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Why is there a David Dewhurst ad on the front page right now - Please Read.

This could mislead some right thinking yet busy Liberty minded voters. One misrepresentative impression of our political enemy's in a good light BECAUSE this ad is on the front page of THIS site is not good.

How can "we" raise enough money or cut enough spending for this site to avoid providing aid to those who stand against "us".

Is this an issue worth talking discussing? I think so.

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Surely there is a way

the DP could block certain ads. There are no doubt dozens of ads out there that could take Dewhurst's place.

I'm seeking unanimous up

I'm seeking unanimous up twinkles (lol) to do just that. BLOCK THIS CRAP please D.P. team.

I don't see any of the ads

I use adblock plus extension on my firefox and google.

Sure, But this is what most

Sure, But this is what most "visitors" will see and I just don't feel good about that at all.

Do they still have the Mitt Romney ads up?

I read people complaining about that.