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Trusting Ron Paul Is Easy, but..

It is interesting to see some of the reactions of what I perceive to be self defeaters who call themselves Ron Paul supporters. They apparently claim to comprehend the ideology of Libertarian Conservatism that Ron Paul brilliantly defends, yet fail to understand that this is and will always be a life long fight, there are no short cuts and there are no quick fixes, only a constant flow of hard work, and not much time to rest.

Most supporters for who the Liberty message has come "full circle" know that our ideology needs to be constantly reaffirmed and protected from distortions, and that there will never be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Our Liberty will always depend on our capacity to protect the vision we hold of society and to clearly transmit it to those Liberty minded individuals who sway in their convictions and to defend it against the various political visions that we know always end up in either a tyrannical management of society and/or it's financial collapse.

If some supporters thought that we would be in this race to run a 10 mile sprint and rest afterwards, I am forced to conclude that we still need to come of age and realize that the "forces" that oppose us will never go away, because the temptation for many to live off the sweat of others is one that humans will in my opinion never outgrow.

Dr. Ron Paul has been at this for years and I admire him for it. His persistence and the consistency in witch he allows his actions to unfold show that his actions have been well planed and studied.

Trusting Ron Paul is easy; his record provides a sustainable support on witch we can work with and for, but the million dollar question that we need to be asking at this time is:

Can Ron Paul trust us?

Some knee-jerk reactions to actions taken by the campaign must have made Dr. Ron Paul wonder who exactly was standing behind him in this battle of ideas and I would not be surprised that some of our actions as supporters have embarrassed him and the ideas he holds so dear.
I would not be surprised if the campaign is only letting us have parts of the truth "for our own good" because we have this "bad habit" of shooting our mouths off when things get on our negative side and he knows the competition is listening in.

The bottom line at the end of the day, is that we need to reevaluate our actions and attitudes towards the campaign and each other and realize that the worst time to react negatively towards ourselves is at a time when some are still out in the political battle field.

Can Ron Paul trust us?

From the looks of some of the topics in the forums, my answer has to be, NO.

When we look at the "game" in this perspective, it leads me to conclude that the campaign may still have a very strong hand to play and that it is in our ideological interest not to stick our noses to deep in to the cookie jar because our adversaries may be watching and we do not want to distract them from their certainty of victory nor do we want to get caught in the middle of a fight that is going on and that was easy to predict would begin to happen.

I Trust Dr. Ron Paul and I believe I always will.

RON PAUL 2012!

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BMWJIM's picture

I like you trust the good doctor but,

I trust NO ONE ELSE!

Semper FI! Jim

1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

It will take years..

for anyone of his caliber to enter the scene.

There is no one else that I trust 100% as well but I suspect we will have thousands of people like Ron Paul in about 30 years +-..



I try to change people every day. Do You?