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Great Leaders Do Not Create Followers..

They create more leaders.

If a guy who started out delivering babies can figure out what needs to be done to resolve the financial crisis, voters can too. Dr. Ron Paul leads with explanations instead of orders, and with straightforward logic instead of high-minded policy solutions.

What really makes people follow Paul—whether they know it or not—is that he has a pretty empowering message: common sense prevails.

This faith in common sense is what anchors Paul’s leadership, and is what makes him patient and trusting that both the system—and the voters—will ultimately come around to his truth telling. It’s often said Paul’s popularity comes from the fact that his followers trust him. But perhaps more important, he makes them feel like he trusts them.

One of the most influential leaders in the world:

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Has anyone realized why Ron Paul...

Took the action, dedication, and loyalty to uphold the constitution and fight so selflessly for Liberty, We all know that he uses common sense and conscience, he talked about it, but it goes deeper, it's because when he helped those women give birth to the babies,(read it somewhere, I think), He really watched the LIVING TRUTH OF LIFE, He watched the birth of Life occur, Time stood still for him, How amazing, how cherished it is, how precious it was, NO ONE OR NOTHING CAN MATCH THAT INSPIRATION, unless they to do did what he did, but many doctors do this on a daily basis, but he caught on to why life is beautiful, why Liberty and Love are our natural existence, and are intertwined by the energy of the universe. Perhaps you don't have to watch someone giving birth, there are many more ways