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Australian Goverment Mulls Allowing Authorities to Hack Your Computer

There’s some rather scary news coming from Australia right now. The Australian government is considering sweeping new surveillance powers which includes the surveillance of social networking sites and data retention. While that isn’t exactly novel, buried in the proposal is a provision that would allow police to hack your computer for the purposes of gathering information on you.

The Australian government has released a discussion paper (PDF) that details what the government is actively considering for new surveillance legislation. Pages 10 – 11 (what the PDF reader is reading. The actual document says it’s pages 9 – 10) says the following:

B. Government is considering the following proposals:

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979

8. Streamlining and reducing complexity in the lawful access to communications regime – this would include:

a. Creating a single warrant with multiple TI powers

9. Modernising the Industry assistance framework –

a. Implement detailed requirements for industry interception obligations
b. extend the regulatory regime to ancillary service providers not currently covered by the legislation
c. implement a three‐tiered industry participation model Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979