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Ben Swann: Three Facts About A Candidate's Name Being Placed Into Nomination at RNC

Via Ben Swann's Facebook Page:


I have been in touch with a member of the RNC Rules committee over the past 4 days and have been able to confirm a few FACTS about the nomination process.

1. For a candidate's name to be placed into nomination at the RNC you DO need a plurality of delegates from 5 states.

2. Binding and Non-binding distinctions DO NOT have an affect on nominating a candidates name. If "binding" is allowable by rule, (it is not) it would only pertain to a vote taken on the nomination, not the process of placing a name in nomination.

3. The Ron Paul campaign HAS the majority of delegates in the following 5 states: Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Louisana, Iowa. He MAY have the majority in Massachusetts and Colorado

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Being on the ballot guarantees him a speech, right?

Being on the ballot guarantees him a speech, right?

Is that the purpose of this by now?

(technical question)

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technical answer

As the delegates are not bound- a 15 minute speech while a long shot, does have a chance of swaying the votes of the delegates before the nomination process is finished. Warren G Harding walked into the national convention dead last in the delegate count from mainstream media and walked out on the path to the presidency. Lets all hope for the country that this will happen again- keep spreading the message of liberty people, while Ron Paul is only a messenger- we all know there is no comparison anywhere else. Nobody has his views on foreign and monetary policy- he has fought for us for decades lets all return the favor because we know he would get the job done.

Yes according to the RNC

Yes according to the RNC rules, if he gets nominated from the floor then he's allowed 15 minutes to make a speech :)

Rule 40c

Not to mention,,,

His speech would take place before the delegates vote on a nominee.

President Ron Paul!!!!!

For too long we have allowed the media to choose who our next president will be. We are fed up with their propaganda and lies. We have something that they cannot touch: Hope, Passion, and Desire. We are awake, and we are ready for change. Together we can unite and let our voice of liberty be heard. Stand together as Americans and declare that Ron Paul will be the ONLY person who will get your vote. Freedom cannot be accomplished through compromise. Thumbs up & repost everywhere.

Ron Paul 2012

Not to put a damper on things

but are we sure that Louisiana will be counted as a Ron Paul win? The minority convention submitted their own competing set of national delegates along side the Ron Paul convention. The LAGOP insists that Ron Paul only won two delegates. The Ron Paul camp and the LAGOP are waiting for a ruling from the national party as to which delegates are considered "real."

If the GOP is fair, then Ron Paul will have a plurality in Louisiana, but why would we assume that they'll be fair?

Didn't the gentleman from the Romney camp that said he would do all in his power to seat the Ron Paul delegates take that statement back at a later date?


The Louisiana delegates will have to be credentialed by the RNC Credentials Committee, which is far from a guarantee.

We won't know if we will have a plurality in Louisiana until the RNC Credentials meeting.

I don't get it

We still have 5 states even though in some states the party
kicked our elected delegates out and replaced them??

we won like 7 or 8 states and

we won like 7 or 8 states and a few states have kicked our delegates out but were still at the 5 states

Kicking delegates out?

How can they just arbitrarily "kick out" our delegates? Who the f*k do they think they are? We won fair and square. Who's the one kicking them out? How are they legally allowed to circumvent convention results?

Furthermore, what they did in Massachusetts was absolute BS. How can such an atrocity be allowed to take place? If we won, who gives them the authority to just say "Well, we don't like the results so take a hike!"? If the process is so corrupt and convoluted, what's the point?

Please, someone explain this madness to me. I'm not a delegate and don't plan on becoming one as long as the process is as mentioned above.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

In Massachusetts, if the state goes for a candidate, then the

candidate that it goes for gets to decide if the delegates can be acceptable or not as long as there is a good reason. Romney decided not to accept them but I don't know his reason. His reason might be unacceptable so maybe they can come back ,maybe not. Who knows.


Don't worry

The GOP and neocons will be punished for this. Punished by 4 more years of Obama. It makes no difference if its Romney or Obama. The only people that it matters to is the neocons who thirst for power again. Leave it to Obama and let the neocons squirm.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson


You should watch some of the videos of the state conventions. They have been doing it all summer (actually, have been doing it since 1800), and don't care if it is on youtube.

you hit the nail on the head,

you hit the nail on the head, but what can we do about it? we got the shaft

I was a Ron Paul delegate until I took an arrow to the knee

from the RNC.

j/k, poetic license.

Dissolve the Parties

I say dissolve and deprivatize the main two parties. Otherwise, we'll continue to have this two-headed beast forever telling us who our presidents will be.

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said the same thing....

that parties would be our ruin.


It was my computer, not I.



We Love You Ben! You Gave the Liberty Movement a Huge Morale

Boost, something we haven't had for a long time. We have donated and worked hard to get Ron Paul the delegates to get him nominated in Tampa! With all the negative news, you just confirmed that WE WERE SUCCESSFUL!!


Right Now, For Me, Just Getting Ron Paul's Name In Nomination

is a victory. Once his name is in nomination, all bets are off. The Romney camp and the GOP are scared stiff they may blow it. They will use every technicallity / dirty trick to stop him.. If we can get "Uncle Ronnie" nominated and on the ballot, he will in my miind get a speaking slot at the convention and that would be freaking HUGE!

It is our job to do all we can to make this happen, to the degree its within "OUR POWER".

Make waves, yea.. We will make waves, but we don't need Benton to tell us "HOW TO BEHAVE"

Get lost Benton! We are not children here...WE know how to behave, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun and work hard doing what we have to do..and that is to kick it up several notches and get our hero nominated and on the ballot.

I pray for america to wake up. I also pray for Ron Paul, his family and also, yes, even for Jesse Benton..

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Well Put

Thanks, emalvini

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson


Finally someone verified what I've been saying for weeks.

Delegates, you'd better show up and be on time, because this process will take place in advance of the actual voting, obviously.

Too bad Dr. Paul won't have time to program his teleprompter...

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/



What does "plurality" mean in this context"?

To me "plurality" would mean more than one. Singularity would mean one. So if Paul has at least two delegates in five states he should be on the ballot, right?

We are talking a simple "plurality" as in plural (and as opposed to singular), right?

It isn't as if "plurality" is to mean majority like we all are probably wrongly thinking right?

Paul probably has a simple "plurality of delegates in EVERY state for Pete's Sake! What are we worrying about? Why doesn't Ben Swann or Rachael Maddow bring THAT up?

Not Plural as in More than one.

Plurality refers to the largest number of votes to be received by a candidate.

Say Paul gets 40%, Romney gets 30%, Santorum gets 20%, and Ben Swann gets 10%. No one has the majority here (51%), yet Romney would have the plurality.

Sic Semper Tyrannus

Don't you mean...

... Paul would have the plurality? Since he would have the most delegates with 40% in your example (10 percent more than Romney would have)?

I guess in this context, "plurality" means "MOST". Why don't they just SAY that the candidates needs the "most" delegates ?

Yeah sorry

Paul would have the plurality. Its just a fancy name for the most. Stupid english language....

Sic Semper Tyrannus

That's awesome news :)

Good work Ben, always nice to wake up to real news.

Must be a few smiles across the US right now.. huh? :)

Ben Rocks..

I can see him running for an office in the future.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I Would Like to See Him in the White House working for Ron Paul!

( :