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Maddow crazy like a fox

People have been taking notice that RonPaul is getting more media coverage.
Well Rachel Maddow is licking her lips in anticipation of Ron Paul supporters repaying the RNC for the poor treatment they have endured this nominating process.
Most libertarians will not vote strategy in November, they will vote 3rd party or stay home...unless the media rubs salt in their wounds.
Libertarians are as frustrated with the Dems as they are the Republicans and maybe even more so with the Republicans.
Voting from conscious for candidates like Gary Johnson or another 3rd party candidate who lines up with our values has been errantly called a protest vote in years past....but what if there really was a protest vote? What if there was a big "THANK YOU" to the RNC from 15% of Republicans?...gasp..a vote for Obama?
Romney has sealed his fate by not throwing Ron Paul a bone, and I believe that in itself is enough to cost him the election. But the likes of Rachal Maddow and others could very easily get disenfranchised voters off the couch in November to drive home a Democratic victory by playing on the frustrations of her enemies.
By all accounts this presidential race is a coin toss...so while Romney is sniffing for morsels at the NAACP to edge Obama, any future efforts pandering to Constitutionalists may prove tacticly disastrous.

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the fact

that she covers RP issues is a little worrisome to me in one way, and positive in another. Dems can wake up to the reality of the RNC BS, and yet there must be a pro Obama agenda in this.

Maddow is a troll

and a shill for the DNC and Liberal socialists.

don't play with fire, you'll get burned.

there will be no liberty movement to fight for if you give credence to the lefts ploy of "fair" journalism.


You had me up until...

You had me up until you said: "By all accounts this presidential race is a coin toss."

Sorry, your idea of reality is "By all accounts" warped.

Leaving Ron Paul out of this race, BY ALL Accounts (except the official GOP one) Obomba will destroy Romney 3 to 1 OR WORSE. R$ has no support, is notoriously flip-floppity, and now a felon to boot. If he isn't behind bars by November then there's a good chance the GOP will have to dump him anyway because his popularity will be lower than Gingrich's!

Meanwhile Obomba is a master at controlling the lower and middle classes. Dude's got skills. We may see through those skills but half the nation isn't mentally up to that challenge... They're too busy Booing Romney and praising obomba right now to give it any thought.

...And don't get me started about R$'s religion, which most of the nation despises, or how Obomba's war chest is an order of magnitude larger...


you are right about reality...anything can happen

Today the mass media, spin doctors, pundits, pollsters, etc have the race between Obama and Romney close or within the margin of error for November.
If we had an uncompromised democrcracy Paul would be the nominee after Florida, but what I have learned since Iowa is that the establishment will cheat and rig the contests to their favor.
Yet, anything can happen in politics. I believe Romney and the Republicans have proven in the past that they can turn winning issues into political disasters like when the House proposed spending cuts before voting to raise the debt ceiling. That was a flip flopping mess that cost the Republicans some serious political equity.
The point I was trying to make is that I am convinced that Maddow and those like her honestly believe that Obama is in a time of need and it is their job to do their part. We all have seen polls manipulated in the past, and I am a big sceptic of Morris, Luntz, and Rasmussen the but fight right now concerning major parties and major media is between Obama an Romney and it has gotten ugly.
I was convinced last year that the Bears could make it to the Superbowl, but Cutler broke his thumb and the season unravelled. And as much as I would like to see Ron Paul as president, if I had to bet in Las Vegas on him winning the presidency or the Bears winning the upcoming Superbowl...the odds would be better with the Bears.

Isn't that oblama's Mode of

Isn't that oblama's Mode of Operation? Disqualify a candidate. Kick him off the ballot. He has never won any election. He gets the opponent kicked off the ballot or cheats in your face style.

If he isn't behind bars by November then there's a good chance the GOP will have to dump him anyway

"It is time for all of us, in any way we can, to mobilize, get our act together, and storm Washington D.C.”-Condelezza Rice

Keepin' it real.

Lets see what happens when Sheriff Joe..

Drops the Bomb Shell on the Brown Messiah..the African born Commander & Chief. There will be more to come out on Flip Flop as well..but it aint over folks till the fat lady is full! And this buffet cart is only starting to fill up..more detail at 11...;O)

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Sheriff Joe is a FED

If you don't know this you know NOTHING about him.

He even ENDORSED Janet Napolitano (Obama's Sec of Homeland Sec) AGAINST a Republican candidate two election cycles ago.

Please quit promoting pipe dreams and talking about things you know nothing about.



Sheriff Joe could publish surveillance video of Obama getting romantic with a farm animal. It would not matter. The DNC would ignore it. The MSM would ignore it. Even the RNC would ignore it, along with the FEC, FBI, LWV, and all the other three-letter bureaucracies in the PTB.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

sheriff Joe is demonized for enforcing existing laws

by special interest groups just like Ron Paul is for trying to abide by the constitution, the highest law of our land. I am convinced that people have already accepted that Obama is not a U.S. born citizen but figure that there will be nothing done to enforce the constitution in this matter while Obama is in office. There will be several efforts by different states and individuals to bring the birth certificate issue attention, but forget about congress as a whole or Eric Holder and the Justice Department to act.
The political cost for advancing the birth certificate issue is too great right now. Look at all the racist vomit that is being spewed at Texas and other states for trying to tighten up voter requirements by asking voters to have photo ID's. The issue has nothing to do with race, Republicans know about voter fraud on the local level yet they decide at the last minute that they do not want to play along with this accepted time honored privilege..and the Dems are pissed, so they throw out their most effective move. The race card.

How twisted is it that Romney would speak to the NAACP

but won't throw a bone to the Ron Paul supporters of his own political party/


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racists are in Washington D.C. and the MSM. If the Govt. was so bent on "capturing" your race on every fricking form they have - so they can pander to the "groups". When people are left alone, they tend to get along.

Want to end racism? End the Drug War (war on Black People). End the War on Terror (war on Muslims and American Patriots), and End the FED - which enables all of the above!


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

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It is being said that he went there

to be booed purposely to solidify his "base" of racists. It apparently did his campaign a lot of good being booed by blacks. Sick, but true.