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What Happened in Nebraska from this Delegate

Sorry for the late posting but have had the Fish live stream family and other RP patriots staying in my home this weekend, the Highlight of my weekend I will say, so haven't had time to post anything. I read all week about how the Liberty caucus in nebraska had a plan and not to worry let us handle it etc. Well here's my experience first hand. At the pre party Friday felt pretty confident, fairly good turn out 70 to 80 fellow patriots,everyone excited, some questions on slates,told we would get them in the morning,also phone rally from the good DR Paul awesome. Convention met in parking lot early with liberty caucus then left, had to help with the local GOP because I was part of the host county got to register early and than greet and direct others to the proper CDs to register. Once inside I was handed a Romney slate, had no RP slate until another liberty lover sat down beside me the slate was not a completed slate the 3 CDS were covered but Atlarge delegates only included 18 names out of 23. The alternates slates contained only 6 names out of 23 it was incomplete. now I know that they left them blank to move down the ones picked as ATLarge but it was confusing and they sent emails through out the day adding and deleting names I DID NOT receive any emails myself even after registering my number twice, but the woman next to me did that's the only way I knew anything. The lady receiving the emails was so confused because of the incomplete slate and Emails she didn't know who she was suppose to vote for and since we did not have a Official Ron Paul slate, had to search for the names on the front and back ballot using a incomplete slate. Also another RP delegate was getting emails with names for the wrong CD district. Romney slates were grouped together ours were a cluster ***k , Sure we were outnumbered and the liberty team tried, but going by my own experience, it was Too Few trying to do Too Much,and trying Too hard to play nice, that cost us more delegates.

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Can you define exactly what was necessary for us to have

done better, in bullet points?