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80% of Americans Would Consider Voting for a 3rd Party

The recent Reason-Rupe poll finds that 80% of Americans say they would or might consider voting for an Independent or third-party presidential candidate in the 2012 election. Specifically, 60% said they would consider voting for an independent or third-party candidate, 20% said they might consider, 17% said they would not consider, and 3% said they did not know whether they would consider voting for an Independent or third-party presidential candidate.


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Not so sure about your 80%. Hyperbole.

I have voted 3rd party more than once. Just won't cast a vote for Johnson. Nice try... again and again and again.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I don't buy it for one second

Don't get me wrong, I wish beyond anything that people would get out and vote 3rd party. It would teach the establishment some hard lessons that they need. I just don't believe the majority of this 80% has the backbone to do it. Citizens gripe and complain but will either fail to show up on voting day or will vote for an establishment candidate because "that is what you are supposed to do".

This is meaningless if there are only two candidates in the


The American voter does not know or does not understand that the two parties control the debates and will not allow someone else in.

They think that because only two are on stage, these are their only two choices.

When they see other candidates on their ballot, they don't know anything about them or that they were even still if ever, running.

If the media is not talking about you, if pollsters are not including you, and if you aren't in the debates - YOU DO NOT EXIST as an option. The American voter will NOT consider you.

Now, IF you managed all of those things, which you can't control and the people in power will make sure you don't, THEN and ONLY THEN would 80% actually consider voting for you.

It is high time someone took the media to task, to their face, live on the air, and had this fight out.

It needs to be clear and made known to everyone - there is collusion and racketeering going on with elections.

Short of that, no, 80% of Americans will give not a second thought to anyone BUT Romney or Obama. They are too stupid and stubbornly ignorant to do so.

3rd Parties are not

3rd Parties are not meaningless at the local or state level. They impact issues and direction and at the local/state level they have a huge impact. We have folks that got elected and do exactly what ron paul suggested get involved and take positions in the elected parties. There are many colorado mtn towns that have libertarians elected in the gop/dnc and in some cases the lp. At the federal level it is a protest vote. If you listened to any gop debates. You would realize none of it is meaningless. It just takes time. Look how long it took the gop to be formed and become a 2nd party. The gop will change in our lifetime or become a 3rd party in your sense. When the gop becomes a 3rd party it will be meaningless ,so your right in basic thought! At some point you will be correct. When the gop becomes a meaningless 3rd party! Then at the same point a so called in your terms "meaningless 3rd party" will make a coalition and become the 2nd party. bottom line 3rd parties are not meaningless!

Ron Paul 2016

3rd parties are useful in theory, but not in present reality.

There was a time where they were viable. The present options are not.

Small "l" libertarians are not Libertarians. If they get elected in the GOP or Dem parties, then they are by definition NOT 3rd party office holders. Sure, it's great that they got elected, but it wasn't because of or via the LP.

The GOP was formed and over took the Whigs and won the White House all in the span of about 10 years. The LP has been at it for 40 and they are as far away from such a victory as they ever have been.

The nation and the world are a much different place than the 1850s. The political climate is far different. The MEDIA is different. Back then, a larger percentage of voters had a vested interest in the outcome and knew what the hell was going on. The franchise has been since so diluted and the vast majority of voters so caught up in horse race nonsense, that there is essentially, no way for a REAL candidate to win any more. The system will not allow it and the voters don't care enough to change their behavior.

I'm not saying it isn't possible ever, or even in the near future for SOME 3rd party to pull off the coup. But it isn't going to come from any currently formed party, and it isn't going to be this or the next election cycle.

The biggest issue is money. We don't have it.

Without money, we don't have access or connections or the means to organize at the level and sophistication required to pull off forming a party that could take the White House within a few cycles. Short of that, you lose momentum and you stagnate.

So what we have now is a

So what we have now is a complete change in the game. Not only is it that merely 20% trust the news, but now only 20% trust the illusion of choice 2 party system.

"This is bad, they're breaking out of our spell! We have to get them back to fighting each other! Quickly!" - David Rockefeller

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

Control the debates, control the election.

Control the media coverage, control the election.

If the media is only talking about two options, if pollsters only include two options, and if the debates only showcase two options, the American people are only going to choose between two options, despite the fact that there ARE other options on their ballots.

The only way around that is money.

No other party has enough.

Perot had billions. That wasn't enough.

Americans will only consider a 3rd option if the media treats that option as viable. Americans do not do their own homework or make decisions for themselves. They abide their masters' offering of limited choices, gleefully, and wholeheartedly. They'll even defend the limitation of the choices.

Until third parties are able

Until third parties are able to achieve competitive funding, people aren't actually going to vote for them. The two parties have a virtual monopoly on media access. If you're not backed by one of them, it's very hard to get a voice in the public dialog. In the alternate universe the TV viewing public is programmed to live in, third parties are a fantasy that will never come true, so sure they'd vote for them. Who wouldn't?


If folks say gary is not a viable option? What does that make ron paul if he is not the gop nominee? not viable! For all the folks trashing gary as not an option or not viable, pleas explain how ron paul is viable if he is not the gop nominee. I really want the dper's here to simple answer this. Who is viable if ron paul is not the nominee?

Ron Paul 2016

They are holding out hope for a miracle in Tampa.

But even if Dr. Paul were to run 3rd party/Indy, he wouldn't be viable either.

He'd do better than Johnson by far, not even close, but he wouldn't get within a hair's breath of the White House.

He had potential to at one point. That point is long past now.

Not viable option.

I would consider going vegan....but I would keep eating meat and all sorts of animal products.... and I wouldnt stop...Consider means next to nothing.

Ron Paul made a plan to take back GOP. Plan is working. Stick to the plan.

This will only contribute to dispersal of grassroots and nothing else. History teaches us that splitter and "new" parties dont succeed.

curious, who is the viable

curious, who is the viable option if not ron paul or gary johnson? I am waiting for this viable option all dper's speak of but do not mention!

Ron Paul 2016

since you voted it down, have

since you voted it down, have the balls to make a suggestion? obama? romney? are you to wimpy to put your name to your vote downs? many dper's like to hide it seems.

Ron Paul 2016

curious, if ron paul is not

curious, if ron paul is not the nominee. Who are you suggesting they line up with? Romney?? gary is a viable option over voting obmaney(obama/romney) everyone loves to say gary is not viable well if ron paul is not the gop nominee. Ron paul is not viable. At that point are you suggesting we vote romney. everyone is quick to trash gary but gives no option after trashing gary. I have to assume you want us to vote romney over obama or vice versa, neither is an option! I will support Gary over romney if ron paul is not an option. Please suggest a viable option if gary is not viable ,thank you. I personally think gary is the viable option if ron paul is not an option! who is more viable then gary johnson? obama? romney? ______ who else?

Ron Paul 2016

obama/romney 2012 police

obama/romney 2012 police state, no need for 3rd parties. Status quo doesn't need it! I have voted 3rd party since i was 18 and i guess the gop will force me to vote outside of the obama/romney 2012 police state once again!! Ron Paul 2012 and if the gop fails me. I will support Gary Johnson over obamney! ps any republican that endorses romney i will vote against or support a 3rd Party candidate so i can hold the gop accountable by stopping them. Thank god in colorado we have other options then obamney endorsing republicans!

DPer's AGAINST DPer's for ROMNEY!!!

Ron Paul 2016

Sure they'll "consider it" for all of five seconds. But when

they get into a voting booth they turn stupid.

American voters are generally morons.

They fall for the "wasted vote" lie EVERY time.

They honestly believe that either the Demorat or Repugnican is any better than the other.

We are going to have a bloody revolution in this country for two reasons:

1)The people who hold power will NOT give it up without a fight. Their goal is control. That's it.

2)The American people as a group are a bunch of mindless idiots when they enter a voting booth.

Thus there will be no peaceful resolution to lost liberty. Either we will eventually have to take it back by force, or we will suffer an Orwellian nightmare till we die.

Even if #1 were somehow not true, (yeah right) #2 is not a solvable problem as long as the media is wholly owned by the people of #1.

Chicken, meet Egg.

if voting 3rd party is a

if voting 3rd party is a waste of time. Thne we wouldn't have ron paul or the message which has been voted on for generations and building.

If we went by your reasoning. We wouldn't be here today arguing about ron paul winning the gop nomination!

The reason ron paul is strong in the gop now is because he built within the gop and 3rd parties and brought crossovers to the gop and vice versa! 3rd parties do help change directions in the 2 party system at local and state level and they do help build coalitions and movements!

would ron paul's movement be as big if he had not run 3rd party and reached out to them? probably not! me being a prime example along with many others!

My 3rd party voting has made us stronger in the long run as we hold the gop accountable at the local,state and federal levels. the lp was held in check ;last election for nominating a biggov lying neo-con(bob barr)!! I will be holding the gop accountable with my vote forever! voting 3rd party is better then voting for obamney. 3rd parties take time ask the gop. they were a 3rd party at one time! something tells me if the gop doesn't shape up soon. The gop will be a 3rd party as it shrinks!

Ron Paul 2016

This is a mess.

3rd parties aren't a waste of time because then we wouldn't be here talking about Ron winning in the GOP?


The GOP isn't a 3rd party. It's one of the top two.

Ron hasn't had success in the GOP because of his stint in the LP. He has success because of his record and his integrity and primarily because he is RIGHT about the issues.

Most likely, had he never skipped to the LP, he'd be even more successful now. The media would have NEVER been able to hang the "are you gonna run 3rd party when you lose?" question on him.

He would have stayed in Congress all those years and gained more seniority and likely his current chair much sooner.

Joining the LP was a mistake. Not for its own sake, but because the LP was NOT viable at the time to replace the GOP and still isn't today.

The LP isn't a blip on the radar compared to the GOP or Dems. It effectively DOES NOT EXIST. (the other parties are even worse, save maybe the Greens in some states which seem to have some electoral success)

Holding the GOP accountable is not the goal of 3rd parties. If that's all you want to do, or can accomplish, then yes, 3rd parties are a waste of time.

The GOP does not care about you or your vote. Never have and never will.

As for "taking time" for 3rd parties to take hold, using the GOP as an example is nuts.

The GOP came up at a time when multiple parties were the norm. There was no entrenchment in only two camps. While effectively only two parties ruled by that point, the factions within them were not yet consolidated and made blood brothers. Splits were common and always a threat.

The GOP came up fast, not slowly. They went from nothing to the White House in two or three elections. The first one they won was a fusion ticket. After that, it was all gravy.

The LP has been around since 1971. Their hay-day was 1980. They got 1.1% of the vote. By the time Paul joined in 1988, they were already with one foot in the grave. He got 0.4%.

The Reform Party had its best shot before they even existed - 1992. Once formed, their hay-day was 1996. Their man got 9% or so. I don't think they even held a convention or will field a candidate this time.

The Greens best shot was drafting Nadar in 2000. He got 2%. They've done nothing since.

The Constitution Party never got off the ground. It falsely claimed 3rd largest status because of its affiliation with the American Independent Party of California. Now that the AIP has gone it's own way, the CP is but a shell of what it claimed to be, with about at most 100,000 members nationwide.

AE imploded before its first election.

The only 3rd party with any sort of success was the Socialists. They infiltrated the Democrat party and took it over. (the South remained conservative Democrat until only a few decades ago) But this happened almost 100 years ago, when parties and the political landscape were very different. Since then, these Socialists have infected the GOP. We know them as neo-cons.

The GOP will not shrink. The system is now ordered such that it will continue to balance between Fascism and Communism as it marches towards tyrannical hell.

There is no 3rd party with a snowball's chance of changing that. Not one. They do not have the numbers, the money, or the access to media necessary to make it happen.

Voters will continue to believe that their only options are between Fascism and Communism while pretending that their preferred choice is really not that bad and it's just the other guy that is evil. They are stupid fools and show no signs of wising up, not in enough numbers to matter.

Mark my words, come Election day, Johnson will be luck to reach 1%.

Paul might be the only one who could excite the electorate, but he won't do it. Nor does he have the money or the friends in the media necessary.

Sam, he's not trying to make sense.

He's Spam-trolling.
He's loading up any Johnson thread with a hundred posts saying essentially nothing, just to keep them bumped.

big t your full of bs. The

big t your full of bs. The point of my saying 3rd party. is my 3rd party vote is keeping the gop in check over the years! big t your a fool for lumping folks as trolls because they do not march to your tune. I explained that the 3rd party vote is a way to keep the gop in check!

big t pull your head out of your own ass.

i fully support ron paul if he is the nominee but i will support Gary johnson over obama/romney and even your man goode! All i have done is comment on 2 threads on dp and your dumbass calls me a troll f you and dp! tired of ron paulers bs bush republicans are not as bad as you!

Ron Paul 2016

1/2% or less nationwide does nothing to keep the GOP in


They would fall on the floor laughing at you if they ever read that.

The sum total of all 3rd party votes is inconsequential to them. They surely don't care about anyone voting for the LP candidate.

Now, if Johnson manages to raise some money and gets enough attention to be included in polling and somehow pulls the miracle of getting into the debates, THEN we can talk about the GOP being held in check by supporting Johnson.

Until then - HA!


Then why haven't they?

Third Party candididates are on every ballot I have seen....and plenty of them.

What's stopping them?



Third party voting is a desperation move.

Not that desperate yet.



what is distracting is ron

what is distracting is ron paul supporters complaining about folks voting for someone other then romney. how odd is that. Everyone here is willing to vote ron paul if the gop nominates him. Are you suggesting we vote romney? because all folks are talking about is discussing someone to vote for if the gop does not nominate ron paul! very simple concept. If your gonna bitch about folks voting for folks other then romney then please give reasons? I for one will vote gary over obamney if ron paul is not the nominee! Why is it so hard for folks to understand if ron paul is not the nominee for the gop.
folks will vote for someone! I perfer folks vote for anyone but obmaney(obama/romney) sounds like a good plan to me!!

Ron Paul 2016

so who are you voting for?

so who are you voting for? romney? all i am suggesting is for you to vote for someone other then romney. I guess you love romney! dp should rename site Daily Paul for ROMNEY!!!! i guess dp'ers want everyone to fall inline and vote romney!

Ron Paul 2016

Legalize is a veteran here, since the last cycle.

Chill out.


This is my second moniker here at DP.
The first one I had was left behind after hurricane Ike rolled through Galveston in Sept of 2008, and I started a new one in 2010.
LL has been here agravating users at the DP since its inception.
I have been reading its fake and often beligerent comments here FOR YEARS but have never entered into conversation with it until recently when I had enough about the GJ B$, which LL flaunts on every thread here.

LL drinks to obliveon then goes on very disrespectful rants about Rand Paul and even Dr. Paul himself, and others.
LL is a PURE BRED TROLL nothing more, nothing less.

Its not even American!lol

It is from (Canada) and finds American chat rooms to post in, most of which it has been kicked to the curb and no longer allowed in.
It has been banned from the DP many times, but the owner of the site feels sorry for it for some reason or another and lets it back in every time.
LL is a hack and should never be trusted and EVERY time I see a post or a forum topic from it, I VOTE IT DOWN.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Interesting. I don't ever recall such behavior myself. But

of course that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I know I've gotten in some wild discussion with him before, but I don't ever recall thinking he was a troll.

Anyway, to each their own.

I do agree, this is the Daily PAUL, not the Daily Johnson. LL needs to chill as well on the Johnson posts.

Rand is a mixed bag and likely deserves whatever gets thrown at him. He should know better.

Ron is either being stealthy and holding his cards so close not even Carol knows what they are, or, he's given up, or had no intention to win, or thought he ever could, and as such, I am greatly disappointed. But I'm still honored to have met him, and am grateful he served his country for as long and with as much integrity as he did. That's more than ANY other politician in my lifetime has done, bar none.

Johnson is part of the 'Liberty Train'

This train goes faster and faster every day therefore more trolls come here to blacken activists like me.

I feel no need to reply to bold faced lies.

Used to work as a mod here and one of our main activities was to look out for 'flame wars' and dose the flames down.

This is a liberty site and with liberty comes peace and respect.

P.S for those that did not notice the owner front paged a Gary Johnson post couple of days ago -- this site is his property please everyone respect that.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15