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Insurance companies, government steals life insurance from PTSD veterans who commit suicide

(NaturalNews) There is despicable, there is diabolical, and there are both. This appears to be a story about the latter.

Families of four veterans diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder following their tours of duty in combat zones who committed suicide after returning home are charging Prudential Insurance and the Department of Veterans Affairs with refusing to pay life insurance benefits they are due.

Mathew Ecker, the lead plaintiff in the case, which was filed recently in U.S. district court in Newark, N.J., said that his son, Michael - who served in Iraq in 2005-06 - received "at least 11 medals, ribbons and badges for his service."

The complaint goes onto say that following his son's return, "his parents observed a dramatic change in his personality. He was in constant physical pain, suffered memory losses, and was anxious all the time. Michael never left the war behind and after medical treatment efforts failed him, on August 28, 2009, he walked to the garden, saluted his father in military fashion, placed a gun to his head and pulled the trigger."


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This story is about vets who didn't convert from SGLI to VGLI (meaning Servicemembers Group to Veterans Group). There's no accusation that anyone with their coverage still in good standing has seen the payout denied.

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This is actually uncommon,

This is actually uncommon, and there is likely more to the story. The military regularily pays out on the SGLI with suicide...especially in cases where service related injuries are involved (PTSD).

Even civilian insurance will pay out, but there is usually a two year moratorium from the purchase of the policy.

No insurance policy will pay

No insurance policy will pay off on a suicide, regardless of whether you were in the military or not. This is not unusual.

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