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We need to be converting Romney Delegates!

We have 1 month left to convert Romney Delegates! We need to wake these people up to the fact that Romney is a fraud and cannot be trusted.

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There's still plenty of time.

Get to those delegates. Sway enough of them and Mitt won't have the necessary number to win on ballot number 1


:)!!Yes this should be the main concern right now!


We NEED NAMES (and addresses)(if legal) of ALL delegates(and alternates) in all states, SUPER BROCHURE and maybe some additional info on why Ron Paul instead of Romney. could we do this?
I have about 50 brochures left and I'm willing to donate some $$ to get this done!!




My thoughts on this subject

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

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wow this is great

we need more posts like this on dailypaul

It's not enough to just turn them off to Mitt

He's not what they're being loyal to. A lot of them are only voting for him out of party loyalty. To successfully convert them, they will have to believe that if they go against the party, someone with some kind of power will have their back.

yeah...like go to ANY Mitt Romney website and try to have

a conversation. All their sites are monitored. You can't say anything because most of the conversations are not taking new comments and the old comments are so freakin' OLD....

You cannot have a conversation with a Mitt Romney supporter. They are doing "should things" wall to wall in their life. If it isn't in the average American life script they aren't doing it. These people move by SCRIPT.

They only think inside the box. You cannot get into their box because you are outside their family unit, their alumni unit, their art gallery charitable fund unit, and they don't have time for a conversation because it might upset their spouse and not to mention they don't have time for it as they have to take their dog be be groomed...get out of the way of my hummer as I am on my way to a meeting of the church elders. NOW!

And don't call me in the morning because I will be too busy reading the Wall Street Journal and after that CEO Magazine followed by Forbes.


Right On!

Do I hear another truth ringing in this post?

In other words, does anyone else sense there are many Romney Delegates who are really stealth, Ron Paul Delegates in disguise?