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Paul Festival Proudly Announces The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!

CHICAGO, IL- On Wednesday Paul Festival organizers announced popular band "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus” will perform at the event at the Florida State Fairgrounds next month. Paul Festival is a three-day event being held before the Republican National Convention to promote the Constitutional principles upheld by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

"We are absolutely ecstatic to have a major band like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus play at Paul Festival,” said director Deborah Robinet. "This vibrant band will add a new dynamic to the weekend celebration of liberty.”

The festival begins August 24th and goes through August 26th. It will feature a host of speakers, musicians, and vendors, as well as children’s activities. The event is set to attract tens of thousands, as enthusiastic lovers of liberty converge on Tampa from across the country.

The Florida event is a homecoming for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, which was originally formed in Florida. The band’s first LP, "Don’t You Fake It,” was released to both critical and commercial acclaim. The band has found tremendous success in numerous media outlets and has been featured in movies, television and video game soundtracks. The band has more than 26 million hits on YouTube and has inspired a dedicated following both at their concerts and on the internet.

"The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is going to electrify the stage and bring even more energy and enthusiasm to this action packed weekend,” said Robinet. "To put it modestly, they are going to blow the roof off the place!”


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Red Jumpsuit does good music

My ex-girl was into them - good music with a message - 'face down' is about spousal abuse. Bringing unfortunate issues to the forefront - that's what good music is supposed to do right?

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Ask Merle Haggard to come his

Ask Merle Haggard to come his new song What I Hate is basically the Ron Paul 2012 Anthem.


This is huge

Yet no one is talking about it. I saw them in concert few years ago. They're awesome. If you listen to radio you've heard them. And it's totally confirmed. They said it on their Facebook page. They have 689000 Fans on thier page! That's amazing guys. Hopefully there's more big names to come.