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Unless Nominated, You Will NOT Vote For Paul In November: Tell the RNC That Ron Paul DOES Have 5 States!

While many Ron Paul supporters, including myself, have said that if Paul is not nominated, they will write him in on November 6th, what we all need to understand is that NOBODY will be voting for Ron Paul this November unless he is victorious at the RNC in August. Many people are fooled into thinking that when they go to the poll every other 4 years that they are voting for a Presidential candidate. This is nothing more than a fallacy that I have up until recently only partially understood. What we must all understand is we only vote for a Congressman each time we go to these voting booths. Instead of voting for a Presidential candidate, we are voting for a group of Presidential electors who will then vote for their choice of the Presidential candidates in December. This is where the ultimate problem lies for Ron Paul.

Very few of these electors will vote for a 3rd or 4th party candidate. I strongly believe that. even if Ron Paul ran a separate party and recieved a high enough percentage of votes by the American people. the electors would not vote for him. Instead, they would take the Ron Paul vote and replace it with a Mitt Romney vote. In my case, if Paul recieved 55% of the Republican vote and 45% of the overall vote here in South Carolina, the nine electors would still vote for Mitt Romney. This would be a small scale situation of Gore and Bush inside the Republican Party. Do you now see how this could end up?

This is all a hypothetical and, given the things I have heard at state conventions, a reasonably sensible situation. This is all given that Romney is nominated at the RNC and Paul runs a seperate party. Now, let me tell you how we together can make this situation one that only stays in my mind.

I am soon going to send an email to the GOP via http://gop.com/contact-us/

I will contact the party regarding Ron Paul's plurality situation and show that Paul does have a delegate plurality in at least 5 states. If we all can show he GOP that Ron Paul is eligible for nomination at the RNC, there will be options for the delegates. This could lead to a brokered convention, as we all know, and possibly having Ron Paul as the major Republican candidate in November, making our votes mean something.

Please contact the GOP using the site above to give them the information that they might be ignoring. Together, we can make a difference.