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Oregon Republican Party Must Conform to State Law - Chairman Alley Booted Off State Central Committee by Own Negligence

SALEM, Ore. – Negligence by the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) Chairman Allen Alley has placed the ORP in a position where it must now conform its structure and some of its operations according to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). The ORP must conform or risk civil penalties by the Oregon Secretary of State. Chairman Alley and other party leadership are no longer members of the State Central Committee, the highest authoritative body in the ORP. Business of the ORP State Central Committee, including elections of National Committeeman Solomon Yue and National Committeewoman Donna Cain, is at risk of nullification for as far back as August 15, 2011. This comes just weeks after the ORP’s attempt to improperly adjourn Congressional District Conventions and appoint friends to alternate delegate positions already filled by those duly elected.

Alley has angered Republican precinct committee persons and electors from across Oregon due to his attempt to override the election of alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention at the Congressional District Conventions on June 23 and the appointment of his friends to alternate delegate positions. People involved in the selection of the delegates to the Republican National Convention have been investigating the laws and party rules. What they found may very well be the biggest mistake ever in the history of the Oregon Republican Party.

Chairman Alley and ORP leadership have been breaking the rules for so long that they probably didn’t even notice that they broke the biggest rule – not filing to prevent state statutes from governing the party. Alley and other party leadership just got themselves booted off the ORP State Central Committee – and they did it to themselves.

While investigating rules violations by the ORP, people responsible for electing delegates have uncovered legal documentation from the Oregon Secretary of State that clearly shows the ORP counsel, Tyler Smith, was late in his filing of notification to opt out of various Oregon laws by two weeks. (see attached documentation)

What happens next is unclear. However, there are interesting possibilities and significant consequences for the ORP. There is a risk of civil penalties, nullification of meetings and elections, and even the legality of the selection of the delegation to the RNC could be in question.

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Update (July 17, 8:11 p.m.): ORP legal counsel Tyler Smith comments on this story and admits negligence in his own “dismissal.” His comments and a full rebuttal are posted here:

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Have the delegates......

joined the lawsuit yet?

Some have, yes.

Some have, yes.


Keep kicking them in the shins and eventually they will stumble :P

We're doing our best.

We're doing our best.

RP would be proud of this effort

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