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Why Ron Paul will speak and be on the ballot at the RNC

Because I have an intelligence level above my 2 year old son when it comes to math, I believe that it's very clear that Ron Paul has won his 5 States.

Maine (Ron Paul 20, Mitt Romney 4)
Colorado (Ron Paul 18, Mitt Romney 16)
Iowa (Ron Paul 23, Mitt Romney 2)
Minnesota (Ron Paul 32, Mitt Romney 8)
Louisiana (Ron Paul 27, Mitt Romney 19)

Maine + Colorado+Iowa+Minnesota+Louisiana = Ron Paul getting a 15 minute speech and Ron Paul being on the RNC2012 Presidential ballot.

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Do we now need 8 states?

and if so , what are they??




You are totally right about them being quiet. Some will be quite surprised at which states have a plurality to nominate the good doctor.

And Ben Swann agrees with me

Just in case you haven't seen the main page here on the Daily Paul, Ben Swann put out a report today that mirrors what I said just about 24 hours ago.

Thank you Ben.

Yeah, well, last I read, the Chair in Iowa was sayiing they

won't be voting for Ron Paul cuz he won't be nominated. With attitudes like THAT....he won't be nominated.

YOU delegates in those five states need to find each other and support each other and GO FOR IT.



Thank You for this post!!!
We are going to Tampa!!!

Nevada can put Paul's name in - even if they can't vote for him

Putting someone's name in for nomination does not require you vote for that candidate.

Any delegation may put someone's name in for nomination, the plurality just means that the delegation has enough support at the time to put that candidates name in nomination. Or that candidate has the numbers, while it's still to be dtermined if Nevada can vote for Paul, they still can put his name in, it only requires a simple plurality of votes of the NV delegation for the secretary of that delegation to give the nomination to the secretary of the RNC convention.

Do you know for a fact that he will speak at the convention?

No? I didn't think so. Let me know when you have some solid facts. I see 50 posts like this a day. You're all just speculating at this point.

Prove me wrong. I take my

Prove me wrong.

I take my numbers from sources such as the WSJ, Yahoo Politics, Google Politics, etc.

I believe that the Ron Paul campaign is being quite on these issues because they know they have the five state already.

He doesn't have 18 in Colorado though

There are approximately 18 to 20 in Colorado that aren't clearly for Romney. But 6 or 7 of these are Santorum people. Only around 13 are actually Paul supporters. Paul would still need a large proportion of these Santorum delegates to support him over Romney, or he will not have a plurality.

Plurality is different than majority

Plurality is different than majority

I think what Shazad is saying

is that there are no Santorum delegates anymore; he released them on Friday. Since there are only 2 candidates left, a plurality and a majority are effectively the same.

They may vote for Santorum


I really hope you're right

I haven't done the math, perhaps others will put in their input.