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The Media/Trolls Going To Go Full Assault On RP/RP supporters

Fellow patriots, sons of liberty, get ready for the storm, warn your friends, and families, and fellow Americans, every douche bag troll, every MSM reporter, every FBI computer accounts are going to attack us as hard as possible, this is going to be the final fight, they will use every abuse possible, they will declare RP did not win, false flags will pop up, they might attack Iran, who knows!, they will lash at us, attack us, swear, curse, shout, anything can and will happen, but we will win!!, we won't falter!!, we won't be bribed, distracted, scared, blackmailed, or swayed, we are going to win this!!, we will bring the criminals to justice, no mercy!!, Ron Paul is going to be president, and we are going get this done baby!!!

If you want to get prepared mentally Start to Meditate as much as possible, control your emotions, be calm and focused, you don't have to be religious or spiritual to do this, If you have any questions let me know I will recommend you good videos, have a open mind, and DO NOT RESORT TO VIOLENCE/ABUSE, I HAVE EVERY FAITH IN ALL OF YOU


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The propagandists' weakness...

is that they work to a blueprint and a little box of tricks. This makes all their moves discernible and predictable. It also means that much of it can be computerized.

This time around their "pick the President" blueprint is not working to plan. If it were Ron Paul would be well out of sight now, but he is not. Every incident that confuses both the computerized and human elements of the mass media propaganda campaign gives them extra work to do. It can take them a day or longer to develop a counter move. Those are vital days lost to them and gained by genuine Ron Paul supporters. The nearer it gets to Tampa, the less time there is for the propagandists to react. Once the convention gets under way, it is too late for them.

It is sensible for the Ron Paul campaign and Tampa delegates to keep things close to their chests. The true Ron Paul supporters all have a task, and that is to discern what is mainstream propaganda, and then react and respond in a way that contradicts the desired result of the propaganda campaign.

Always remember, the establishment media have never been in this position before, and they are not that creative. The whole propaganda system could blow a fuse at any time, so long as most people do not react to their propaganda as intended.

The secret is out. What Dr Paul will be doing in 2021 after his second term as president:

Props for your grounded facts and knowledge

My theory about how psychopaths control the media, banks, and power structures is almost complete, many people will say" We know that about them already," but they do not simply understand the psychology behind it. People who have that thing called conscience and emotion have creative abilities, some more than others and the ability to innovate and work for a better society, with technology it's the same thing. With Psychopaths you have cunning and cleverness being applied to the power structure. because they lack the fundamental thing that makes us human, conscience, its like being color blind, but your emotionally blind instead(fearless), they can never have the ability to innovate or create, because they lack any compassion for others to even help them, and see only manipulation and violence as a right way, they will never say "Well here is a solution we can all work together towards to"

You have Bilderberg which reeks of psychopaths, who throughout history love rituals, sacrifices, and disturbing initiations. This is not a conspiracy, serial killers have enjoyed and commit rituals and cannibalism themselves, this is only mass gathering of them doing it. They say we should depopulate the earth, they say that because they lack any vision or creativity to innovate and forge brilliant ideas that someone like Tesla who had so much love for the human race, and applied his creativity to help them, but someone like Rockefeller who will do anything be in power, including killing us off

What a positive, lovely post

Thank you for your commanding presence and your positive belief. I'm with you. Can visualize the win and the balloons going to the sky!!

Liberty lovers always have mine and others back

They have know idea who watches over them ;)