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Ron Paul on his Way to TAMPA! Plurality Achieved! Take the Podium!

No sweat with Nebraska;

Ron Paul already has Plurality in 6 states, and up to additional 5 more states in contest.


1.) COLORADO Ron Paul WINS! 18 to 16

2.) IOWA - Ron Paul WINS! 23 to 2

3.) LOUISIANA - Ron Paul WINS! 27 to 19

4.) MAINE - Ron Paul WINS! 21 -3

5.) MINNESOTA - Ron Paul WINS! 32 to 8

6.) NEVADA - Ron Paul WINS! 22 - 3

Ron Paul is on his way to Tampa!

We have TAKEN the Podium;

Ron Paul "IS" a Nominee for President of the United States of America! Under RNC Rules.

Go Ron Paul!

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This needs to be read by so

This needs to be read by so many... so many people