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Oregon Republican Party Must Conform to State Law - Chairman Alley Booted Off State Central Committee by Own Negligence

SALEM, Ore. – Negligence by the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Chairman Allen Alley has placed the ORP in a position where it must now conform its structure and some of its operations according to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). The ORP must conform or risk civil penalties by the Oregon Secretary of State. Chairman Alley and other party leadership are no longer members of the State Central Committee, the highest authoritative body in the ORP. Business of the ORP State Central Committee, including elections of National Committeeman Solomon Yue and National Committeewoman Donna Cain, is at risk of nullification for as far back as August 15, 2011. This comes just weeks after the ORP’s attempt to improperly adjourn Congressional District Conventions and appoint friends to alternate delegate positions already filled by those duly elected.

Alley has angered Republican precinct committee persons and electors from across Oregon due to his attempt to override the election of alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention at the Congressional District Conventions on June 23 and the appointment of his friends to alternate delegate positions. People involved in the selection of the delegates to the Republican National Convention have been investigating the laws and party rules. What they found may very well be the biggest mistake ever in the history of the Oregon Republican Party.

Chairman Alley and ORP leadership have been breaking the rules for so long that they probably didn’t even notice that they broke the biggest rule – not filing to prevent state statutes from governing the party. Alley and other party leadership just got themselves booted off the ORP State Central Committee – and they did it to themselves.

While investigating rules violations by the ORP, people responsible for electing delegates have uncovered legal documentation from the Oregon Secretary of State that clearly shows the ORP counsel, Tyler Smith, was late in his filing of notification to opt out of various Oregon laws by two weeks. (see attached documentation)

What happens next is unclear. However, there are interesting possibilities and significant consequences for the ORP. There is a risk of civil penalties, nullification of meetings and elections, and even the legality of the selection of the delegation to the RNC could be in question.

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Update (July 17, 8:11 p.m.): ORP legal counsel Tyler Smith comments on this story and admits negligence in his own “dismissal.” His comments and a full rebuttal are posted here: http://www.ordelegates2012.org/2012/07/update-oregon-republi...

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I am in Oregon

I have heard nothing of this yet. I have been listening to the news tonight and not a mention of it. When did it happen?

Oh you're back

Welcome back to Oregon, Gary. Read the references section under the article http://www.ordelegates2012.org/2012/07/oregon-republican-par... It gives the rules and statutes applicable to the violations so you can verify for yourself. Yes, it will take a couple hours but we don't need a TV reporter standing in front of the ORPHQ anymore, saying the same thing for it to be true. One source is only bad if not verifiable, right? But no problem if all the research is at your fingertips to verify, right?

Once you know it to be true, you are thee man in Linn County to bring this to the attention of LCRP. Be very tactful. Get Clint to help you since he was at CD4 all day, he will be listened to.

Call the news stations,

Call the news stations, newspapers, etc. We've sent it to everyone we have contact information for, but if more people call in asking about the story there's a greater chance they'll look into it.

What gives?

You should have done your research before you posted this. If you believe it you do the research and prove yourself. I have found nothing else anywhere except thru you and this site. I hope you are correct but none of my research comes up with anything to confirm it.

People, what if the central

People, what if the central commitees and chairmen of the other states have broken laws of their respestives states? We need our scotland yard investigating this.


Become the Scotland Yard you want to see. Investigate your state.

Ron Paul Oregon Delegates:

Gather up your might! Gather to elect Ron Paul supporters to becomes the new chair and members of the Oregon Republican party!!!

: "What’s Changed

What’s the significance of coming under the state statutes ORS 248.012 to 248.315? There are several and some have significant impact on the party at the county, state, and national levels.

At the county level:
•A county officer must be a PCP, something that may not be the case in various counties. (ORS 248.031)
•County chairs and vice chairs are not automatic delegates to the ORP State Central Committee, leaving 72 openings. (ORS 248.075(1))

At the state level:
•In conforming to the state laws, new delegates will form the new body of the state central committee, forcing them to elect a new chair. (ORS 248.085, Subsection 2)
•A whole list of extra members provided by the bylaws, including the state officers, such as the chair, the Congressional District Chairs, and the National Committee members, are no longer on the ORP State Central Committee. (ORS 248.075(1))
•The state statutes prohibit proxies to the ORP State Central Committee meetings. (ORS 248.075(1))

At the national level:
•The selection of delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August must now comply with state law. (ORS 248.315)"

P.S. I really hope our people in Oregon can take advantage of this!!

A difference between County officers & County Central Committee

ORS 248.031 is not talking about county officers, it is talking about the "County Central Committee(s)", which is all the PCPs in a county. 248.031 reads: "The precinct committeepersons of the county shall constitute the county central committee of their party."

ORS 248.035 is the section that describes the election of County Officers and it does not say that they need to be PCPs; it in fact says very much the opposite:
248.035 sub-section (b) reads "The committee next shall elect a chairperson, vice chairperson and other officers the committee considers necessary. The persons elected to the offices need not be members of the county central committee."

In other words, county officers need not be PCPs.

I Have Strongly Considered Retiring In Southern Oregon..

I love the scenery and the great fishin there. My Dads youngest brother lived there from 1963 until his death in 2011. He ran his own business for over 40 years and he just loved everything about it except the high property taxes. Medford Oregon has a very mild climate and unlike california, they still pump gas for you and even check your oil dip stick.

I strongly urge all you liberty minded self sufficient, independent minded americans to think about Southern Oregon. It is my opinion based on many of the people who live in the Medford - Grants Pass area that southern Oregon is where the freedom message is alive and well.

Btw, It is a very popular place for retirees to settle down. I remember the beautiful mess of steelhead trout i caught on my uncles property right on the Rogue river. You might be interested in knowing that Crater lake is the source of the Rogue river and it is a sight to behold..


Yes High Property Taxes,,,,But ""NO"" Sales Taxes !

Lots of feral deer also !


You Got That Right BeeeeeSting!

I forgot to include that fact...NO SALES TAX!

Thanks for reminding me bro!

Southern Oregon, where we start this experiment all over again!

Oregon or bust!

Ahh yes, the great State of Jefferson

There has been talk over the years of No. Cal and So. Ore seceeding and becoming the State of Jefferson. Lots of liberty minded folks down that way but a lot of CA transplants too with their big state ideas.

I passed through a few weeks ago and was happy to see a number of Ron Paul signs and even a Ron Paul bus!!



I thought they would name it Baja Oregon.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


Small States Give Better Representation.

The Founders understood the dangers of DISTANT LEGISLATURES.

Read This - Republics and Representation:


The Original 13 states were much smaller; Large states assume too much power and end up selling us out to the federal government through accepting federal mandates and also bribing those distant counties from the central government center to comply as well.

In Oregon, the Capitol of Salem and Populous areas of Portland run roughshod over the rest of the state.

All counties in the United States need to shake off these arrogant bureaucratic centers and seek Statehood for better representation.

Oregon became a state with only 40 to 80,000 people; That number makes most counties easily within statehood status.

Inalienable Rights, States Rights, Local Control.

American Patriot Party.CC

RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.

Some Info On The Proposed, State of Jefferson:

Scroll down for the proposed area:

If we could only get Oregonians in this area to realize that Ron Paul supports Thomas Jefferson's anti-fed-r-alist platform of small federal government, sound Constitutional money, anti-NWO, no meddling in foreign affairs,,,etc. etc. Yes, it would be a good place to retire in.

Glad to see our Ron Paul signs, received some attention.


Will this mean "plurality" in Oregon too?

Will this mean "plurality" in Oregon too?


Doesn't matter. It's official: WE GOT IT!!!

RNC admitted Dr. Paul has plurality and his name will be placed in nomination in Tampa! Yippieeeeee!!!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

have been out of daily

have been out of daily scouring the web lately. Where can I find this? Tnx!

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

Should be on the front page by now.

There are a few threads announcing this great news. Here's one link:


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


They have to get busy filing all those complaints and then be ready will a whole lot of
supporters to win new elections state wide,, I think?


better hurry! needs 30 days notice

for another meeting to take place. and Tampa isn't much past that.

Great birthday surprise

Im a Washington County pcp in oregon Celebrating my 25th birthday. Great info. We warned allen alley that we were going to follow up on his shenanigans on june 23rd. Well, looks like karma comes back to bite ya in the butt.




Just wow!

Steve Dickson's picture

Donate to Oregon!

Follow the link to the post and DONATE TO THEIR LEGAL FUND!

Give them the ammo to win their battle.

Some Power BACK To "We the People"!

A question:

The PCP's voted to boot Mr. Alley out of his position as the head of the Oregon republican party?????

I was totally unaware of this PCP state LAW:


A resolution signed by approximately 100 Oregon precinct committee persons -""(the highest authorities in the Oregon Republican Party)""- was delivered personally to Allen Alley on July 14, 2012 prior to a meeting of the illegitimate delegation.

beesting and his wife-- Are elected PCP's from Jackson County Oregon, and former beekeepers.


Please take 15 minutes to read the ORS law,

don't be too quick to run with something that sounds good.


ORS 248.031 is not talking about county officers, it is defining what the "County Central Committee" is = the PCPs in the county. 248.031 reads: "The precinct committeepersons of the county shall constitute the county central committee of their party."

ORS 248.035 is the section that describes the election of County Officers and it does not say that they need to be PCPs; it in fact says very much the opposite:
248.035 sub-section (b) reads "The committee next shall elect a chairperson, vice chairperson and other officers the committee considers necessary. The persons elected to the offices need not be members of the county central committee."

In other words, county officers need not be PCPs, if we are under ORS. State officers need not be county officers, too, according to 248.085, if we are under ORS law.

But that's not all, regarding whether the ORP is even under ORS 248 or not, please read more carefully the email linked to the "ORdelegates2012.org" article ( http://www.ordelegates2012.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/OR... ) especially the bottom email, which is actually the first in the thread.

In it, Tyler, the ORP counsel, asks to be sent "a copy of whatever notice Brandon Danz (our former Executive Director) sent to Elections regarding our normal intent to opt out,..." and says that "He told me it was done last summer but I wanted to have a copy of that for my files as he is gone now."

I would definitely like to see a copy of the 2010 opt out that he asks about, to be sure that it really exists and was filed on time. But it seems like this may be just the ORP counsel requesting and getting back a copy of the notice to opt out which had been filed the previous summer (2010) by the former Executive Director.

Because it says "please consider this the formal written notice/re-notice" I also thought that this is the only notice and would therefore have been 2 weeks late. But having read the whole thing more carefully, I'm thinking it may not be the first notice.

If you ignore the word "re-notice" and don't read the email on the bottom, it seems obvious that this is the first notice to Elections for opting out. But if you read the whole thing, it appears that Tyler is making certain that Elections knows that the ORP is opting out but wording it so officially that it sounds like THE ONLY and OFFICIAL notice they have given to opt out this election cycle.

Allen Alley and his supporters are doing a great job violating rules and giving us a great case for ousting them and getting honest, principled people in state and county leadership soon. We can't get distracted chasing phantoms and destroy the credibility that our movement has been gaining over these past months and years.

Focus on learning the facts and the rules, verify things before going with something that looks so good at first glance.

Liberty, peace and prosperity!

Bump x 100

Bump x 100

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Poetic justice


Blessings )o(

Steve Dickson's picture

Keep up the good work.

Don't join the lawsuit. You don't need to, you are doing great. Read this post about it, and read the comments:


Take back your state, using the laws and rules of your state and it's party to do so. Just like you're doing.