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This fight is far from over

We all know the clueless media is saying that Mitt Romney is and has been the presumptive nominee for some time now, but as the liberty faithful we have seen enough state conventions to know that support for Romney is at its lowest.

In such states such as Virginia, Arkansas, Oregon, Oklahoma, and many other states, we proved that we could stand up to the GOP and say that we are here to be the future and restore the Republican Party.

I've compiled the delegate count that shows the least bias as possible from all the counts I've seen, adding sources as to where I found the information.


Some notes:
- I might have gone off the end giving Ron Paul 18 delegates in Colorado despite press releases of 13-14, but grassroots supporters from CO suggest that Santorum delegates will vote Paul on the first ballot.

- Oklahoma, Oregon, Louisiana, Massachusetts left off. I heard that Oregon delegates have already been selected but the convention adjourned improperly without selecting alternates? Need confirmation on the Oregon delegate count.

- I'm not sure if the campaign is taking legal action in Arizona, otherwise Ron Paul would have 3 delegates to Romney's 26.

- This site, http://public.tableausoftware.com/shared/DZS5QDNSP gives Ron Paul 28 delegates in Georgia. I don't know where that number comes from. TheReal2012DelegateCount.com gives Paul 10 delegates in Georgia. I decided to leave the Georgia delegation pretty blank because I don't have any numbers.
- I also noticed that while this site gives Paul a significant push in the delegate count, they somehow give Nevada delegates to Romney even though it is a claimed 'unbound' scenario.
- And in Maryland, 10 Ron Paul supporters? I don't know if that is accurate or not.
- Moving on, 7 South Carolina supporters? I could only identify 2 and listed the source.

- As for the remaining states that have no numbers (Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin), I could not find any information about the state conventions and who was actually selected. I know of 4 Wisconsin delegates that actually support Ron Paul.

At the bottom I also separated superdelegates from the delegate count, adding supers to Romney based on endorsements I found from a reliable source.

And under that you'll see the number of 'unbound' delegates that can be swayed by us and Ron Paul himself at the National Convention. One thing that's special about Pennsylvania and West Virginia is that although the delegates have a preference, they still head to the convention unbound. Same can be said for Colorado, Washington, Missouri, and other states.

So to be short I estimate Romney to not have enough delegates to win the nomination with my numbers, and if the Lawyers for Ron Paul can reveal to the convention that all delegates are indeed unbound, then this would be a whole different story.

Top that with the exposure of Mitt Romney by the Obama campaign, and the result is that this primary season is far from over.

And if you can do anything to help, please notify me.

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Ron Paul disagrees with you

Ron Paul disagrees with you and wants you to shut your ignorant fucking mouth.

Then why has he not officially dropped out?

He's sittin' back and watching Romney implode.