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Politics as usual?

If we take a look at the big picture here, lets say for example, that the Republicans and the Democrats are really just a distraction to keep us voting within the two parties, if that was true and they were working together, it would make sense to me that they would pick Mitt Romney to Run against obama, 1. He is just like him hell he wrote Obamacare and instituted it in his own state, and made it a mandate. 2. There is 'nt a dimes worth of difference between them, they are only after votes, if one of them wins the Republicrats win so it doesnt matter. Have you ever wondered why John McCain chose palin as his running mate, Mitts tax returns were a spoilermaker, it would have lost the election for McCain before it got started, Palin was chosen over Romney to run as V.P. So why if they believed that would they put Romney in the Presidential Race as the lead? Simple: They the Republicrats will still be in control no matter who wins, and if Obama wins they don't lose any momentum Romney will not beat Obama, he can't he is a dufus. Is Obama brilliant, I would scream no to that question but no one would hear me. He isa socialist at best, and most likely a communist. Thomas Norman said in the early 1900's"The American people will never adopt socialism or communism except under the guise of liberalism, one law at a time." that is where we are now, the door is paper thin and about to be kicked in. Ron paul can beat Obama, that is why the GOP is doing everything to stop him from winning the Nomination, cheating, making new rules whatever it takes, and he will be in Tampa in spite of there efforts, Show mw a Romney crowd with 5000 in attendance, anywhere, show me one picture. hell show me a yard sign, a bumpersticker, I live in Michigan and I have not seen one, until today. It was sad really. it was small and lacked passion, like any complacent voter would place on there car. now do a websearch for Ron Paul, Crowds everywhere he goes, people have custom painted there car and trucks to support him. They have passion for Freedom and Liberty and Peace. Its time to wake up people, you have been played since the Reagan andministration and before. its Time...Stand up be counted, be heard, be the change we really need. do your own research , I cannot stress that enough. Don't just watch the news, it is all scripted to get you to follow, unknowingly right into the palm of their hand. Why would Thomas Norman heve even made such astatement so long ago if it wasnt the goal of someone in Government to create such a nation. Be vigilante, it's Politics as usual. There is something amiss and we have to be involved to stop it.
Ron Paul 2012

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I don't know what part...

...of Michigan you live in. But heck...there are 3 of our cars with the stickers and a few relatives with them. And also, many times when I drive, there are people honking at me, waving and then pulling in front of me to show me their sticker! Not only that, but there are some towns I drive through that currently have Paul signs on there lawns, even big ones in many places! They won't take them down. Chin up! Michigan has many Paul people!


I meant I have only seen one Romney Sticker, I see Paul stuff everywhere, We have aguy that buys mganetic bumperstickers platers his suv and then writes on the windows free Ron Paul Stickers, they never last even a week.

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

Oh, gotcha!

Sometimes I read things too fast! Well, greetings fellow Michigander for Paul!