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Mitt Romney snubs both Ron Paul AND Sarah Palin at GOP convention

Texas congressman Ron Paul isn’t the only prominent Republican to be denied a speaking role at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa. Here’s another high-profile snub from the Mitt Romney camp…

Nope, the woman who was the HIT of the 2008 Republican National Convention — not to mention the party’s VP nominee — Sarah Palin, has not yet received an invitation to speak at the 2012 shindig. Must be stuck in, ahem, e-mail.


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Paul will continue to lavish praise on Romney and defend him

as he thinks Romney means it when he says they are pals. Romney is a backstabber, and a destructive friend, but everyone is too fearful to tell truth to paul, especially in regards to the false friendship romney stirred up with him that paul touts.


Yeah Right

Ron paul touted that friendship with Romney so much that when Blitzer asked him if he would support Romney ...Paul said "no way!"

What you doing here anyway Lib?

what are you doing falsely claiming be for liberty, when you

only want obameny and its tyranny and their partners in paul's crony staff entirely full of estab dnc/gop staff, who rip you off in donations.

paul had at least 2 public warnings from woods and chuck baldwin to not endorse romney, otherwise he may have done so.

it is a well known fact paul touted his fake friendshp with romney. he did so dozens of times and proud of how they spoke often, and he defended romney numerous times and spent several tensof millions in donations boosting romney when romney's conservative rivals put the heat on him.

'no way' doesn't mean anything. he will still likely lavish praise on romney until estab tells him that he is needed to help obama win.


Hes McCain 2.0

Sarah and Ron are just to conservative/libertarian for Mitt Romney's GOP.

But I thought that if you got your name on the nomination ballot, that you get a speaking spot?


free hot dogs and beer to the romney delegates for attending.....but the venue only holds 10,000 peeps and you have to email RP that you are going to attend so they can get a head count and they'll change the venue if needed.

Better yet, free pizza and beer after the rally for attending.
Get them drunk and hung over but you be the "designated driver" drinking water.
Then they'll get all mixed up when the vote count comes and they vote RP. LOL

Keepin' it real.

I still think that Ron Paul

I still think that Ron Paul needs to address ALL the delegates, every one of the delegates heading to Tampa. We could accomplish this by making sure that ALL delegates, not just his, get invited to his event in Tampa. He changed minds in TX once they heard him speak. We don't need no stinkin' RNC, we just need some ingenuity. Invite the delegates from your state to Ron Paul's event in Tampa.

Blessings )o(

Sarah Palin is not a

Sarah Palin is not a politician anymore. She is a book writer and reality TV star.

Why would she get to speak?

It is not a snub...it is just common sense and I highly doubt ANYONE, including Palin herself, was expecting her to speak.

Exactly! Who the hell is

Exactly! Who the hell is Sarah Palin and why should anyone want to hear from her?

wtf has palin done to deserve a speaking slot?

As for Ron, doesn't he have 15mins? Will it be in the daytime or night?

Paul will speak..

And he didn't need an invitation either, that's what the whole process has been about. He earned it :-)

De criminalize Liberty!

Where do you get the idea he doesn't need a RNC invitation?

In 2000 Ralph Nader had an invitation to sit in the audience of a Bush/ Gore debate, and an appointment with MSM to talk about the debate, and as soon as he opened the car door, he was arrested.

I think it would be fantastic if RP got an invitation to speak, and I don't see him speaking without one.

Once his name is placed into nomination, does he not

get a speaking slot? Maybe not, since too many delegates would then turn from Romney and vote for Dr. Paul, if they ever heard him speak on the issues. But, I thought each nominee got the chance to speak.

It is my understanding that

if RP's name is placed into nomination he will get 15 minutes speaking time.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

That's what I believe, too.

Thanks, BettyLiberty.

I don't know

It seems to me, once he had his 5 states by his own count, he stopped campaigning because they were not going to respect him, but attack him, and he chose to not waste his campaign money fighting them. Looks like MSM is heating up the pressure on RNC and Romney to have him speak, which they hope Romney doesn't becasue Ron Paul would beat Obama. The only thing is we need to get those seats filled, becasue if he is nominated, you better believe the Neocons will fill those seats as fast as they can with their buddies to do to Ron paul what Hillary's seats do to Obama.

Are you ever

NOT divisive?? It can't be that hard to comprehend. Good luck with that whole support Romney garbage you've been spewing everywhere.

De criminalize Liberty!

You must have a reading comprehension problem


Ron Paul is my POLITICAL LEADER and absolute first choice for president, and I have worked very hard for that to materialize, including getting a seat in the GOP. I've explaining what happened to me becasue unlike you, I did what RP asked ALL of us to do, and I have little choice if I intend to be a liberty candidate NO THANKS TO YOU.

"I did what RP asked ALL of us to do"

Save your garbage. Funny how you run around here telling everyone you did something they didn't, but yet you don't have a freakin clue what other people here have or have not done. That's why you're spewing garbage. It's obvious you think you're better than everyone because they "Didn't do what YOU did which is what Ron Paul told everyone to do"..You can give it a rest now, you're not special.

De criminalize Liberty!

Excuse me

My dyslexia is pretty apparent, proving I have disabilities that a have worked hard to overcome, the SHAME of hating myself for something beyond my ability to correct.

I admitted, I WAS VERY AFRAID, and that's is nothing I am proud of.

I have admitted 33 years of defeat as an LP memeber and an Indy. I have shared my experience from A LOSERS perspective.

Ron Paul cured MY apathy and I did what he asked ALL of us, even the disabled LOSERS like me. If I can do it, why can't YOU? Maybe you think YOU are so much better than me? Maybe you are. But YOU chose to not follow RP, so don't attack me for what YOU, who is WAY better than me, REFUSE TO DO.

Im trying to tell you, that if a permantely disabled fearfull SOB like me can follow RP, by working hard, so can those who are not disabled LOSERS. Maybe us disbaled LOSERS need some abled WINNERS like you to win?

I don't really understand why you're calling YOURSELF names

but good luck with that. Later

De criminalize Liberty!