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Ending the Republican/Democratic Stranglehold on America

I was doing some research today on ways to further assist my own path into politics, and while performing some internet searches, I came upon an advice column in which one of the statements written sparked me to write this post.

"Pick a political party. One cannot be on both sides of the fence if you are a politician. You have to pick your party...Loyalty to your political party is a must."

Of course, this is mainly referring to the main two political parties in the US - Republican and Democratic, but there a few other parties with support (libertarian - my favorite of the bunch, also green party, constitution party, etc.).

Anyway, my point is: Why must we be forced to pick between a couple flawed ideologies? And my answer is we shouldn't. If everyone in the country is running on one of a small number of platforms, then where is the choice? And if there is no choice, then what are we even doing?

I think if everyone is running on their own ideas, rather than parties, it would really make people take a closer look at each candidate rather than just saying things like "I was born a democrat, so that's how I vote" or other such nonsense. I would be very surprised if there is even one person who agrees 100% with any party, so why not just run on your platform alone? (The answer currently is probably because the current two-party system makes it impossible)

I would love to see the liberty generation running independent, and slowly removing all Republicans and Democrats from office. Is it possible? I don't know, but it is a dream of mine, which I think would have impressive effects on the future of American Government.

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I used to feel that way too

There are 36 registered third parties representing issues.

I really really didn't want to join the GOP. All those terrible things I have read about over the deacdes about the GOP, I NEVER thought I would be a Republican.

In 07 and 08 I refused to join the GOP. I prayed, hoped, pleaded with everyone, PLEASE GO INDY.. PLEASE GO INDY RP! I just KNEW we could do it, after all, I had three elections with Indy Ralph Nader and a lot of connections, and I just KNEW if RP went Indy, we would win. My friends, and some in my family, joined the GOP for RP and they're telling me what a hard ass I was didn't phase me at all.

But when RP ran this time, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy, so why waste my time? I didn't. I felt sick, I was very afraid, but I did it, I registered to vote GOP. It was HARD, VERY HARD.

The next step was checking out the local GOP. Again, I was afraid, I really don't remember exactly what I was afraid of, maybe it was all those years of negative emotions, but whatever I thought my GOP was, it wasn't. It was empty. Yep. Empty with a couple of former Democrats keeping the seats warm. That's when it all began to click. We have ALL been deceieved, fooled, MSM BS and Lies had me for one, put off and afraid.

Now I understand why RP said, "Join the GOP". It is ours for the taking. All we have to do is show up, follow the rules, and it is ours. My only regret became not joining the GOP in 07.

So, I feel yah, as I've been there done that, but I'm here to tell you, Ron Paul is NOT misleading us. His plan is RIGHT ON in even more reasons than I'm letting on.

Don't trust me, trust in God, and Ron Paul. He tells the truth.

That's the other idea I've been wrestling with

But I'm still hoping we'll at least have some increase in independents soon...thanks for your input.