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I think we should seek clarity before getting excited about ron being nominated.

NOBODY inside the GOP or the ron paul campaign has said anything. Ben swann while a great reporter IS biased towards paul (a good thing for us) but that hampers his credibility on items like this which require direct words taken from the GOP , not heresay.

The problem here is if the ron paul campaign or the RNC dont address this directly , ron isnt going to tampa.

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Ron Paul is going to Tampa

Ron Paul is going to Tampa regardless, since he's a presidential candidate and has the possibility of being nominated. Plus he has his rally going on the day before.

Whether he actually gets nominated is a different story, but it seems like delegations can nominate ANYONE from the floor, regardless of who they are bound to.

The "bound" part only applies to voting, not nominations.

Oh by the way... if he gets nominated from the floor - he gets 15 minutes to make a speech :)

Actually it is the REVERSE

Excitement about the nomination in Tampa builds pressure on the RNC to confirm what we already know to the true. Ron Paul has more than 5 states. The confirmed it already to Ben Swann. It is true, we just need to make the people aware of this truth. Like anything it is all a battle of perception. If we believe we have won, we win, if we believe we have lost despite the fact we have more than 5 states then we really do lose. Right now we just need to believe in the truth. Ron Paul will be the 45th President of the USA.

For Libery, President Ron Paul!


Listen to everything Swann says in the interview:

Pay special attention to where he says that delegations should get together, someone from that delegation contact the RNC and confirm what he is saying. Don't depend on the press for such vital information.

And the part about not going to Tampa not knowing what to do. If a delegation just shows up down there thinking there is a plan already, they are likely to get shut down.

Party leadership is not going to let this happen unless they have no choice.

And damn, looking at the active threads - there are 5 or 6 threads about this already.

No one in the GOP has said

No one in the GOP has said anything because its up to the delegates to make it happen, not the campaign or the RNC. They can nominate him from the floor if need be because they have the plurality.

Blessings )o(