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Charlie McGrath - Ever increasing security based on lies about terrorism threats.

Another good interview with wide awake news editor Charlie McGrath.


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If this is true, I hope before these great thinkers spend a lot of money and depend on such a system someone points out that it could be nullified by someone sprinkling a few bags of sensor activating dust in a few cabs that work the airports, triggering all sorts of false positives and confusion.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Wide Awake News =

have said it so well, just +1.

Ironic that Russia Today

Ironic that Russia Today reports this kind of stuff while the major American networks ignore it.

lucy kafanov is such a fox.

lucy kafanov is such a fox.

Yea but Alyona is even

Yea but Alyona is even hotter!

Soon it will be drones

doing the scanning as they fly over America, and you will never know if you have been scanned. BIG BROTHER is watching you. BUT, WHY? When did the American citizen become the enemy in their own country?

This is the police state, and it can only get worse if we allow this to happen. They want you in FEAR. This is all about power and control of the American people, a way of beating down the American spirit of freedom, because this is the last obstacle to the NWO. As it goes in the USA, so it will go in the world.

If America rebels other nations will rebel also. Look at Germany recently protesting the global central bankers, and the police there for crowd control took off their helmets and walked with the protestors. The world is ripe for revolution, and many would stand with the people of America.

Yes, We Live In Fear..Politics Is Power And If Left Unrestrained

our country is going to become a totalitarian police state. For the most part, we are already living in a police state, but before they can claim victory, the government authorities need to get us to surrender our guns.

If ever allow them to takeoverour guns, we, as a nation are done for. No country has ever regained its freedom after surrendering their weapons..


And some people still say "they are keeping us safe". They have a rude awakening coming! I wonder how many countries are engaged in this sick act of socialism?

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Some people?

Try most people. Has there been a significant reduction of air travel due to TSA? No. Will people object en masse when random scanners are set up in the streets? No. They will say if you have nothing to hide, you should have no problem with it.
Those same people will then stand proudly for the anthem and wave their flags on the 4th, completely failing to make the connection.

Undo what Wilson did

I agree!

I said some people because I keep company with wise people like you and I. The ones I do know that fly have to because of business. Most of us think its sick...even the neo-cons I do know, believe it or not.