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Video: Ghost Town USA - Gary, Indiana

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This article was my first censored comment on DP.

If you mention that a certain black 70's pop singer was from a city in northwestern Indiana you might get censored.

I was ready to down vote this post when I saw the name "Gary"

But I read the entire title and it had nothing to do with "him".

Photos of Gary, Indiana

The above video is also embedded in this London Daily Mail article that includes some compelling still images of the ruins of Gary. These images are much better than the RT video (I wonder if TV networks will ever learn to hide their annoying text graphics while airing stories like this).

The images of Gary are reminiscent of these amazing images of Detroit, that many DailyPaul members may have already seen.

I posted these links at the Economic Policy Journal yesterday (here), but, for some reason, Mr. Wenzel only linked to the video instead of to the articles and their images.

Just another artifact of the progressive trail of tears

This is why i am leaving the rust belt. My governor Kasich probably wont get reelected because Ohio is really stupid, and Ohio will fall back into the budget hell-hole that it was in under democrats.

This always happens. Coal

This always happens. Coal towns were huge in PA back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Now they are nowhere near as hopping as back then.

Right out of Atlas Shrugged...

that deserted manufacturing town...

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We all shake our heads about decaying towns like Gary Indiana,

but this will eventually occur in your town and mine too if Rom Paul's economic plan for our country is not adopted.

Neither Obama nor Romney are proposing ANY solutions that will prevent this sort of economic blight from spreading to every corner of the U.S.

Thank you Allegory for posting the video.

Would be nice

if RT compared these images with destroyed churches and synagogues under USSR and the stagnated old factories in Siberia today.

The government could revitalize the whole thing by simply removing tax on land, property and business.

Yes, it reminded me also

of USSR and Siberia.

Wow, looks like they've been cleaning up my hometown!

Born and raised there... :)

Yours in Liberty,


"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote..." ~ Ben Franklin

"The 'cost of freedom' is risk and responsibility..." ~ Me

This looks like center cities across the US

You can find similar scenes in major cities like Detroit, New Orleans, and Memphis. You can also find it in smaller rust belt towns cities Erie and Utica. The solutions to fix the problems are known, but will never be done because it will cause temporary pain and would be political suicide.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Ok folks, this is my 'hood and here's the scoop.

5 generations in NW Indiana. I was born and raised 4 blocks from the Gary line. I now live east of Gary in Porter County and my business is just a few minutes drive from Gary. My daughter attends IU Northwest which is near downtown Gary and I myself am in or through Gary on a regular basis.

Yes, the news report is accurate on the deterioration of the city. The depiction of abandoned and crumbling buildings is true and in fact much worse than shown. There is rampant violent crime. It is not a place to stop and visit! Fortunately this has been isolated to Gary as most of the surrounding communities are very nice.

Gangs, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, and welfare dependants are the vast majority (literally everyone with few exceptions) of Gary's citizens. Now there are good people there but they are few. But the city was once (1920-60) one of the most beautiful in the country. White sand beaches along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, street trolleys, thriving businesses, manicured streets and neighborhoods, just a short ride to downtown Chicago, and jobs, jobs, and more jobs with good pay and benefits in the local steel mills. So what happened?

Lake County IN is one of the most politically corrupt places and Gary is it's largest city. It has always been a place of you have to pay to play. Theft, embezzling, fraud, coercion are the rules. Is there hope? I don't see it. The city got here because the politically corrupt used the government as the vehicle to rob the people. And it continues today as it has for many decades.

As far as the guy in the video about jobs, the mills are actually hiring. The problem is getting people who want to work and qualify for employment. A good friend of mine who hired on in the last year or so was screened in a pool of 100 applicants. 90 of those applicants did not pass the drug screening. The mills are a very dangerous place and despite your views on drug legalization, I do not want the guy in the crane above me dangling 50 tons of steel all jacked up. Plus, why go to work when they credit your EBT at the beginning of each month.

Just so you understand

An employer still has the right to fire someone under the influence of alcohol and drigs. What a person does on their own time, is their business. When they make their business the business of their employer, they FAILED, and should be fired and fined. But what a person does in their own time is not and should not be the company's business. Drug tests are a racket. I make a provisons shopping trip from time to time. One of the stores I like to check out is The Dollar Tree. Last time I was there, there was a huge display of products for self drug testing and to clean the drugs out of the system. It had big marijauna leaves on the packages. It was in the tooth brush and OTC medicine aisle, must have taken up 1/8th of one side of the aisle, taking up more room than all the deoderants put togehter.

Anyways, I'm sorry to see what appeared to be a beautiful Church and fine town go to waste. Truley a shame.

I agree with your view on drug testing.

But the problem here is not marijuana, it is heroin, crack, and meth. And I have yet to meet a responsible heroin, crack, or meth junkie.

Nor have I met a "responsible" alcoholic

but not everyone who uses drugs (or alcohol) is an abuser.

I have met many responsible heroin junkies

Matter of fact, I had NO idea they were even junkies, but it seems that people who become addicted to opiates (and there are hundreds of thousands addicted to pharmecutical brands) can only fuction when they are on the drugs. The first I became aware of this was in the 70s and 80s as many rock stars were full blown addicts that functioned just fine while on the drug, and not good at all without it. I have also seem the same with cocaine users. I don't know about crack or meth, however, I'm sure they are out there. It's not part of my life, or my business, and I don't want any part of it, so as long as someone who is an addict is not making their addiction my business, I don't care what they do to themselves. I also don't think it's a law problem, except the black market part, but this war on drugs has hurt generations more than helped.

Not many people want to see crack sold at 7/11

Side issue, but I agree that some drugs are worse than others. Even places with very liberal drug laws, like the Netherlands, still outlaw heroin, cocaine, and meth. In our country, it should be left to the states. Why should someone in Utah care if a cancer patient in California can legally eat a pot brownie?

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

"Competition from overseas led to a 90% cut

in the workforce." This is sad. Loss of 30,000 jobs. Population down by half and most of the population left is comprised of unemployed Black Americans.

Industry has been dying all over America. Well that would be corporate America relocating to countries for cheap labor. The consumer base remains in America, but the jobs have gone.

America seems slated to basically be the military of the NWO. That will be the future job for America's youth. Obama and Romney both believe in war. The former Afghanistan Military Commander has recommended the draft be reinstated.

We need President Ron Paul's wisdom to turn this around.


I was watching CNN this morning and they played a speech of Obama where he said that Romney's plan would create 800k new jobs. He said the problem is that they would all be overseas. It was actually a funny joke even though it is a sad reality. Our Federal Reserve has distorted our economy and dollar so bad that it has pushed out all our jobs overseas.


Greedy companies employing people in other countries are the cause of unemployment.

lol. you have much to learn.

lol. you have much to learn.

Finger Pointing

I've read down through these comments and people are blaming the government, the city, the state. . .pointing their finger in every direction.

The reason Gary, Indiana and every other town and city in America is like this is because WE have allowed it. WE have allowed our Federal, State, and local government to roll right over the top of us to the point of utter desolation.

If we need to place blame - look at the person in the mirror. What have we done to stop the destruction of our nation?

Venturing a wild guess - I'll bet not many of us attend your own City Council meetings - and haven't a clue in the world what our elected officials are up to behind those doors downtown.

The demise of this nation starts in all of our homes and emanates from there - across this land. Saving our nation starts in that very same place.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels


The FED is the main culprit. Their distorting of the dollar creates an atmosphere where our main export is now dollars. Of course we should all work harder to shop and produce locally but we really need to bring these madmen to justice soon before our economy is completely destroyed.

No jobs, only welfare

So these people are getting welfare to live in a ghost town? Now that's a great use of the so-called safety net.

Lick The Hands That Feed You. . .

Can't say it better than Mr. Adams:

“Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say 'what should be the reward of such sacrifices?' Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” ~Samuel Adams

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

It's the fault of the unions.

Unions kill every industry they are a part of.

Sad but true. Unions killed the garment industry ...

and the shipping industry in NY. Their history is rife with violence and murder. And discrimination and corruption.

Ron Paul supports right-to-work.


I don't suppose

non-union dollar a day Third World competition had anything to do with it...

Anyway, apparently the NY garment industry is not completely dead:


People had their reasons for wanting unions - for example:


(Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911 - death toll 146 women, average age of 19)

Of course they did...that is what union greed hath wrought...

that and OSHA, EEOC and all the other acronym agencies. It's like the perfect storm of destruction.

Yes, the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire was tragic and avoidable. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Unions have metastasized into a destructive force that has significantly helped to plunder our economy.

Aided and abetted by politicians of course.