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Too Many Campfires

I've told you many times in these forums why Dr. Paul will not even be considered as nominee of the Republican party as President - I have admonished delegates to protect themselves if they insist on going to the convention - and I have told you about another revolution...one that will destroy two-party politics, but many of you refuse to listen to me.

I understand that...and it's been a long time coming in our two-party political system since ANYONE has shaken the tree the way Ron Paul and his young army of liberty lovers have - this is the true core of people who want real change, not just campaign slogans.

Unfortunately, if you will excuse my crude Southern expression, Dr. Paul has whizzed on too many campfires in Washington, D.C. The following is a short list of those whizzed on who will stop at nothing to keep Dr. Paul and his army of delegates (small as it may seem, depending on who you listen to) from securing even his name on a ballet for nomination-

*The Industrial Military Complex - Anti-War nominees don't win

*The Mainstream Media - He wasn't their guy (not slick enough)

*The Israel Lobby - Paul didn't want to give them (or anybody else) foreign aid

*Evangelical Christians - They don't know who they want...they thought it was Perry, and then Santorum...they're not even sure if Mormonism is the same as Christianity, but they do know they don't want Dr. Paul

and the list goes on...but number one on the hit parade is...wait for it...THE GRAND OLD PARTY!

Dr. Paul's views don't line up with the time-honored values of much of anything the GOP stands for - and as I've said countless times, GOP really stands for GET OUT PAUL. I'm still amazed Dr. Paul didn't go third-party after what McCain and the GOP did to him and his supporters in 2008, but that was his decision. The decision of the GOP will be to shut Dr. Paul, his delegates, and his supporters out of yet another presidential convention. They can still smell the smoke from the campfires, and that's not marshmallows they smell.

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