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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/16/12: Audit the Fed Bill

Audit the Fed Bill Must Pass, but it is only the beginning!


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For the people who think those in power will not allow this are highly mistaken. The Fed is a Private Bank, it does not have the democratic power of the people at this point. It will pass because WE will have it Passed.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Good and the last sentence

is the most important one: 'A step towards ending [the Fed's] unchecked power over our economic fortunes.'

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Agree with you reedr3v. Great TX-ST!

Calmly explained, a wealth of information, and the solution given to end their scam on the American People and the world.

Thanks for posting.

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One of his best TSTs. He sounds

positive and explained the issue briefly but thoroughly in the allotted time.

It's never going to happen. It won't pass the Senate or Obama

But, it was a nice run. 30 years of fighting all alone for liberty..

There is a less than ZERO percent chance

That Obama would sign and Audit the fed bill.


Awesome! Thanks!


Blessings )o(

is it just me or is it the

is it just me or is it the 15th?

The 15th?

He always puts it out the Sunday evening. Guess he figures most people will actually tune into it on the Mondays.