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Jerry Doyle Slams the Federal Reserve

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heyWhere did he come from?

That's the first I've ever heard of JD. What's up with that? Dude rocks! He said everything I wanted to say about the hearing yesterday but couldn't find the words to say them. (He' got whatever "it" is)

What's sad is that if I send that clip to most of the people I know who are still in a government/msm/cultural imposed trance...they will probably either listen to it while watching reality TV or while they are trying to figure out how to balance their checkbook and will end up saying...."yeah...thats pretty good. But hes just saying all those things to try and become popular like that nut out of Texas Alex Jones." or "what, is this another one of your Ron Paul buddies?"

The most incredible part of the system of corruption that has been masterfully honed by our rulers and the global elite is that the vast majority of the people that are getting totally fucked by the system are the people that will donate time and money to make sure they keep that system going. Americans have collectively turned into brainwashed fuck dolls for the ruling elite. They keep cheering their rapists on as they are being pounded in the a$$. It's absolutely remarkable to observe once you have woken up to the tyranny and see the ungodly number of people who either don't know or don't care that THEY THEMSELVES are largest supporters of the tyranny against them.

I don't think some of these people will wake up until they are litterally homeless and are bleeding out of their rectum. Even then they will probably be appoligists for those in power who "did the best they could under the tough conditions"

Someone just shoot me now! LOL...just kidding about that...I've learned to watch the livestock with a sense of awe and a SNL kind of juvenile humor.

I'm just ready for the how whole thing to crash and burn because I know at least 1/2 the population will THEN wake up.


Love Jerry Doyle. Wish I knew

Love Jerry Doyle. Wish I knew about him long ago.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.