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Keys to successfully and non violently overthrow dictatorships

The latest COBRA message link to these excellent pamphlets to successfully resisting and even overthrowing dictatorships in a nonviolent manner. These pamphlets are available FREE as PDF files and are freely distribute-able. They are: "From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation"

A Guide to Strategic Planning for Action to End a Dictatorship or Other Oppression

On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict

The Anti-Coup

Social Power and Political Freedom (excerpts)

There are Realistic Alternatives

Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential (excerpts)

As anyone who has read many of my postings, I do NOT renounce violence IF there is NO other alternative. However, these pamphlets offer excellent guidance on waging nonviolent resistance, including overthrowing dictatorships such as the one we face right here in our country.

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Something To Do To Fight Back

Hand out literature explaining the End The Fed movement.
I do this once a day when I go out to the supermarket.

Vote for Gary Johnson in November and show the GOP and the bankers!

Hand out cards/literature or tracks about the Federal Reserve Bank,
To people at the mall,supermarket,church and school or anywhere else
in public.
DO IT!It does work. Remember to put websites and QR codes on your

I voted you up.

But Gary Johnson is not going to attract anywhere near the support of Ron Paul and he will not sustain the movement. We need someone else. What about Peter Schiff?

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

more choices

Peter Schiff is a very good choice, so is John Stossel.

I hope that Rand Paul does not sell out.

Hand out cards/literature or tracks about the Federal Reserve Bank,
To people at the mall,supermarket,church and school or anywhere else
in public.
DO IT!It does work. Remember to put websites and QR codes on your

This is not the first time Americans were pissed off

It is VERY interesting to take a look at the document that was created when Americans were pissed off at the government the last time around.

While we can all agree that slavery is not acceptable (including when governments enslave people), the Constitution for the Confederate States had a lot of interesting elements in the document.

Remember, the Confederacy took the US Constitution, copied it, and make a few changes along the way. The people of that time had already seen how the government had already encroached on the rights of the people in less than 100 years. Of course, it is ironic that they didn't see slaves has people, but the other changes they made to their governing document are very interesting because some of them are things we debate about today.

For example:

- The states make it clear that they are delegating powers to a federal government, not creating a "union."

- No foreign-born person could vote.

- Any federal officer, whose duties are conducted within a single state, could be impeached by that state's legislature, in addition to being impeached by the Congress.

- Senators were chosen by the states (no 17th Amendment at this point).

- Congress had the power to "lay and collect taxes," ... BUT NO TAXES COULD BE USED TO PROMOTE ANY PARTICULAR INDUSTRY.

- Interstate Commerce was limited such that no federal spending could facilitate commerce other than having to do with waterways.

- Congress could only raise taxes with 2/3 majority vote.

- Every law passed by Congress limited to ONE subject, and that subject had to be identified in the Constitution and included in the title of the law.

- President had a LINE ITEM VETO - he could veto parts of a bill that Congress had passed, while accepting the rest of the bill.

- President had a term of 6 years - BUT COULD ONLY SERVE ONE TERM.

- Any person running for President in later years, after the people living at the time the constitution written had died off, had to be a NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN (as distinguished from "just" a citizen in other parts of the document -- such as foreign-born citizens being ineligible to vote).

- Congress had NO ROLE in amending the Constitution -- any 3 states could call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments, which would be passed by 2/3 majority.

It's a very interesting document. Obviously, the people who wrote it had already, in less than 100 years, experienced many of the same problems we see today in regards to an out-of-control federal governemnt.

Of course, there are the trolls who will try to derail the subject be talking about slavery. By 1861, all the European countries had already outlawed slavery, the South outlawed importation of slaves in their constitution, but kept the practice legal otherwise.

Looking at the other issues of the encroachment of the big federal government, however, is interesting to look at.


Liberty has never been restored peacefully.

Our own experience proves this.

We fought two long and bloody wars on this topic. Liberty won the first and lost the second.

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I agree, there reaches a

I agree, there reaches a point where non-violence is no longer an effective tactic, the Founders were well aware of this fact and were prepared to take up arms in defense of Liberty! They were faced will many of the very same issues we are today and, as revolutionaries, they faced the wrath of the most powerful Empire in the world, yet for all the threat to their lives, fortunes and liberty they engaged in that great venture, many sacrificing all for the Cause of Liberty...will we be called to do less?


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

Bump Bump


Democracy is a dictatorship!

Democracy is a dictatorship of the majority over the minority.

Counterfeiters love democracy because they can buy all the influence and control they want with their counterfeit money. This is why banksters encourage and support democracy.


True liberty is only defended by a republic and sound money.

Democracy is Economic Dictatorship

That is what I was going to say, but you beat me to it.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon


I'll take my constitutional Republic back, thank you very much. Democracy is the last step before socialism. And socialism is totalitarianism. No thanks.

Blessings )o(

Wha hoppen?

All democracies and all empires eventually fail. Unfortunately for us we live in a country that is both an empire and a democracy. Our own dictatorship of the "Establishment" is slowly collapsing as a result of the empire builder's wild military spending and the irresponsible management of the central government's domestic spending.

With the current situation of having to choose between presidential candidates Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum, there is little hope of recovery after November. The comparison has been made of a train rushing toward a fallen bridge at 100 miles an hour with Obama or 90 miles an hour with Romney. I think the scenarios befit our situation; sooner with Obama or a little bit later with Romney, the economy is still going over the edge.

There is only one potential candidate who will stop the train, and unless there is a disruptive, righteous, revolution on the floor of the Republican Party convention by the Ron Paul delegates the likelihood of his getting the nomination is nil and the chances of America's recovery without a financial collapse are also nil. He is the last hope. I don't think America's financial framework will survive until 2016 while we hope another Ron Paul is found.

We are faced with the inevitable. Prepare for the worst.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Someone set up us the bomb.

We get signal!

Awesome Post

For further reading check out this free post from Stratfor Global Intelligence titled Protest Movements as Political Strategy: http://www.stratfor.com/weekly/protest-movements-political-s...

Great post! Thanks!

Bookmarked for later reading. Had time to scan "From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation." I found it very educational. Although the author speaks of dictatorships, I think the principles are applicable to the type of soft-fascism which exists in the U.S. Here are some selected passages:

"When one wants to bring down a dictatorship most effectively and with the least cost then one has four immediate tasks:
• One must strengthen the oppressed population themselves
in their determination, self-confidence, and resistance skills;
• One must strengthen the independent social groups and institutions
of the oppressed people;
• One must create a powerful internal resistance force; and
• One must develop a wise grand strategic plan for liberation
and implement it skillfully.


"Three of the most important factors in determining to what
degree a government’s power will be controlled or uncontrolled
therefore are:
(1) the relative desire of the populace to impose limits on the government’s power;
(2) the relative strength of the subjects’ independent organizations and institutions to withdraw collectively the sources of power;

[some examples of institutional power (which can have great political influence): families, religious organizations, cultural associations, sports clubs, economic institutions, trade
unions, student associations, political parties, villages, neighborhood associations, gardening clubs, human rights organizations, musical groups, literary societies, and others. If the autonomy and freedom of these independent civil institutions (outside of government control) can be maintained or regained they are highly important for the application of political defiance.];

(3) the population’s relative ability to withhold their consent and assistance."


"Withdrawal of support is therefore the major required action to disintegrate a dictatorship." I think Nullification is a good start.


"Political defiance has the following characteristics:
• It does not accept that the outcome will be decided by the
means of fighting chosen by the dictatorship.
• It is difficult for the regime to combat.
• It can uniquely aggravate weaknesses of the dictatorship and
can sever its sources of power.
• It can in action be widely dispersed but can also be concentrated
on a specific objective.
• It leads to errors of judgment and action by the dictators.
• It can effectively utilize the population as a whole and the
society’s groups and institutions in the struggle to end the
brutal domination of the few.
• It helps to spread the distribution of effective power in the
society, making the establishment and maintenance of a
democratic society more possible."


"Nonviolent struggle is a much more complex and varied
means of struggle than is violence. Instead, the struggle is fought
by psychological, social, economic, and political weapons applied
by the population and the institutions of the society. These have
been known under various names of protests, strikes, noncooperation,
boycotts, disaffection, and people power. As noted earlier, all
governments can rule only as long as they receive replenishment of
the needed sources of their power from the cooperation, submission,
and obedience of the population and the institutions of the society.
Political defiance, unlike violence, is uniquely suited to severing
those sources of power."


"Spreading the idea of noncooperation

For successful political defiance against a dictatorship, it is essential that the population grasp the idea of noncooperation. As illustrated by the “Monkey Master” story (see Chapter Three), the basic idea is simple: if enough of the subordinates refuse to continue their cooperation long enough despite repression, the oppressive system will be weakened and finally collapse."


"The army is one of the most important sources of the power of
dictators because it can use its disciplined military units and weaponry directly to attack and to punish the disobedient population.
Defiance strategists should remember that it will be exceptionally difficult, or impossible, to disintegrate the dictatorship if the police, bureaucrats, and military forces remain fully supportive of the dictatorship and obedient in carrying out its commands. Strategies aimed at subverting the loyalty of the dictators’ forces should therefore be given a high priority by democratic strategists."


Smaller strategies must be employed (in phases if you will) to fulfill the grand objective. This is an important thing for the liberty movement to grasp. Consider the following:

"Other persons and groups may see the need for some planning,
but are only able to think about it on a short-term or tactical basis. They may not see that longer-term planning is necessary or possible. They may at times be unable to think and analyze in strategic terms, allowing themselves to be repeatedly distracted by relatively small issues, often responding to the opponents’ actions rather than seizing the initiative for the democratic resistance. Devoting so much energy to short-term activities, these leaders often fail to explore several alternative courses of action which could guide the overall efforts so that the goal is constantly approached.

"It is also just possible that some democratic movements do
not plan a comprehensive strategy to bring down the dictatorship,
concentrating instead only on immediate issues, for another reason.
Inside themselves, they do not really believe that the dictatorship
can be ended by their own efforts. Therefore, planning how to do
so is considered to be a romantic waste of time or an exercise in
futility. People struggling for freedom against established brutal
dictatorships are often confronted by such immense military and
police power that it appears the dictators can accomplish whatever
they will. Lacking real hope, these people will, nevertheless, defy
the dictatorship for reasons of integrity and perhaps history. Though
they will never admit it, perhaps never consciously recognize it, their actions appear to themselves as hopeless. Hence, for them, long-term comprehensive strategic planning has no merit.

"The result of such failures to plan strategically is often drastic:
one’s strength is dissipated, one’s actions are ineffective, energy is wasted on minor issues, advantages are not utilized, and sacrifices are for naught. If democrats do not plan strategically they are likely to fail to achieve their objectives. A poorly planned, odd mixture of activities will not move a major resistance effort forward. Instead, it will more likely allow the dictatorship to increase its controls and power.

"Unfortunately, because comprehensive strategic plans for liberation
are rarely, if ever, developed, dictatorships appear much more
durable than they in fact are. They survive for years or decades
longer than need be the case."

Dr. Paul's delegate strategy is phase 1 of a much larger multi-phase strategy to achieve the grand objectives of personal liberty, constitutionally limited government and sound economic and monetary policies. It will take time to further develop and implement these phases. Clearly it must culminate in successfully reaching beyond our "irate, tireless minority" to influence the larger population to "withdraw their support" for destructive status quo policies. "Spreading the idea of noncooperation" is potentially much more powerful than a Ron Paul presidency. Again, I believe nullification can be a very important strategy to that end.

"Appendix One: The Methods Of Nonviolent Action: The Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion" outlines numerous strategies the liberty movement can use, in addition to its ground-up work in the GOP, to reach the larger population and achieve the grand objectives.

We've come a long way in 4 years. Dr. Paul, with our help, has educated and influenced millions. However, we have a much longer way to travel. There's been a lot of division and defeatist attitudes on the Daily Paul recently. It's understandable. However, we must keep our eye on the grand objectives. Letting small things distract us into infighting will destroy this movement. We must remain hopeful and committed and continue working together to develop future phases of this long-term strategy.

Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent-Use this tool to educate the unconverted and prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents.

Overthrowing a dictator is easy

compared to overthrowing a democracy. You just wish we had a dictatorship to overthrow but that is not true. We live in a democratic republic which is no better than an outright democracy. It is impossible to "overthrow" by peaceful or non peaceful means. It is destined to devour itself in an ugly manner of greed, sloth and ignorance and there is nothing you can do about it.

So prepare yourself as best you can for the long slow death that awaits this country.

Nothing? Nothing at all?

Nothing? Nothing at all? Are you sure about that? What about Ron Paul? What about an Idea Whose Time Has Come? Please don't leave me hopeless.

Look at the bright side

Uh, well, um, there is always a bright side right? Actually I have a bright side but it requires having faith in something besides man. Without that faith there is no hope.

Yes, Godspeed Dr. Ron Paul!

Yes, Godspeed Dr. Ron Paul!

Psalm 42:11 Why art thou cast down , O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

ive never heard of a

ive never heard of a successful peaceful overthrow of a dictatorship

The soviet union

more or less evaporated. Hardly overthrown militarily.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Backward

I'm kinda thinking it is 2 steps forward...1 step backward…Still one step at a time achieving world dominance? Or am I wrong in that estimation? It is what I have always thought. I thought it suspicious when Regan told Gorbbie to tear down the wall. Sounds more to me like joining forces as a single despotic front unbeknown to the people, I mean sheeple, in the US. Differing views appreciated.

The USSR didn't just evaporate

The US and allies spent trillions economically and militarily countering, disabling and dismantling it in a cold war.

wasnt that more of just a

wasnt that more of just a collapse

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How about Estonia, the Singing Revolution


the cultural marxists had this concept down well


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

"From Dictatorship to

"From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation"

I have not read the pamplets so I am speaking uneducated as far as the links you have posted, but am picking the above quote from your post.

Are we sure Democracy is where we want to go? i.e. it has been my understanding that democracies degenerate. I am not an expert though, I am just drawing from what I have heard which may be a crock. Comments would be appreciated as I am still trying to figure out if brainwashing has been the order of the day in everything I have understood my whole life...Such fun to wake up!

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule,
where 51% of the people may take away
the rights of the other 49%." — Thomas Jefferson http://americanbuilt.us/governments/democracy.shtml

Personally, I favor a constitutional republic...

as they provides a basis toward limitations on government power, be the republic a representative democracy or a direct democracy (something which is now possible, thanks to the Internet).

Republics haven't fared too well historically, either. However,the primary reason for this has been secret societies and the greed of bankers. That problem is likely to go away very soon.

I hear people advocate the

I hear people advocate the Articles of Confederation as the best solution so as to maintain competition within this land from sea to shining sea instead of a single government monopoly. I am still learning...

Generally speaking,

Those who prefer the Articles of Confederation don't really like those either. They are just against the creation of government bodies entirely, so they bemoan the move to the Constitution.

If you hang around with anarchists, you will remain confused. They are in an imaginary world, which they like to discuss. It's not viable.


"If you hang around with anarchists, you will remain confused. They are in an imaginary world, which they like to discuss. It's not viable."

What is the point of disinformation?

Do the disinformation producers ever confess their motives?

Why not call a spade a spade, instead of resorting to prejudice as a rule (not an exception)?

If an anarchist refuses to resort to deceit, refuses to resort to threats of violence, and refuses violence upon innocent people as a means to any end, then that world created by those principles are as real as those who do resort to deceit upon the innocent as a means of gaining at the expense of the innocent targeted victims, such as this libel published in this forum for whatever reason the libeler has for resorting to that means to get to whatever that goal is in that person's sights.