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Alternative Cancer Treatments: Rife Machine Explained

The Rife machine, opposed by the AMA and nearly completely outlawed by the U.S. government since the 1930s, can be an effective tool to treat cancer. My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, and the Rife machine is one of the tools we are using in an attempt to decrease the cancer and recuperate his health.

Please watch this video and learn about this phenomenal machine that has been visciously attacked for many decades by corporate-government interests:


Alternative health treatments such as the Rife machine are increasingly vital as the government's stranglehold on healthcare grows.

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I actually built a Rife machine several years ago...

had a competent bulb maker build the bulb and I used a stable, high resolution digital function generator feeding a modified CB radio, feeding a 400 watt linear amp, feeding into a balun and the Rife tube.

I collected protozoans from the local pond as my test subjects and placed them under a microscope slip for analysis within sight of the pulsating Rife tube.

I was unable to notice any effect whatsoever from the device at specified frequencies other than just the pale bluish glow from the tube.

I wish you and your father well, and hope this device works for you but based on my own experiments with it I would certainly be trying other things as well.

DichloroAcetate (DCA) might be one of those things I personally would try if I decided to treat myself for prostate cancer, but that's just me. Anyway, again, best wished from here.

We aren't relying on the Rife machine

We aren't relying on the Rife machine by any means, but so far since we started using it his energy has noticeably improved day by day. We are also looking into different forms of medical marijuana as a treatment (and a way to get him off pharmaceutical drugs):


I wish the best for your Dad

and all of you.

Thanks for posting this!

Here is some additional info which may help answer some of your questions. I am not an expert. This is just info I've read on CancerTutor.com.

According to CancerTutor.com the GB-4000 & MOPA(the one used in your video) are the best devices. The reason they are so gentle is that the frequencies don't actually kill the cancer cells. They kill the microbes which change healthy cells into cancer cells. After the microbes die, the cancer cells are able restore normal function and change back into normal healthy cells. One benefit of this is that the body doesn't have to get rid of the dead cancer matter. Frequency therapy is normaly combined with a nutritional protocol.

See the article ”What Causes Cancer?” at CancerTutor.com to learn more about how the the microbes interfere with normal healthy cells.

You also asked where to buy this device. Scroll down the page of the second link below to find "The Frequency Store".

GB-4000 Frequency Generator Protocols For Cancer Stage IV Protocol - CancerTutor.com
GB-4000 Frequency Generators - CancerTutor.com links to this page.

You can watch some free DVDs about Dr. Rife in the "Rife Frequency Therapy" section of my post below.

Rife Frequency Therapy - Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, microbiologist

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Your dad is brave and wise to try

alternative therapy. I wish you all well.


for posting..

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Slow treatment of symptoms

Slow treatment of symptoms and address root causes of your father's "illness". That is a toxification of his body.
Start cleaning the liver and colon, and stop eating toxic food including animal proteins.
Look for Andreas Moritz on internet.

That's our focus

My father is a vegetarian and we're looking for alternative/natural treatments that will squelch the cancer and naturally boost his body's energy. New video coming detailing the use of medical marijuana in this situation.

Thanks for the tips and the comment, I really do appreciate it.

Please research Andreas

Please research Andreas Moritz's liver flush. Its cheap and easy.
In addition he really explains the illness well.
Cancer is not an attempt to kill, but is rather "survival meachanism" of intoxicated body. The answer is a clean gastro-intestinal tract and especially liver.
And it costs $50 to do it.
I wish your dad the best.
You can also try Max Gerson protocol.
Your dad has 100% survival chance with either of them.
Wish you the best.

Thanks for the suggestions

I have personally been

a subject of a Rife machine, and so was my then-girlfriend.

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Please share if the results were


The machine was used in the

"diagnosis" mode, because we just wanted to see what happened. We didn't have any known cancers or other issues to treat.

The people who had the machine were very secretive, but we knew them as neighbors, so they let us come over one day.

Nothing was found wrong with us, as far as I was told.
Nothing visible or detectable happened to us, except that I noticed a strange gray shadow emanate out of the back of my girlfriend, and dissipate into nothingness. I'm not sure what that signified, but the machine operators noticed it too.


Since my father started using the machine he has had a visible boost of energy and mobility. Hope those trends continue.

Thanks for sharing your story!