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Prepare yourselves, Paul supporters. The attacks are coming.

Now that the cat is "officially" out of the bag, I expect the anti-Paul tactics here on the DP to increase in both frequency and intensity. (This goes for outside the DP.) Do not get distracted or discouraged by them. Do not get caught up in inane arguments. Do not get split up. Our mission has been, and remains to be, to elect Ron Paul as our Commander in Chief. You thought the DP was an emotional roller coaster this year? I'm prepared for much worse now. We stick together and we stick to the mission. If we stay smart, and stay focused, we can take this.

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See you in Tampa... Bringing

See you in Tampa... Bringing a car load!

If you really want to stay smart and focused

If you really want to stay smart and focused and REALLY want to win, here's how:


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

the hell are you even talking about?

You don't even bother to mention "why" or "what" or anything. All you did was give some attempt at an alarmist diatribe with zero context.

Am I the only one...

who's sick of people on here screaming that any dissenting view is some vast government conspiracy or "psy-op"? It's exactly this kind of paranoid behavior that fuels the MSM's ignorant stereotypes of all Ron Paul supporters.

I don't play, I commission the league.


Totally agreed.

"Disagreement is code for psy-ops"

Eric Hoffer

Well said! Now I'm going to

Well said!

Now I'm going to go and glue my doors shut in case the illuminati show up.

I am with you

I am excited for Ron and I hope we make a big fuss in Tampa, but it's pathetic that people want to get all Glenn Beck on me for having a plan B with Gary Johnson.

Ron Paul 2012! (and if he gets no R candidacy then it's Gary J!)

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nope, you're not the only one. so far there is at least

a tired minority.

cue someone mentioning how long you've been a member and a lecture from someone voting for mitt.


Can't let the lies continue to send our loved ones into the abyss.

Stand United People!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you... then they come to fight you; and then you win!"

Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948

Ron Paul 2012!

For the Love of Freedom for All!


See yeah in Tampa ;D! 24th to the 27th and good luck RP delegates. From a MN.state delegate for Ron Paul 2012


"Speciallyblend" is working the spamming attacks pretty hard right now.
"Trevor Darden" and "John Ashman" also doing tag-team attacking and spamming.

I don't think there's even any argument against the obvious fact that the main attacks are from the LP.

The only conceivable alternative explanation would be that some other camp sent the most irritating and horrible people on Earth over here to impersonate Johnson supporters, for the ulterior motive of destroying Johnson's support from anybody.

There is alot of argument

opposing your "obvious fact" finding mission. First being you have no proof of that. I am from the LP, changed to R for Ron, and am going to vote for Gary if we can't find a way to get Ron the nom! So STFU and don't speak for me, you paranoid bag of wind.

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After 35 years in this movement, and four and a half years

of reading and participating on this site, and writing thousands of posts, I kinda got a feel for who is worth responding to, and who isn't.



I am sure

you have your own favorites and an ideological clique that you frequent with up votes, but I don't see where you get any basis to form the 'obvious' judgement that Libertarians are your worst enemy as a self identified member of the Liberty Movement.

Assuming I am honest is appraising myslef a self identified Libertarian (I like to say conservative Libertarian to be exact) who is all for Ron Paul 2012, but also states that as a plan B I am happy I would at least have Gary Johnson to vote for in the event the GOP and RNC rob the Liberty movement of it's achievements. Is this something you lump into the theory of the obvious? Since when did the Liberty Movement start being opposed to sharing ideas?

I would think it more obvious a strategy that the Dems would act as Libertarians to break up the group. Dems will get Obama votes back in their mind and disenfranchise L's away from voting Romney in the manner they saw Rand back Romney. We may or may not see it this way here, but isn't that the point?

Either way, as an L I am offended by your conclusion and believe your hypothesis could have been scoped a bit wider. Dr. Paul is why I am here which is much more powerful than why you make me want to leave.

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Helloooo Mr. Kotter!

I haven't had any problems with you. I have no problem with your support for GJ, either. As far as I know, you haven't tried forcing GJ on me or anyone else here in the event Dr. Paul is not the nominee, nor have you attempted to disrupt DP. I welcome your opinions, since you do not use deceit and trolling to make your point on any thread I have read.

However, BigT is a patriot and a very intelligent one. He's one of the best members on DP. You are wrong in attacking him. There has been an ongoing troll attack here on DP lately. The "paranoia" is not on our part but, on the part of those who fear that our cause for Liberty may succeed. Patience is not a virtue that many of us, myself included, have totally mastered yet. All I know is that we are in a fight for our very lives.

Helloooooo Back at ya! ;-)

I appreciate that, Nonna. I am sorry I don't yet share your view of BegT. It would seem to me that Biggie is doing a good job of disenfranchising Libertarians and that is about it. WE L's were Ron Paul "Republicans" long before the DP ever existed or the internet for that matter.

My history won't sell any 'regulars' that have been here for however long seems to the be term of DP legitimacy here, but this is the kind of crap I've seen for years on mainstream party affiliations. This is the same game that the two Main Party's play and it succeeds in taking people out of war and into little battles that dismantle the attempts at winning a war.

The goal is to get Ron nominated and win, I agree. Most Libertarians feel the same way. If anyone here thinks they can co-opt Ron and name the party that MOST is inclined to support Ron as usurpers, then that is the worst kind of trolling that Liberty could be weakened by.

If BigT is the kind of revered backer of Liberty anywhere, then Liberty is going to take some bad hits. Concentrate on GOP and the RNC if you want to know who wants to weaken and is working fervently to deride Liberty. Once we get Ron past these factions, the next in line is the obvious marxist Dems. Stop being paranoid, to anyone who sees L's as usurpers here, we would love to see Ron crash the R's party. BUT, if not we have a plan B and evidently many here don't want a plan B.

BTW, Gary loves Ron. I bet he would withdraw if Ron got the nom.

Sweat Hogs for Life
Don't Tread On Me

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Thank you for your reply and for giving us a chance to

get to know you better. It does take time and we can be a rough bunch when attacked. We appear to be in agreement on mostly everything. The problem is that many of us, again myself included, do not think that now is the time to discuss Plan B. That discussion would be better received AFTER the convention. We get it. We just don't think now is the proper time. Also, targeting BigT is not the way to win any friends here. The trolls will be cheering you on for it, though.

There is a lot I would like to respond to in your reply but, time and space does not permit it. Don't take things personally. The length of time someone is a member comes into play when there is a troll invasion, such as we are now experiencing and this site has experienced over the years from time to time. I am not a veteran of this site, but I had lurked here for almost as long as it's been in existance. That is how I know BigT and how I know that you are wrong about him. If I had to characterize his role here in terms you would appreciate, I'd say he would be John Adams. Your derogatory comments about him are uncalled for.

Don't get caught up in the troll comments about the paranoia... they are not only bashing BigT, but also me and several other patriots. I know first hand that if you tried to communicate with BigT, without the insults, you would receive an intelligent and respectful reply. Keep on insulting a patriot and I would respond to you with, "Up your nose with a rubber hose!" 8)

It's all good Nonna

I think I will just avoid the crowd that down votes me for pointing out they aren't being very good hosts for having been here for years. Like Ron says, he can't be responsible for his supporters. There are other places to hail the greatness of Paul's ideology that are more accepting of speech about a plan B. I don't need BigT's help when it comes to Liberty, I feel he has some catching up to do.

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Thats Cool

Good on you, You do what you like. And so will I as an Individual, I will down vote you if I dont agree with you, thats my choice.

Why should Ron Paul be responsible for his supporters? I dont get what your saying, We have a right to our opinion do we not? You do understand as a libertarian that NOBODY has the right to NOT be Offended? If your offeded by someone that is YOUR problem. "I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it."

Dont go around telling people they are not allowed to down vote you, you look silly, its called the Free market at work.

Btw Can you please comment on the comments below by Nonna and BigT, and I. We have a theory that People such as John Ashman and others are actually here to discredit GJ, to turn the Liberty movement away from him, to discredit him.

Why else do supposed GJ supporters continously and ignorantly attack the Freedom loving people of the Daily Paul?

The only problem with that theory is that Other GJ supporters like yourself do not even try to reign him in, calm the waters, set things straight. We here seem to only be getting attacked by GJ supporters? Why? Why do GJ supoprters seemingly hate Ron Paul?

I don't know who John Ashman is

I was speaking for myself and Libertarians from my experience.

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Seems like a Cop out to me.

How could you not know who he is, he is all over the forums here sullying the name of Libertarianism by the way he acts and insults.
You need to find him and set him straight, then, give an alternative view when he is being an ass, because no one from the libertarian party puts up any peace offerings trying to calm the waters, instead, just more attacks.

I believe the Libertarian party will join the Ron Paul revolution, Not the other way round.

It's not

a copout that I am not interested in looking up some person you don't like? You go find him and set him straight.

I believe the L party has joined the Ron Paul Revolution, is part of the Ron Paul Revolution. There is no other way around. He brought us all together here, the question is will foolish people squander the good will of different factions coming together or will they start to fracture the group?

Cop out, geez. Have a nice delusion.

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I agree, So I would like to see some L party people setting the GJ trolls straight, thats all im saying. They are the ones causing division.

People tend to keep turning a knife

once they find out it hurts you. A post came up that I saw today with some great words from the good Dr.

"Denial of personality differences and legitimate differences of opinion are a mistake."

When you trash someone that has another idea than you do, you just created opposition within an alliance created at DP. These guys still haven't run across my bow, and I will not go seek them. I read people crying about them that lay claim to DP by having been registered for years and have no room for other ideas. I think anyone has the right to talk about Gary Johnson here, he is VERY Ronesque, and I think if some aren't willing to consider the concept of GJ for a plan B they have a right to ignore it and move on rather than creating unnecessary animosity.

I think that is about it for me on this topic. I will practice what I preach and ignore responding to narrow minded judgements of Libertarians and folks who have an interest in Gary J. If the sh*t hits the fan, I would rather bunker up with folks who understand the worthiness of a Plan B.


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It could be that some of those trolling here

aren't from Johnson's camp but, are here to weaken our resolve with the purpose that we might end up fighting each other. Like you said before, pys-op. I really do believe that Dr. Paul has a whole lot more support out there than even we are aware of.

This is quite sensible

compared to other hypothesis around here.

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Yes, it could be some of that,

and I alluded to a similar idea in my other post, as an alternative theory.
And it's plausible because these Johnson trolls are SO overtly abrasive that it lends credence to such a theory.

LittleWing's picture

Remember the Bob Barr Trolling in 08?

They were the worst! They were also rude and abrasive and did not have any respect for the timing and intrusion on our stated goals. I can't believe some here that witnessed and endured that are now doing the same thing with GJ. It really hurts their candidate and the impression of the LP, more than helps, so why continue when asked not to?

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.