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Ron Paul is on Fire, God Bless him!

Ron Paul is doing very well and his supporters are on fire!!!
The stealth delegates in Texas & California will be helpful.
We should be proud of the amazing wave of supporters these past years and we should continue this to our state and local levels! Stay involved! Become the NEXT leader of the movement! We need Ron Paul AS our 45th constitutional president!...we need another JFK.
Let's keep the revolution going!

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Compared to the current

Compared to the current presidents, Kennedy was very good. He had his faults, but he kept the militarists from launching a devastating world war with the Soviets and he also took the step to introduce competing currencies with a U.S. silver note.

I would not say JFK is in the same boat as a Dr. Paul, who is like a Founding Father.

Stealth delegates in CA?

This is news! Since ALL delegates are listed with the CA Sec of State, and each canidate's campaign/committee selected those delegates, seems to me, Romney's campaign would have the right to sue them for fraud.

There are no stealth delegates in CA.


had to say.. comparing Dr. Ron Paul to JFK is almost insulting to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is his own category of man!

I must stick by my word sir, I agree to disagree :p

Ive always had JFK up there with the founding fathers, he was going through a rough time in Congress surrounding the Cuban crisis, I thought he handled things well. His true dream was freedom for all, like Paul, and he articulately describes Globalism in one of his final speeches to the National media before his assassination . Paul and Kennedy are founding fathers re- incarnate to me. Paul seems much more loving of a figure though

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

This quote alone is why JFK is NOT RP

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.

You pay taxes and that's why you have every right to ask what you are getting for your money.

Beneath Contempt

If it wasn't so crazy it would be downright evil - over 19 million Americans vote in the various primaries - 51% vote for Mitt Romney - 11% vote for Ron Paul but somehow "stealth delegates" in the hundreds are involved in a massive conspiracy to deprive those 19 million Americans of the result of their vote - this is evil - it has nothing to do with America - it is more like what Lenin did in Russia in 1917 or what Hitler did in Germany in 1933 - a small group of rabid supporters who have lost or never had any respect for democracy seize power for a largely unpopular leader - Ron Paul would not want to be involved in a "stealth delegate" theft of the nomination - that would involve lying and deception on the part of hundreds of co-conspirators.

Do you really think that you have the moral right to overturn the choice of 19 million Americans who freely voted in these primaries - that you can engage in these tactics and not in the end encounter a massive rejection of the American people - Ron Paul is not this stupid or this immoral. Why do you think he never steps up and promotes this sort of tactic - capturing the delegates at conventions or caucuses where the rule allowed for it is one thing and these Ron Paul delegates should be a lesson for the Republican establishment which set up these rules to enable it to control a sizable minority of delegates independent of the will of the people.

This will not happen in a million years - are you really that delusional that you can't see how insane this is???

Sorry Dude but we are trying to save the Republic

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. [Ecclesiastes 9:11]

Saving a Republic through corruption?

How is that saving it when it's SO EASY to take just by following the rules in place? If you don't know the rules, then you are fooling yourself and others.

Many of us worked very hard for Ron Paul, WAY more than the vast majority here who refused to even register GOP to vote.

Your quote does not say corruption and deceit, and yet that is exacly what you are saying will save the republic, and in God's name, none the less. Shame on you.

It is never right to be forced against ones will, correct

However, these delegates that are 'bound' for Romney, we're Forced, or else they would not have become delegates. The same thing happened in 08 for Paul delegates in aces like Nevada and Texas. Stealth was merely my way of paraphrasing the word bound, because Paul's even mentioned they may have up to 300 Paul supporters at the RNC that in fact are 'forced' to vote for Romney. Of course, I have never trusted the primary votes, regardless of the vote tally. If 19 million Americans didn't have the BALLS to try something knew, then the majority of people willing to risk life and liberty for their country at the conventions so they can bring home loved ones overseas, cut the debt and bleed the American beast that is the FED deserve that opportunity

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

The delegate system is

part of the checks and balances, and perfectly legitimate, as is the Electoral College. The delegates and electors can vote for whomever they want.

You are very misinformed. You

You are very misinformed. You don't know that you don't know. One, it's not a small band of people supporting Dr. Paul. Check out Lawyers for Ron Paul and the massive election/vote fraud that has been happening since Iowa. How would you feel if you found out that there have been entities manipulating the voting machines, computerized voting, ballot box stuffing? How would you feel if you actually found out that the majority wanted Dr. Paul and THEIR votes were disenfranchised? How would you feel if you were on the side of those being disenfranchised? We've been following all this very closely since the last election and we knew what was coming this time. We are NOT going to allow the establishment cheaters and bone breakers to circumvent the United States Constitution any longer. If you want to be on the wrong side, then so be it. I, for one, now understand how the delegate process was set up and it was made this way FOR A REASON. When done properly, it stops vote/election fraud. It also was put in place because 200 years ago, 90% of Americans were farmers living in rural areas. There were only a handful of printing presses and they were in major cities. By the time the Revolution started, there were only about 20-40 newspapers in America and they were only a page folded in half. Most people didn't get "the news" until a couple months after the fact. The founders wanted an informed group of people who would dedicate themselves to following the entire process through. They were to make sure individuals dedicated to preserving the Constitution (our rule of law) for future generations. In this modern world, that delegate process is once again working. Most people are too busy with their lives to do a thorough study of each candidate. Many wait till the last minute to do their research and don't know the candidates' voting records. This process is to protect the Constitution and our rule of law. Don't like? Get over it.


almost ignore the fact that truth, honesty and openess should trump any majority, especially when that majority is obese,ignorant,lazy and scared

we love our country

and it's people. We are a group of people who have woken up to the evils of government and our ability to have an impact on it.

We see it as pushing a person standing in the road out of the way of an oncoming bus. Does the push hurt? Yes. Does it shock the person, yes. But, if nothing is done that person will die. Just like our country.

Most people are sleeping and avoiding any rational concern or consideration of what really needs to happen to keep our country free and prosperous.

What you say sounds reasonable if it were true.

However as most know the elections are engineered from the beginning to produce the results the establishment desire. The corporate media and the polling corporations are all owned by the same people that are running the country and they have been controlled for this purpose for many years.


The controlled media are the source of information on the elections for the majority of the people and everyone knows that the candidate who spends the most will win. It is a foregone conclusion so everyone is conditioned to vote for the candidate selected by the establishment and promoted by the media.

The money the selected candidate receives comes from the same people who are running the country and own the polling corporations and the corporate media. The money is recycled back to the same people initially through advertising buys. They then give it again to the campaign of the selected candidate through whatever channels they have created for that purpose. The process is fixed. If their candidate wins the Presidency then their payback will be even bigger. This is why they support both sides.

If it appears as though, against all odds, another candidate is showing some strength in private polling never released to the public then arrangements are made to rig the election machinery in favour of the candidate selected by the establishment. These rigged results are then held up as representing the will of the People and are granted a status that is sacrosanct by the controlled media and of course all the talking heads and pundits from Washington on down.

This process is what you are defending as being honourable and one that must be respected. The hard work put in by the Ron Paul supporters in actually following all the rules of the Republican Party for selecting candidates you imply is dishonourable and call it "beneath contempt".

Ron Paul supporters and delegates are Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life who turned up to caucuses and conventions at every level and spent inordinate amounts of their own time and money to support the man they believe to be absolutely the best candidate for the country and the only one not bought by the special interests who have engineered the "victory" of their candidate following the corrupt process outlined above.

The allegations you have made fit more precisely those who have conspired to deny Ron Paul a just exposure to the American public. They have ridiculed him, vilified him, called him a kook and a crazy old uncle and ignored him. That behaviour is indeed reprehensible and worthy of being called "beneath contempt". Such people deserve to lose all their power and influence and I believe that this is exactly what they are afraid will happen when Dr. Paul is President.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

If you want to know the truth,

my opinion is that if it is within the rules to do it, I would be ALL in favor of it.

This nation NEEDS an overhaul, and if it was legal, I would support it.

The Nation Needs an Overhaul

And you think that the small slice of America that is the Ron Paul movement should control this overhaul? That no one else can have input into the matter because once you do this - you won't get 100% of what you want. You are the minority - a small minority and you don't have the right to run the country and you will not run the country - it will not happen!

It's already being proven

It's already being proven that massive vote fraud was committed. We have an informed group of people doing vote counts outside the computerized voting and finding massive fraud. How do you know this is a minority? I live in a TN city that has computerized voting with absolutely NO paper trail and no way to stop the manipulation of the votes. Why would the U.S. want to send all their votes to Spain (SCTYL) to be counted? Why? A vote-flipping algorithm was found this time too. Next time, it might very well be YOUR candidate that gets screwed. TWhat if you found out that Americans' (ALL Americans) votes are not counting? What if you found out that those controlling the money in the federal government are choosing candidates FOR you? When you realize that wait a minute, our elections aren't counting anymore, how would you feel?? This is NOT a small minority. That's where you are wrong. Follow the money. Romney and Obama are funded by the same bankers. Follow the money. Americans were all up in arms about the bailouts but when Romney is against Obama but funded by the same banks that were bailed out, these same Americans should be outraged! Ron Paul never took the lobbyist nor banking money. As far as your comment on the minority not having a right to run the country, you don't know your American history.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds" - Samuel Adams

Those of us who are informed are trying to help all Americans because we know what's going on. We're on one side of a paradigm shift and we're trying to wake you up. Even Ron Paul's sr. campaign manager admits he was on the other side. He said he just didn't understand until Dr. Paul. He admits to being a neoconservative and has completely changed his life. Instead of knocking Dr. Paul, have you really listened to him? Those who understand what it means to get what Dr. Paul says do NOT want the uninformed to hear him. They know that Dr. Paul wants the rule of law to ACTUALLY be followed which means many peoples' heads are going to be on the chopping block. Those controlling the money will be put back at least a hundred years. Don't let anyone else tell you what Dr. Paul stands for. Find out for yourself. Best places to learn are by reading the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, then read up on the differences in Austrian economics and Keynesian economics. Both Obama and Romney's economic advisers are Keynesians which was a failed policy that caused the Great Depression. Go to Austrian economist, John Williams' webpage shadowstats.com and check out his hyperinflation update on the right side of the front page. There you will find out exactly what is happening to the economy. Learn the history of the Weimar Republic and hyperinflation they experienced because that is exactly where we are headed. This country is broke and we are about to experience some terrible times. Romney does not understand economics. If he understood what is happening to our currency, he would NOT have a Keynesian economist ADVISING him.

Such a minority

that Rombama has to cheat to get his "majority". Why not just vote for Obama? What's the difference? Are you racist?

We are such a small minority that no GOP

nominee can defeat Obama without us.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Wanna Bet?

My contention is that Romney has to cut bait with the most radical Ron Paul supporters in order to appeal to the majority of the electorate - right now the polls are within the margin of error which is remarkable for an election where a sitting president is running - there is no proof for your contention although it is said so often and so loudly that some people believe it because they don't realize how few of you guys there actually is.

Its the other way around dude

I dont think you realize how many of us there actually are..

The polls are fixed.

It is all smoke and mirrors to keep the masses asleep. You are either part of the establishment who is perpetrating the deception or you are one of the deceived. The entire controlled media complex is projecting a Hollywood movie onto the public mind and the establishment (the real minority) are writing the script.

It doesn't matter who wins between Obama and Romney. If they had their way the charade would continue until the country collapsed and those who caused it would become richer...just like 1929. Even now the gap is growing between rich and poor because they know how to use the system they have created to fleece the people.

This time however they will lose. Their time has come to an end. They will fail and their system will be destroyed and replaced. If you are a part of it you will go down with them. Get out while you still can.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

I think anybody that can get it done legally should do it.

It's not nearly as radical as the damage that has been done to this nation by the establishment powers-that-be, and it could hardly be considered radical to return toward the Constitution.
What would we be accused of?
Upholding the law?

Then why not get rich

Since this is something that will happen and that you support - you can personally get rich on this - go to intrade and play bets - the odds are 50 to one against Ron Paul getting the nomination - this will be your chance to show your support and benefit from it at the same time - since you know that there is this can't fail stealth strategy in play.

And principles are far more

And principles are far more important than getting rich.

If this were a bet on the

If this were a bet on the movement continuing (even if Paul doesn't get the nomination), I'd put all my money down. This movement is about returning the country to the rule of law. It's about individual rights and freedoms.

Right there with ya

And God Bless Dr. Paul for lighting that fire. If he doesnt get the nom, it is up to US to continue on our path to less government and more freedoms. Arab spring> How about an American spring, where we HAVE HAD IT WITH BIG BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT TELLING US WHAT WE CAN AND CANT DO!! Get big business OUT of our government, get the POTUS out of big business pockets and return this country to the people!!! Ron Paul or no one 2012!

I never said it was "can't fail" strategy.

All I said was that if it could be done, and it was within the rules and legal to do, that I would support doing it.
And I still stand by that.


Just not another 11/22/1963 :-C

JFK wouldn't be involved in a stealth campaign

He was much too direct, much too honorable - so don't sully his name!!!