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Paul, Palin snubbed by Mitt, Palin refuses to Endorse

Can't stop Paul from speaking, but it won't be primetime.

Good for Palin


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Wonders never cease!

Now, if she would tell everyone that she should have endorsed Paul instead of Gingrich in the first place...the respect-o-meter would register a little higher. She lost me with the Gingrich endorsement!

Could Palin be Pauls VP?

Could Palin be Pauls VP? imagine the popularity she has.

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I do not trust her

No matter what Palin does, or says, or who she refuses to endorse, I will never trust her, she has proved to be a very dangerous individual with her terrible lack of knowledge how our country works, I had a huge sigh of relief when she didn't become president, let alone have access to the nuclear codes. though our current joke of a president is just as abysmal, looks like I contradicted myself again lol

It's primetime whenever Ronald Ernest Paul speaks

Mitt mad that Palin got the

Mitt mad that Palin got the nod for veep instead of him?

Mitt scared that Paul will get the delegates thinking about him differently?

why is it up to Mittens who gets to speak? He's not yet the

republican nominee!

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It's been the trend ever since the convention has adopted the 'coronation' format. The RNC will not make any arrangements unless the Romney campaign signs off on it, and likewise, if the romney camp wants to do something, the RNC will oblige. Last time, it was the same with the McCain campaign, and the previous Bush campaigns.

Was thinking

Same thing