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The Final Loss of Freedom in America


Judge Napolitano speaks about NDAA, the final loss of freedom. Does it not all fit together like a puzzle, with the recent executive order taking federal control of communications, the former Afghanistan Commander recommending reinstating the draft, and the threat to take away the right of the people to keep and bear Arms? The puzzle fits together to make a picture, and it is a ruthless fascist regime with a dictatorial president that has taken over America.

When did the American people become the enemy, children and elderly frisked at airports, and threatened by drone planes flying over America? It so surreal, it is hard to believe, and yet it IS happening!

Thank God for Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and others who have the courage to stand against this dictatorial fascist regime. President Paul, and if not, it will come to global revolution. There are too many intelligent, awake individuals in this world who will not consent to living under tyranny.

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