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Another Liberty Candidate

Another liberty candidate running for U.S. Senate in Arizona. I was searching for who to vote for in the Arizona Senate elections and to my surprise found a candidate who supports bringing all our troops home, ending the fed, ending foreign aid and getting out of the U.N. His name is John Lyon and while we may not agree with him on everything he believes in the same basic values as Doctor Paul. While everyone is paying attention to get Ron Paul the nomination(which I think is good) we may not be paying enough attention to our local candidates who can make just as much of a change.

I encourage every Paul supporter who reads this to go on their state Gop party or even find a third party candidate who agrees with Ron Paul and get behind him/her. There is more to taking this country back then just an awesome president. Here is John Lyons campaign web site.


and again please find the candidates in your area and get behind them, I guarantee they are out there. For Liberty.

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