.

In fact, Mitt Romney is (and always has been) an elitist monster. He is, at best, a Republican-in-name-only. He has no redeeming qualities. None. The chasm separating Romney-world from the lives of average Americans could not be greater. He has no popular appeal. He has no real grassroots support. Barack Obama will destroy him as Ron Paul should have destroyed him, but didn't.

Not only did the Ron Paul campaign do nothing to effectively challenge Mitt Romney, when they did act, it was only to undermine their own grassroots' efforts. In effect, they cleared the field for Romney at the critical moment when the grassroots, despite being saddled with the dead weight of the official campaign organization, began racking up victory after victory.

In retrospect, then, the official 2012 Ron Paul Campaign was worse than an EPIC FAIL. It was a BETRAYAL, and it was a THEFT -- a theft of tens of millions of hard-earned dollars from good Americans desperate to get their country (and their freedoms) back.

Sadly, campaign contributions were solicited under false pretenses by professional politicos with an entirely different agenda. While the grassroots understood the critical importance of this historic moment, those whom they entrusted with their financial resources apparently only wanted to further their own professional prospects by:

1) Maxing-out our contributions (and their salaries)
2) Currying favor with Romney and the GOP establishment

They did not want to win. They never intended to win. They ran the campaign so as to insure that the grassroots would not win. Worst of all, they have doomed our nation to four more years of economic dissolution and world-wide war.

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RE: Maybe, but you can't forget....

This is probably a factor, but it doesn't explain Dr. Paul's own strange by-the-way concession toward the end of an email, as if he were saying something not very significant. And yet this certainly caused the campaign to come to a close, donations to stop, state delegates failing to attend conventions, etc. I don't think he is looking for corrupt job deals at age 78. I am anxiously awaiting the book that some person who knows will write after the convention.

Which email are you referring to?

I'd like to read it--can you give me the date? Thanks!

RE: Which email are you referring to?

I didn't save it or keep notes about it, but it was much discussed at the time on the DP, and is still frequently referred to. Along with the Rand Paul defection, it marked the point at which attendance of RP supporters at local conventions dropped, and donations fell off. It should come up easily by a Google search. Ah, here it is:


The concession is in paragraph 5.

Knock it off, will ya?

The American people haven't been through enough pain to see that Ron Paul is right. THIS WAS ALWAYS A LONG SHOT CAMPAIGN--always. Please tell me you knew that. Ron Paul gave it the best he had IMAO. More than you on your keyboard, moaning about nonsense.

I've only been a supporter for almost 2 years total. I really can't believe how well Ron Paul did this time around compared to 2008, WHEN I WAS A ROMNEY SUPPORTER. That's right, I would never have voted for Ron Paul a mere few years ago. Maybe I should retroactively blame the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign for my 2008 views while we're at it, huh??

Sorry for the all-caps, but seriously, this is a movement, not just a campaign. Give it a rest already.

Maybe yes, maybe no

From the standpoint of what I know at present, I think the odds are that you are right. But I hear so much talk to the effect that there is some kind of "August surprise" in the works for Tampa that I feel it best to wait until after the last gavel at the convention before completely despairing or attacking anyone. Until then, in my opinion, judgment ought to be withheld and everything possible done to support the cause. If, as certainly seems probable, it turns out that you are right, someone will hopefully write a book detailing how rot from within suddenly killed a brilliant and burgeoning popular campaign, and I will be the first in line to buy a copy.

Awwwww booo hoo

Boooo Hoooo boooo hoooo hoooo. Sniffle.

ytc's picture

Hi 31weeks old empire. Your posts are just about ALL intended

to injure our TREE of LIBERTY. You are here with the mission to cause damage to our movement.

(for example)
* 2012 Campaign Post Mortem: We've All Been Had
* EPJ: Rand Paul Has Turned 'End the Fed' Into 'End the Moneybombs'
* Jesse Benton Keeps Ron Paul From Attending Another Grassroots Event
* The Rise of Rand Paul (CIA front, National Review, says Rand's stock is rising in Romney's veepstakes)

Yikes, this guy is a bad apple

I commented above on his post as if it were sincere, but I see he is just a troll. Thanks.

Without a free press

Without a free press, you cannot have a free election. The GOP primaries did not rise to the standard of a third-world election. The media wanted Romney all along, if not then some of the dirt that is coming out now should have been public knowledge months ago.

BMWJIM's picture

You have been had for you were expecting more than you were

willing to give.


Just you for your ignorance and not understanding the goal! None of us oldtimers expected anything other than what we have seen. You are just a GEN XYZ Government Dumbass Wannabe PATRIOT! with a post like this.

Grow up mother fucker!

Semper Fi ASSHOLE!


Sorry Michael, I am getting tired of this type of crap posting. You and I have done all we can and I don't want some ignorant piece of crap tearing down what I took a part of building. My next move is helping Rand and fuck everything else.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


Right with ya!!! Never give up hope, never surrender your freedom, fight for whats right or die trying!

I don't agree

Ron Paul gave us the keys to the GOP, and too many "fans/ supporters" wanted Ron Paul to FAIL. They REFUSED to join the GOP in hopes he would FAIL and run Indy or third party. They didn't even try to become delegates, and many who did, didn't bother finding out how to be credentialed. They never attended a GOP central committee, caucaus, or town council meeting once. NOT ONCE!!!

Ron Paul offered us the keys to the GOP, and too many didn't even bother to learn how to start the engine, let alone drive it.

I'm sure most folks on the campaign, were so busy facing a FAN CLUB who didn't ask questions, but raved RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL, knowing they were not Republicans.

I've been reading DP for YEARS of people complaining about the campaign not doing this and that, but it is THEY who were not doing their homwork.. It's all this expectation and this idea that one is ENTITLED for pitching change in a money bombs.. Woo hoo your name was on the screen.. oh look YOU contributed,, but you still refused to join the GOP, still refused to go to a meeting, still refused to actually get real.

Ron Paul ROCK STAR: That's what you bought and that's what you Got!

I've said here many times, Ron Paul is MY political leader, and I get, "Well I have no leader." Right. Because that's going to get the rEVOLtuon, Liberty movement, what ever you want to call it where? NO WHERE.

Now you blame Ron Paul and HIS campaign? Forget you. Blame yourself, YOU didn't do the homework. YOU didn't get seated. YOU didn't challange the Neocons, who run cirlces around you, as you sit there and type this tripe.

There are now dozens of "Ron Paul's" seated in offices, running for offices, and seated on committees, and that's WAY ahead of where we were in 07/08/09/10/11 and today.

RP and his campaign did NOT fail. YOU did!

It's not the campaign's fault

It's not the campaign's fault the American people are too stupid to recognize or care that they have cheerfully voted away their freedom. It is what it is, as a nation we have shown ourselves unworthy of our forefathers. Anyone who gave and supported and worked for the campaign and for liberty can at least say we tried while the rest of the nation ignored the growing police state and sat around watching dancing with the stars instead. it's not lights out for the liberty movement, it's probably just lights out for America. Liberty will take root somewhere else.


Rome was built in a day.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


SteveMT's picture

When facts can be interpreted in a completely different way,...

but in a fashion that still is valid, these alternative interpretations are called "conspiracy theories." Is there a possibility that your interpretation is correct, and that we were taken for a big expensive ride into the desert and dropped-off there? I do not want to go there just yet. That kind of pain would hurt too much. However, here we sit in the desert of politics with our oasis evaporated (it would appear) while we wait to be rescued, but by whom?

The House Always Wins....

never bet against the house.

So where do we go from here?

Well, Dr. Paul is leaving the congress but I expect he will continue to lead the movement with the goal being to elect freedom candidates and to grow our movement.

We keep fighting for the principles Dr. Paul has pursued over the last 30 years...and just as FDR, LBJ and Reagan left behind a legacy, Dr. Paul's legacy will continue to affect american politics for years to come.

Suck it up, face reality and keep digging.

Paul's legacy depends upon...

...the survival of the American Republic. The problem is, this is becoming more and more tenuous with each failed election and subsequent Dear Leader enthronement. How many more fascist puppets-in-chief will this country be able to take before it collapses under the cumulative weight of the debt/social derangement they produce? We are in a race against time and time is running out.

So tired of your

NEGATIVE comments! Yeah, we all know what a mess our country is in; what the whole world is in! However, focusing on the negative does no good. Why purchase loss before it is proven? Go away! Take your antidepressants, for heaven's sake.
I personally prefer to focus on that which is good, pure, and just. Faint not and run the race. You can choose to hold all that negativity close to your heart and be a drag,(Is that your intent?)
I will NEVER give up. I will vote RP no matter what! Go delegates!!
Ron Paul for POTUS 2012!!!

BMWJIM's picture

You are not even a citizen of this country! You don't even

Reside in the US!

Semper Fi Government Troll!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


If I wasn't a citizen of this country, the official campaign would not have been able to defraud me of $2,500.

FYI, my ancestors fought at Kings Mountain and Cowpens. I'm old school American, which does make me an alien of sorts in this country today. I understand your confusion.


I dont believe Dr. Paul expected to win, but to get a movement going, to open our eyes and see what is happening in this country. Romney keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper, and if we keep up our support, RP has got a good chance to take this all the way. Your money was put to good use, whether you want to believe it or not. I know I have helped a lot of people see what is happening right in front of them....and I KNOW I am not the only one spreading the word about RP..... RP 2012 or noone!

I don't agree with this BS either

Time is NOT running out. You've got plenty of time to look up where your GOP meetings are being held and to go there as a guest of Ron Paul. You've got plenty of time to be a guest and ask questions(by-laws/ rules/ issues/ etc.. everything you did in meet up you can do there!, to prepare for the next election and CHALLANGE THE SEATS, get seated, and VOTE NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

YOU have time to do for your town, county and state what Ron Paul did for decades ALONE. YOU are not alone. You might even find RP GOP sitting there happy as hell you FINALLY showed up.


your right...

Although I Usually Agree

With the viewpoints expressed by those commenting here, I must say this:
...He/She does raise some valid points/concerns that I am in serious consideration and/or support of.
Call me a naysayer if you will, but I'm hoping these points are all eventually shown to be mere conjecture, and buyer's remorse.
If I had to do it all over again, yes, I'd be throwing that $2500 max to RP2012....I DO wish they had taken a stiffer stand against RMoney.

Time will tell....but I fear that's a scarse commodity in our coming days ahead.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

We aren't done yet....

3 1/2 months until the election. Let's get behind the only liberty candidate that will be on all 50 ballots...Gary Johnson! March on my friends!

BMWJIM's picture

Zapata was a BUSH front Company!

F you!

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Emiliano Zapata would have

felt very betrayed by you. Zapatista? Hardly.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I will be voting for Johnson...

...come November.

I only grieve for all the money, time and energy that has been wasted. The opportunity cost of the official Ron Paul campaign's betrayal of the Liberty movement grassroots is beyond measure. What might have been now may never be. Sometimes, you are only given one chance. Miss it, and you may not get another.

Can we count

on you leaving now?

That would be a silver lining.

Agreed, nothing but negative posts!

I wonder if this user has anything positive to contribute?