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Propaganda: A Short & Visible Lesson From a Cat, a Lie, and a Machine

When I first saw this story posted on a friend's Facebook page, being self-trained to spot dis- 'n' mis-information, I immediately thought, "There is no way this is true."

After about 1.8 minutes of Googleing, I rested my case, patted myself on the back, educated my friend (who should know better), and then threw up in my mouth a little at the thought of how many millions of people were exposed to this story from an all to clumsy and arrogant "news" machine that didn't examine its complete ridiculousness.

Allow me to present exhibits "A" through "I got tired of copy and pasting."

FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, TIME, People Magazine, USA Today, UK DailyMail, Australia News, Reuters, and many others could not resist the headlines.

Here is what I found after less than 2 minutes on Google:

"The story about Stubbs, the cat mayor?

Dare anyone say, purr-fectly contrived to cat-ch the media?"

Here are the actual ballot results for 1994, 1997, and 2000 with little to no write in votes cast as alleged.

I don't understand how any person in their right mind cannot completely describe the media for what it is: propaganda.

Now it is true in this instance there does not appear to be any deliberate motives to misinform anyone, but there should be no disagreements that our corporate controlled media machine is lazy, opportunistic, incapable, culpable, despicable, non-journalistic, unoriginal, and in many times directly peddling dis- 'n' mis-information.

This is just presented as one small example of how the media machine can regurgitate and share around false information far, wide, and quickly as fact and convince viewers of its validity.

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