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What "Sane" Person would WANT to run for President!

It seems to me that Ron Paul has no wish to join the asylum but being a principled and consistent advocate of sanity in politics, is determined to do his duty if called upon.
I see a lot of derogatory statements made about Dr Paul and his team because they wont do things "my way". He is not really IN IT TO WIN IT. Balderdash and bunkum!
My answer to the naysayers is look at his record of staying the course over the years despite being a lone voice. Then look at how he does politics- he doesn't rush around saying "look how great I am" and in the process scaring people off but rather calmly and persistently pointing out where things are going wrong. He is a libertarian who practices what he preaches. He will act how he believes he should act to get the job done and I'm afraid it may not be "your way". Please give him a break, all will be fine.

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