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Ben Swann – Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states

Ben Swann of Reality Check with Ben Swann and an award winning nightime news anchor at WXIX FOX 19 in Cincinnati joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Facts: Clarification from the RNC rules committee, Ron Paul has 6 states' to discuss the details about his converstaions with rules committee and what that means for the many states in question regarding the nomination of Ron Paul eligibility at the RNC in Tampa. Ben also explains more regarding the unbound and bound delegates lawsuit and what a decision made prior to convention would do.

Listen to the Interview Here!

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It would certainly be nice to have an update on this!

This is a top priority!


This is the most important post in my humble opinion!

Ben Swann showed us that we do have a chance of getting Ron Paul to Tampa, but the delegates of the states where there is a plurality have to evidently get organized. This is a huge priority. So, I'm bumping again!


Any updates on this?

So what is happening with this news? Is anyone getting anything done? I'm from Jersey, so if there is anyway I can help, let me know.

I sent out an email to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, with a link to the Ben Swann interview. Don't expect any reply. I've have also been replying to all the articles on see online about Dr. Paul with the follow:

Dr. Paul did win a plurality of delegates in at least 5 states so it's not over yet. The MSM is not reporting on Dr. Paul taking the plurality in Nevada. He got 22 out of 28 there with Romney taking 6. MSM seems to be confusing "bound and unbound" delegates. Although most of the Paul delegates in Nevada are bound to vote for Romney in the first round, this has nothing to do with them being able to nominate Dr. Paul.

Here is a link to an interview with Ben Swann. If you don't know who Ben Swann is, he is an award winning news anchor from Ohio. Please check out his "Reality Check" series on Youtube.


I'm bumping this and hoping

it gets back on the front page where it belongs! Go Ron!


What a wonderful "shot in the arm".

I think that I will get out of my foxhole for a while and stretch my legs.

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Here are the emails of leadership under the Paul Wing!!!! LETSGO

cmon people this is why were here-isnt it ? :P


Pat Shortridge, Chair /MINNESOTA

NEVADA chairman -
Michael McDonald

STATE CHAIR, LOUISIANA - Mr. Roger F Villere, Jr.
http://lagop.com/ (best i could find on their site)

MAINE - CHAIRMAN, Mr. Charlie Webster
(207) 622-6247

VIRGINIA - VICE CHAIR, mthomas@surreywood.net

And there you have it, LETS GET TO IT! be polite and ask straightforward - how do we get this nomination form, and if you know how, get one for us before the rules committee's or whatever!!!

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Villere and Webster?

The delegates from Louisiana and Maine have their work cut out for them with those two guys. Webster did everything in his power to fraud the caucus so the Rmoney could win and Villere used the cops to break bones. I would love to know what the delegates from those states are going to do to ensure Paul is given a nomination letter.

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Perhaps it would be better to go to Brent Tweed in Maine.

Bombard te Paul Campaign & Individual states !!! Get the Form!!

If it is possible, which Ben has confirmed IS in the rules at this time, then we need to act fast and bombard the campaign with emails to contact state parties that do have a plurality of Paul delegates! We must email
Nevada Maine Louisiana Iowa Virginia Minnesota Texas any state wherever we may have done well! If we act promptly and smart we can submit these nomination forms or have them prepared before the convention. We need to be three steps ahead of the rules committee! Let's email the Paul team!

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Email them. I am European but if I would be there I would certainly email the delegates from the 6 States. They have to write in their turn to RNC, they have to express their intention to propose Ron Paul for nomination and they have to ask for Ron Paul to be given a speech.

Ron Paul will be up for nomination according to RNC

For the past three days, Ben Swann (Fox19 Cincinnati) has been in contact with a Republican Rules Committee member. In order for a candidate to be elected for the Republican Party nomination, the candidate must have a plurality in five or more states. If by rule, binding and non-binding policies are applied to delegates, it would still not affect the process of voting for placement of a candidate's name into the potential nominee ballot. Presidential hopeful Ron Paul does have a plurality in five or more states (Nevada, Maine, Minnesota, Louisiana, and Iowa). This means that Ron Paul will be eligible for nomination on August 26th in Tampa Bay.


Not unless support is officially demonstrated!

Ron Paul will NOT be eligible for nomination unless a plurality can be officially demonstrated from at least 5 states, and it appears (from the previous letter from the RNC) that support is ONLY demonstrated by submitting a "nomination form" to the secretary of the RNC. However it appears that each state MUST (!!!) submit a "nomination form" to the secretary of the RNC in order to demonstrate the plurality, which obviously must be completed before a name is offered up for nomination.

However has any state with a plurality even sent in or even requested this "nominating form"? Is it a specific form that must be acquired from the RNC? If nothing else, then the states with the plurality should submit their own form to the secretary of the RNC which demonstrates the support.

Also, the rules are not clear on how soon a candidate can demonstrate support. The rules only state the support must be demonstrated "prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination". Well then if the support can be demonstrated, then why not have the 5 states with the plurality demonstrate the support as soon as possible and then have the RNC verify that the support has been demonstrated?

Considering what has transpired, it seems insane to wait the week before the convention to submit the nomination forms… each state with the plurality can separately send their form to the Secretary of the RNC. This appears to be the only way to get the roll call vote.

If only 1 President and 1 Vice President officially demonstrate support by getting their "nomination forms" in, then there will be no role call vote... the nomination will simply be by acclamation (as per rule 40).

Credentialed delegates

The delegates must first be credentialed before they submit the form. That may not happen until the week of the convention during the committee meetings.

The best course of action is to have the chairs of these 5 delegations be the point persons on this. If anyone knows any of their contact info, it might be a good idea to see if they will make a post here stating that they are handling it.

Credentialzed delegates?

Where did you read/hear that delegates must first be credentialed before they submit the nomination form? The delegates only get credentialed the week of the convention?


If they weren't credentialed, that would mean anyone can put some signatures on a form and turn it in. The RNC is not going to accept it unless it contains the names of recognized delegates.

There are some states like OK and LA, where 2 delegations are going to go down there, but a committee will have to decide which one gets credentialed. There is also the issue of whether or not all of the delegation makes the trip to Tampa. They are not going to recognize a signature from a delegate who does not show up.

There is very little margin for error in all this!

OK, right... it looks like Rule 19(c) states the the credentials of each delegate must be filed with the secretary of the RNC which makes up the temporary roll... then it looks like by Rule 22 that any contests must be filed 30 days before the convention.

So the Committee on Contests looks like it will have to make the initial decision about the contested delegations... that is as long as those delegations have submitted their grounds for the contest no later than 30 days.

Then by Rule 24, once the convention has assembled the Committee on Credentials will be given all credentials... also it looks like it is possible to submit an appeal arising from any ruling by the Committee on Contests... which the Committee on Credentials will consider (as long as it is submitted to the secretary an hour before their convening).

Rule 24(c) clearly states that any contest involving one or more delegate or alternate must first be presented to the Committee on Contests... and that deadline is fasting approaching!

So then the final say on the credentials of delegates and the official roll, it appears, is not finally decided on until the convention has assembled.... then those credentialed delegates from each state independently must submit the necessary nomination form.

Considering how close the necessary 5 state plurality is.. there appears to be very little margin for error in all this! Let's indeed hope all the chairs of the delegations are dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Good info

This is good info- I copied it over to a couple more threads.

This is exactly the article that I posted here today

and at first I was so thrilled I could hardly speak and then after checking in later, I noted that some readers felt that the article may have misguided people into thinking that Ron Paul was going to Tampa. Well, that is what I initially got from reading it. Perhaps I should have read it a few times. While I'm really disappointed, to say the least, I do think there is a kernel of truth in this article. I think Ben Swann is a really sharp, honest guy. I think he is right that Ron Paul will be eligible for nomination on August 26th in Tampa Bay, but I also think the delegate leadership needs to have their ducks in a serious row in order to follow their procedures and any documentation regarding this needs proof of delivery, signed and dated and copied and recorded in every manner possible. Everything needs to be verified to the letter. So, I do think this is really good news.

Let's keep up our spirits!


Plurality determined at the RNC?

Greetings all,

So am I safe to assume the plurality is decided at the RNC and not at the state conventions? For instance, let's say that Romney swept all 50 states but once all the delegates got to Tampa, the RNC would ask each delegation who they would like to place on the ballot. If a plurality, if only between Romney and Paul would be 51%, of 5 delegations wanted to place Paul on the ballot, he would have established the required plurality needed.

If this is the case, Romney has not established a plurality either. We assume he will get a plurality at the RNC because he, like Paul, are assumed to have delegates that support him regardless of being bound.

So the best case scenario for Paul would be if Romney never achieves a plurality from any delegation at the RNC which would force all delegates to vote for Paul.

Can anyone answer or confirm my question/slash scenario?

This is not likely what will take down Romney

Romney will be on the ballot. He will have 5 states. He had 5 states locked down by the end of February. There is no precedent of delegates bound to a candidate refusing to enter him into nomination. Even if 2012 is the first, and only Ron Paul gets 5 states, that doesn't mean the other delegates will have to vote for him. Fewer than 200 will actually be bound to him. The rest would be completely free to vote for anyone they want. Votes for others wouldn't count - but they also wouldn't count for Paul. It would go to a second ballot, and the process would repeat.

This is just my

understanding of it.

You are correct that at the convention delegates must be credentialed and then they fill out a form for whom they want to nominate. We need to be aware that this is where cheating comes into play as they could actually not credential RP delegates.

There is nothing that says any delegate has to nominate Romney.

In what you wrote, if RP gets plurality in 5 states, that still leaves 45 states out there. Romney, in even the wildest dreams scenario will most likely have 30 of those states.

What we need to have happen is for people to turn on Romney, fully understand without a doubt they are not bound and also nominate Santorum and Gingrich (yes, it would be better if instead all voted for RP)- make it a battle between the 4 in later rounds and RP win that battle.


But I don't see any way he can't get 5 states when there are at least 10 states whose delegations were handpicked and railroaded through.

A candidate would only need 51% if there are no more than 1 other candidate submitting the nomination form for that state. If a 3rd candidate also tries to submit a nominating form from that state, then any candidate would only need a plurality. They added the plurality rule after 2008 in anticipation of having multiple candidates, with 'no' 5 states being able to get a majority for a candidate and thus, deadlocked.

Here is a good explanation of (some of) the specifics found above:

These Folks Dreaming?

The comments under this article are really a riot. These folks are dreaming of a Palin, Gingrich or other at the convention to override Romney. They are completely ignoring Ron Paul on the ballot.


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Palin supporters

have been pursuing a strategy to get her on the ballot ever since there was the talk of a brokered convention. I don't think they have thought it all the way out though.

Only one word describes Palin

Besides she supported the recently killed off (for now and thank God) Law Of the Sea Treaty.

For The Power of The Republic!

probably obama suppporters

probably obama suppporters trolling because they dont want Paul on the ballot. they would prefer the easily-beatable-1%er-offshore-banker-puppet-Romney.

This is precisely what I'm talking about...

40 b) Each candidate for nomination for
President of the United States and Vice President of the
United States shall demonstrate the support of a
plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more
states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of
that candidate for nomination.

How do they "demonstrate the support of a
plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more
states, severally, prior to the presentation" and does something need to be sent in prior to the convention in Tampa?

LittleWing's picture

According to the RNC Counsel this is what the delegates must do

Please see comment

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Does anyone know?

Have any of the signed nomination forms been sent in? I don't want to sound like a broken record but I would hate for everyone to get to Tampa and be railroaded over some technicality

LittleWing's picture

I'm with you on getting this answered

and feeling like a broken record! ; Until I know it's being handled correctly I'm feeling nervous and worried about it.

Also see comment from DP member 'Americanist', very well stated.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Taking control

We need for the chairs of the 5 delegations that will be used to make the nomination to take the lead on this in each of their respective states. They should be the ones who communicate with the campaign, their delegates and the RNC about what needs to be done.

If anyone knows who the chairs are and how to contact them, might be a good idea to get them to post something here so the 1000s of people know it is being handled.

On second thought

If the state GOP chair is the chair of the delegation, it might not be wise to rely on the them in all of the states, as they may be establishment types. For instance, in Maine, rather than someone like Charlie Webster, Brent Tweed should be the go-to guy.

Each State Delegation Elects a Delegate Chair

Charlie Webster is not Maine's National Delegate Chair . . . that person is Brent Tweed. Each state should be having National Delegation conference calls . . . and those states that have a majority or plurality should be contacting each other soon because we only have 39 days until the convention and we need a plan in place for our states to work together. . .

LittleWing's picture

Yes! Surely we can

get some confirmation on this! Thanks for the response!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Here's what's exciting---the RINO's will have another choice

Especially if so many of the primary delegates can't make it to Tampa. then we're looking at alternate delegates and I think that there will be a lot of shall we say...not as committed to Romney types there. Now THAT should be interesting.

Call the RULES COMMITEE........here ye all DELEGATES!!!

Ben does such good work, so proud of him!!

I mean can you imagine 6 states putting in Ron Paul's name for the presidency and having each one of the states putting in a different name for the vice president candidate!

I think that would really be exciting! And, that's what a convention should be all about,.

In response to "It's already in writing"

It's ALREADY in writing
Submitted by stm on Tue, 07/17/2012 - 21:06. Permalink

you just have to read the RNC Rules

See rule 38 and 40(b)

Yes I realize this. But so are all the other rules which have been changed or ignored. We need a CURRENT July 2012 dated letter that
acknowledges the states that Ron Paul has plurality in and the current rules that will be followed at the 2012 convention so there is no confusion. This way we all only have one source providing accurate and clear instructions to our delegates. And then the RNC Rules Committee can be held accountable and interpretation and speculation can be eliminated.
Thanks for helping me to clarify what I said.(Hope I did.)


The RNC rules for 2012

are set in the rules I gave the link to.
From page iv of the rules (pg 6 from the pdf:
"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the following be and hereby are adopted as The Rules of the Republican Party, composed of the rules for the election and government of the Republican National Committee until the next national convention, the rules under which delegates and alternate delegates shall be allotted to the respective states in the next national convention, and the rules under which such delegates and alternate delegates shall be elected and under which contests shall be considered, and the rules of business of this national convention."
They already amended them in 2010 for the 2012 nat'l convention.
The RNC didn't and can't change any rules, and the Repub parties of any state had to have any rules changes submitted in according with that state's election laws - so rules changes would have to be submitted by whichever date they needed to be changed in that state. There was that thread recently about how Allen Alley of Oregon didn't submit rules changes in time
Here's the direct link to that report:
The fact that state GOP's are ignoring their own rules isn't a concern to the national RNC and it's up to the delegates to fight the state GOP and sue them - or whatever it is they have to do.
The RNC may know which candidates have a plurality in whatever states, but it's not the responsibility of the RNC to determine who's nominated or not - that up to the people. Ben explains this during the interview. So if the campaign isn't going to advise their delegates, and we already know Jesse Benton isn't going to advise Ron's delegates about anything other than to give up, and I don't know if that's what Ron is directing Jesse to do or not, then it's up to the delegates to have themselves heard and they do that by going as a group to the Tampa Convention and doing whatever it is they have to do.
Yes, they kow Ron has 6 states, but that won't mean anything if the delegates from those states don't NOMINATE Ron Paul at the convention. Having 6 states isn't enough - the delegates HAVE to nominate him. That's why those people in Masschusetts that were fraudulently kicked off need to go to Tampa, get credentialed - which they can do since they were duly elected - then put Ron's name in for nomination.
Sorry this is so long and I hope this cleared it up for you.

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late response

Thank you for taking so much time to explain all that.
Some of us are still new to all this. It is a crash course in politics. :)



They won't give all of that in writing at this time. For them to say RP has the plurality in a given state, they would need to have the signed nominating form, and verify that the signatures are all credentialed RNC delegates from that state.

They might, however, put in writing what they told Swann- that 'if' a candidate has 5 signed nominating forms from the plurality of delegations, then that candidate can be placed into nomination.

LittleWing's picture

What is the timing/deadline for submitting the forms?

They need submitted to the Secretary of the Convention, from what I understand, but does this need to happen at the convention or before? Is there someone in each of our plurality states overseeing this process with the delegates?

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

They have to be credentialed first

It would need to happen sometime after the delegates are credentialed at the committee meetings in the days leading up to the convention.

I made a couple suggestions in this thread that a designated person in each of the delegations should be the ones to make sure this is done.


Please help me understand. Didn't Ben Swann say on this interview that the RNC rules committee said Ron Paul has 6 states?

I'm confused?



Swann himself said that he believes RP to have pluralities in at least 6 states.

The question he asked the RNC official is how does the binding/nonbinding affect the nomination process; the person from the RNC said that binding rules are not relevant to whether or not the delegaation can demonstrate a plurality.

Most of his line of questioning was general, he didn't ask them in reference to a specific candidate, or when he did, it was hypothetical.


So I was listening to Ben Swann's interview, and it was very interesting and informative, but then while he was listing the states where we have a plurality, he mentioned Virgina, and I completely stopped. Virgina?! Am I living in an alternate universe, because as I recall, Mitt Romney swept the delegation in Virginia (where it was just him vs. Ron) with 43/49 delegates pledging to support him.

My source: http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P12/VA-R

Maybe Ben has been in contact with all of these delegates and discovered that they are stealth Ron Paul supporters ready to spring up in a moment's notice, but other than that I have no idea how he decided that Ron Paul has a plurality in Virgina. Someone care to explain?

Or does he mean that the

Or does he mean that the Virginia delegation is leaning on NOMINATING Ron, but then not voting for him if they're bound/unbound?


Last I read while they were having their convention, it was 25/24, but it is still unclear who has the 25. They are almost all bound to Mitt, but either 25 or 24 are RP supporters.

Our Biggest Concern Now

Being that we believe that we now "qualify" for nomination at Tampa we absolutely have to make sure our delegates are doing what they need to ACTUALLY place Ron Paul's name into nomination and become thoroughly learned in that BEFORE the RNC.

Others have said it before but I would like to reiterate thate the biggest embarrassment for us would be to qualify but fail to be able to place his name due to some crazy piece of paperwork that we never knew existed.

Does anyone know anything on this?

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Maybe we Could Get "Gentile Ben" To Address This As Well

T-Minus 6 weeks and counting...

We need to get all the delegates and parliamentarians together. We need to memorize all the rules..We need to tele-conference and whatever else to ensure they're all on the same page.

We have a golden opportunity to make history here..We can't screw this one up!

We can't expect much help from Benton & Company..THEY'VE BEEN CUT!