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Important Question for consideration regarding Ron Paul being nominated

It seems there is some confusion on whether or not Ron Paul has a plurality of delegates in 5 or more states.

Based on what I have been able to ascertain, the state rules regarding binding of delegates has NO BEARING on whether or not that state's delegation can place a name into nomination.

So here is the question. Has anyone from the states that have a plurality of delegates actually started the process to place the name of Ron Paul into nomination?

Secondly, is there anything that must be done at the state level prior to the convention to ensure the name is placed into nomination?

If for example there must be some sort of local convention, vote, resolution, etc., from the STATE prior to the convention in Tampa.

Thirdly, is this process dealt with prior to the main event in Tampa, e.g. during the committee meeting in Tampa during the days before the main convention (Week commencing 19 August)?

I think the last thing anyone (other then the Establishment and Romney camp) would want is a large turn out for Ron Paul only to find out that we missed our chance to nominate him because we didn't follow the correct process.

Given that the campaign (read Benton et al) aren't being very vocal or taking the lead on this, I think its important to bring this to everyone's attention to consider.

Maybe someone from the U.S. side of the pond can reach out to known leaders among the delegation in the states where Dr Paul has a plurality to confirm that all necessary steps are being taken to ensure that any process or rules are being followed.

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Someone posted this in another thread

OK, right... it looks like Rule 19(c) states the the credentials of each delegate must be filed with the secretary of the RNC which makes up the temporary roll... then it looks like by Rule 22 that any contests must be filed 30 days before the convention.

So the Committee on Contests looks like it will have to make the initial decision about the contested delegations... that is as long as those delegations have submitted their grounds for the contest no later than 30 days.

Then by Rule 24, once the convention has assembled the Committee on Credentials will be given all credentials... also it looks like it is possible to submit an appeal arising from any ruling by the Committee on Contests... which the Committee on Credentials will consider (as long as it is submitted to the secretary an hour before their convening).

Rule 24(c) clearly states that any contest involving one or more delegate or alternate must first be presented to the Committee on Contests... and that deadline is fasting approaching!

So then the final say on the credentials of delegates and the official roll, it appears, is not finally decided on until the convention has assembled.... then those credentialed delegates from each state independently must submit the necessary nomination form.

Considering how close the necessary 5 state plurality is.. there appears to be very little margin for error in all this! Let's indeed hope all the chairs of the delegations are dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Very useful

Thank you!

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Quit making the same false assumption.....

An inability to vote for a candidate as a result of being "bound" IS VERY DIFFERENT from a delegation making a MOTION to place a candidate on the ballot.

The rules must have changed.

I remember. Favorite sons. Where state delegations would vote for someone from their state and put them in the vote count. Can this not be done anymore? The 1st ballot was littered with all kinds of names for nomination.
I just answered my own ?
At the quadrennial American national political party conventions, a state delegation sometimes nominates and votes for a candidate from the state, or less often from the state's region, who is not a viable candidate. The technique allows state leaders to negotiate with leading candidates in exchange for the delegation's support. The technique was widely used in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Since nationwide campaigns by candidates and binding primary elections have replaced brokered conventions, the technique has fallen out of use.

I would rather see this come back. Than this two year farce of bulls&%!...where they know who it is going to be at the start. Take the democrats... not one person in the democratic party dislikes obama? and had a nerve to challenge him?

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

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Thanks for making this topic

These questions have been discussed in several other threads and from what I gather:

The delegates in each plurality state must sign a nomination form and submit it to the Secretary of the Republican National Convention in order for Dr. Paul's name to be 'officially' placed in nomination for Republican nominee for President.

This needs to happen after the delegates are credentialed at the Committee meetings before the convention.

I do not know who is the main contact for the delegates in each plurality state to make sure all the rules are followed but I sure hope they are on top of it! It would be great to have confirmation that they have all their ducks in a row!

The RNC will be looking for any way they can to stop this so it is imperative all is done correctly and within whatever time frame necessary.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

You're welcome and thank you

For the additional information. I just want to make sure this important issue is being dealt with. What a travesty it would be to mess this up because of a silly distractions, or because everybody assumed somebody else had it covered!

As the saying goes...better safe than sorry!

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Good questions

I think Ron Paul has the pluality, and has had it for awhile, but the corruption is thick as a brick, and won't give him the go.

Each state has it's own election laws, and my state, CA is nothing can be done.

I thinks that's a great question about the states that have plurality, and I'd like to know the answer to that.

There are probably stratigic meetings prior, but the action will be during the convention. Here in CA, the stratigy is a line up of meet and greets with fundraisers, all meant to pressure the delegates to sticking with Romney.

Campaign may be "quiet" for good reason

You ever think that just maybe the more the campaign thumps their chest and tries to rally the troops looking like they may actually have a chance to unseat Romney as the assumed nom because it would only cause the GOP to get agitated and angry and prompt them to pull out as many dirty tricks as they can scrape together?

Delegates jobs do not change regardless. It's important that if we are to have success in putting his name in for nomination and then he is able to get a floor speech then we'll be able to do our hail mary pass to possibly sway voters toward Ron Paul causing a 2nd and maybe 3rd floor vote. That's our only chance. You want the campaign to show their cards before this is all played out? If so....i wanta play poker with you.

You may be right

And if that's the case (the campaign being quiet to protect their advantage)then we will know after the fact.

But it's always good to consider the alternatives and any "what if" scenarios. Either way I just hope someone somewhere has it in hand.

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He can be nominated from the floor.

It does not matter if he has "plurality". Even if it shows he has actually won 11 states, Romney can still keep him from speaking, even if RNC says yes. We must hope the delegates do the right thing and nominate him from the floor.

Each state should have its own head delegate.

In Iowa ours is Drew Ivers. He was elected by a majority of the delegates.
They should be responsible for communicating with the RNC both before and at the convention.

If the process is similar in other states they should have elected someone to head up their delegation who would be in communication with both the RNC and the Ron Paul campaign.

I can't speak for Drew, but I would assume that he is planning how and when to communicate with the RNC the desire for the the Iowa delegation to place Ron Paul's name into nomination.

Maybe a delegate from one of those other states (especially states "bound" to vote for Romney on the first ballot) could comment for their state.

Assuming that there ARE any actual delegates who care to put up with the 24/7 Anti-Rand Paul / Anti-Jack Hunter hate fest that the Daily Paul has become.

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Would be nice to have some assurance this is being handled properly and in a time is of the essence manner!

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