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I was invited to be a "Special Guest of the California Delegation"

I received the following email today, and am somewhat suspicious. I wrote the folks mentioned and also looked up the Executive Director, and she does appear to be legit, and she responded saying this is legit. They didn't exactly make it clear what I'll be doing to "help nominate Mitt Romney", but if this means I get to vote as a delegate, I'm totally in!

We are pleased to personally invite you to apply for an exclusive and very limited opportunity to be a Special Guest of the California Delegation to the 2012 Republican National Convention.
The 2012 Republican National Convention, will be held August 27-30, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. California has the great honor of hosting the largest Delegation to travel to Florida to help nominate Governor Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States and we are honored to invite you to be a part of this historic event.

Special Guests will enjoy the privileges of participating with the California Delegation and traveling with the Delegation to special meetings, receptions and events - as well as receiving one Guest Credential to the Convention sessions held every evening.

Special Guests of the California Delegation will be assessed a mandatory one-time participation fee of $900 to be paid by FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2012. The participation fee is required to help cover the costs associated with the logistics for the delegation – for example, ground transportation, parties, official events and administrative costs. This fee will not cover your travel to and from Tampa or your lodging expenses. More details on the payment are found on the attached Special Guest Application Form.
Paid Special Guests are also invited to participate in our California Orientation Meeting scheduled for Saturday, July 28th in Burbank California where the official California Delegation schedule will be announced along with other important convention details.
To apply to serve as a California Special Guest to the 2012Republican National Convention, please fill out and sign the SPECIAL GUEST APPLICATION FORM on the following page and fax it directly to our Executive Director Kathy Tavoularis at 714-974-3355 as soon as possible. There are only a few spots available so we recommend you get your application in quickly.

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Sounds like Mittwit needs to manufacture a crowd of adoring supporters. And in true Vulture Capitalist fashion, he wants YOU to pay for his activities and swell parties for the privilege of being in his presence. What a guy!

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You won't be able to vote

my view: This has nothing to do with a lack of enthusiasm. It's a fundraising venture for the state party. They charge you $900 for participating--tagging along with the delegation at the convention--and most of that is pure profit for the party. You'll receive a guest pass each night, which means you can be in the gallery to watch the proceedings. You won't be a voting delegate and even if they run short of those, there will be plenty of alternates to step in. There's no chance they're going to let a guest actually vote on the convention floor.

If you're interested in attending the convention, it may be worth it to you. You would be able to be inside the convention hall each night and also go along to special events, hear speakers as they address the delegates over breakfast, etc.

looks like ,there wanna

vote 4 you and there need people to fill empty spot.

Where's The Granger?

She'd be the best person to ask about this. Try to track her down.

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―Emmet Fox

TY for the vote of confidence Nonna

This email is not an invitation to be a delegate.

In CA, each presidential candidate presents to the Secretary of State their list of delegates. This page will show you Ron Paul and Mitt Romney's chosen delegates: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/2012-elections/june-primary/...

The numbers represent congressional districts. If you lived in congressional district 1, you would see three names, each with a 1 before them, and on the bottom of the page, the alternates chosen by the campaigns, not the state, if for some reason the chosen people can not go.

All of the people you see listed on the Ron Paul page are Ron Paul Republicans. Many are also now seated in your district on committees and soon to become, "Liberty candidates".

Because Romney won the June 5Th election, his delegates will be going to the RNC in Tampa. What this email is offering you, is a chance to meet and greet delegates PLEDGED to Romney, and CA congress, assembly, senators, CA Republicans with seats and offices. It is a fundraiser for the delegates to give them support, but it is also having fun and meeting office holders. It's an opportunity to get your issues heard by CA GOP VIPs in a cocktail party atmostphere, and one reason it's so expensive (cheap for some people, but expensive for many of us).

Had Ron Paul won, we would be doing the same thing. This is why I stress on DP ad nausium that we should be taking those committee seats and setting ourselves up for victory. Those seats are what makes it happen. Those seats are why MSM ignored us. Those seats are what makes the difference between winning and rallying.

We are the best ralliers, let's take the seats and be the best winners instead!

If I could afford to do that, I would, just to network, good losers today, make great winners tomorrow, and we are now looking at tomorrow in CA elections.

I would pay if I got my money back if Ron Paul didn't speak.


Free includes debt-free!

That's because hardly anybody in CA is a Repub. There

aren't enough people to go. If you can go and vote for Paul, go. Otherwise EFFEM!

If they want your money they should tell exactly speciically what it covers. Special delegate? I don't believe it. The way they have treated us? They hate Ron Paul supporters. Maybe they don't know you support thim, huh?


This isn't to be a delegate

Or even an alternate. It is to be a guest - no voting.

I was going to correct it but your writing something now

does not allow me to edit it.

By the way Shazad----have you ever had a complete paragraph type conversation with any Mitt Romney supporters?


Does long distance communication by semaphore count?

Of course I have had many long conversations with Romney supporters, whether face to face or written communication.

Be Skeptical

Anything that asks for money upfront like that has a good chance of being a scam. Interesting, either way.


If the delegates and alternates aren't all there, you could well be seated as a delegate (but don't count on it). I assume the CA delegation can fill vacancies on the spot.

It sounds like there is a lack of enthusiasm and they need to fill some slots. That's good news. I know the California LP has trouble filling its delegate slots--remember these are weighted by population, so it's a big delegation, and people don't all know each other (it's a big state geographically, too). See if you can get a group together (maybe you weren't the only RP supporter on the list).

This is a marathon, not a sprint, and the friends you make (I remember you, from the 2012 convention!) will help in the future, at the very least.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Save your money

An go to Tampa anyway. They just want you to pay their way.

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012