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Deputies Shoot, Kill Man Ater Knocking On Wrong Door

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The law became the law breakers

They will go to prison it is not something they can handle internally
it is murder.

Are the police

not human? Have they ever put themselves in the other person's place and considered that their actions are HARMFUL? What kind of brainwashing takes citizens and turns them into mindless killers? What kind of training puts the citizenry in harm's way?

My goodness, what if their family members were subject to such treatment? They would certainly not accept or allow it.

What is going on?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

If you really want to answer

If you really want to answer to that start here:


Then read Balko's blog daily for a month or until you get so depressed you can't handle it anymore:


And Will Grigg's records of police issues:


If you do this you will understand.

It is becoming a daily occurance

It is official - it is us against them. The man said it "you point a gun at a cop and you are going to get shot". Well - I guess that makes sense - oh - unless you have no friggin way to know it is a cop. Maybe the cop should be a little more forthright about who he is then. Maybe they should stop wearing paramilitary uniforms and go back to good old fashioned ones. Certainly would avoid a lot of confusion wouldn't it. Oh - and you might want to announce that you ARE a cop. And why the hell do they have to do a raid in the middle of the night - couldn't they just wait till he walks out to go get some coffee so they KNOW they have the right person.

They should be charged with manslaughter. This is no different than someone who is driving too fast and kills someone. It is pure negligence - a badge should not excuse it. If anything - it should hold you to a higher standard(you know - like actually knowing how to read a house number).
I think it also begs the question of morality. Who amongst us would WANT to be a cop after this. If I just killed an innocent man due to my extreme stupidity - I would hand my badge in on the spot.