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Ed and Ethan 1X09 July 15, 2012


Ed and Ethan take on the stupendous and the stupendously stupid!

On this weeks' program, SaskPower hikes rates for electricity in Saskatchewan, Albertans fight for the right to buy health insurance after leaving the country to obtain medical care, the province of Ontario gets a regulatory body for trades people, and how government funding isn't the only way to provide for scientific discovery and innovation.

Quotes this week: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall uses tax dollars for a new football stadium, and Prime Minster Stephen Harper and federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair discuss their favourite Canadian cities.

Alexandre Meterissian, CEO of the Prince Arthur Herald in Montreal, stops by to explain why he is opposed to student protests in Quebec, which is now on the cusp of popular student protest leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois going into Ontario to organize students there. Alexandre also speaks to how education in Quebec is structured and deficiencies in the system that he believes have to be addressed.

To wrap up the show, Ethan wanders through The Garden of Ethan to muse about intellectual property and the ethics of keeping an idea to yourself. If you have an idea, is it yours by virtue of being the fruit of your brain chugging along to produce an idea, or does an idea belong to anyone who encounters it?

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