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OUTRAGE after news channel helps public identify gun owners

OUTRAGE after news channel helps public identify gun owners

WRAL characterizes firearms enthusiasts as a “threat akin to sex
offenders,” says NC resident

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

News station WRAL has caused outrage amongst gun rights activists by listing address details of firearms owners in Raleigh, North Carolina – prompting critics to complain they are being treated like sex offenders and left open to criminal predation.

In an article about firearms training, a WRAL.com article homes in on the fact that rural areas have a much higher per capita rate of concealed carry permit holders.

The story also mentions efforts to increase regulation on concealed carry permit holders and quotes Gail Neely, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, who claims that “concealed weapons permit holders aren’t as law-abiding as they are reputed to be.”

However, the part that really has second amendment proponents up in arms is a searchable box that allows the public to identify where concealed carry permit holders live, by typing in the street name, city, county and zip code

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to help robbers

Is there a box where you can report people you know that don't own any guns?
It would be very helpful to those that wish to supplement their income via unoccupied homes.

license a right

This illustrates what happens when people comply with licensing a right. Their info is exposed and used against them.

It's a right. Why apply for a license to defend your home?

Non-Gun Owners Should be Just as Mad

Now criminals know which houses to rob and the ones to stay away from. Instead of making themselves safer by pointing out who owns guns, they gave criminals a useful map....smart

Good one. Thanks for sharing.

Good one. Thanks for sharing.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Everyone should be concerned

People in support of this are blind to all of the ways this information could be abused. Another scenario...

First, a criminal needs a weapon. Why get a gun somewhere else (directly or indirectly traceable, costs money, etc.) when you can locate a CCW permit holder, wait till they leave the premises, and steal their gun(s).

Then, you use that same database to find an area with low CCW rates. This means low probability of encountering a gun owner. Even if they own a gun, they are likely to be less proficient with their gun than a CCW permit holder because no training was required to acquire their gun. It should be relatively safe to break in and do whatever nasty deeds to your heart's content with your stolen weapons.

This is only one of many examples of how this database could be used to do harm. WRAL has yet to explain how this release of information does anyone any good, let alone how it is right for them to do so.