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I had a dream...

Folks, I don't put stock in dreams.

And by all indications from the campaign and Paul himself, this is over.

But I just awoke from a dream I didn't expect to have, and to say it was a happy dream would be an understatement.

First, I'll preface with the fact that I was visiting with family in the dream, and though they are mostly Paul supporters, for whatever reason, we were NOT watching the Tampa convention. (I think it was sports instead) So, this has that usual "unreal" feel to it already, though somewhat plausible. If my family were all assembled on convention night we'd be watching it, guaranteed. So, there is no mistake - this was a dream.

So, the dream starts off with someone flipping the channel (the TV is always on something when we are together no matter what) to FauxNews and Megan Kelly reporting that the Mitt Romney has won the GOP nomination. Heated discussion ensues in our family ranks and a look of extreme disappointment takes over many of us. (the rest are stuck in "anyone but Obama" mode) It isn't like we didn't expect it to happen, but we had hoped otherwise.

But then... They show the vote totals.

(here's where my dream memory gets fuzzy)

Romney ≈600
Santorum 282
Paul 189
Other ≈130

Faux and every other station is reporting Romney has clinched the nomination officially. BUT..

There is no hoopla and partying in the Convention. It's simply a lot of conversation that is slowly building to a din of near chaos.

The networks pontificate for a bit.

The reality comes out.

Romney needed 1144, that is, a majority of SEATED DELEGATES, not just those voting. (yes, my numbers here show him just under a majority of those voting, I said my recollection was fuzzy, but in the dream, he definitely had the simple majority of votes cast)

In the meantime, the channel gets flipped back to whatever was on before. (probably an LSU game, that's about the only thing that they'd watch over politics.)

Then I go into some other dream. (whatever)

Then this one comes back.

And they've flipped the channel back to FauxNews. The first thing I see, before I hear anything is that Ron Paul on the second ballot, has, wait for it...

729 votes


I let out a whoop and a holler.

Momentum is now with Ron.

The bobbleheads are speechless. (maybe not, but who's listening to them at this point anyway?)

Apparently, there were a ton of abstentions the first round.

In the second, more delegates are unbound and now are voting for Ron. (they all seem to be following their binding rules, save the abstentions and those voting "other." Presumably, Santorum was nominated as well and those were bound votes.)

While there will then be a third round, at least, because Ron too does not have a majority of seated delegates, the momentum is clearly on his side.

Unfortunately, I didn't see anyone else's vote total, just Ron's.

And then I woke up.

So the dream is not complete. And hey, it's just a dream.

Most likely, it was my subconscious desire to hold on to false hope.

I guess we'll find out in Tampa.

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Still dreaming ?

Still not sure what to think about Louisiana now that there is a challenge for RP delegates. Are we fighting for the principle of dishonest elections or is there a chance that more people will realise that Romney is an idiot on his foreign tour?

I can't imagine voting for anyone else except Ron Paul. And if he has "quit" why would they still be fighting for delegates? I just have not heard the fat lady sing yet.

Years ago they talked about his fringe ideas. Audit the fed, and the war on drugs being a racist issue. Now others are listening and agreeing. I hope the door is still open. If not, I know how hard you, Sam, have tried in Louisiana and I thank you so much for your energy and beliefs.


Nice Dream

And Geaux Tigers

I imagined this wild scenario

Just for the thrill of it, I have always thought on the first ballot Romney would get 1143, and then, chaos

hoh hummmmm

"And by all indications from the campaign and Paul himself, this is over."
"And then I woke up.
(....) And hey, it's just a dream.
Most likely, it was my subconscious desire to hold on to false hope."

Nice pitch...... yawn...

I wasn't pitching anything.

It was just a dream.

And yes, in my waking state, I've accepted that it's over. The DP hasn't yet. You folks are still in lala super secret spy land.

good dream

Thanks for posting.

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Great dream

Made me smile. THANK YOU for sharing!

The Dream

Interesting!! Reminds me of way back in 1984. I was in Nashville at the time and I had the most vivid dream. Ronald Regan was runnning for a second term. In my dream RR won in a major landslide. Guess what, that's exactly what happened, he won 49 of 50 states. I remember sharing my dream with many people at the time and was told not a chance. But as history shows they were wrong. Anyways, just a word of encouragment ..... Dreams sometimes do come true :-)

I find this interesting

because I had a dream some months ago about Tampa. Now I take a lot of stock in dreams, though not all of them. I said a little about the dream I had in another thread but I'll say the whole dream now.
I was at Tampa but NOT as a delegate. I was working the floor to get people to vote for Ron Paul. Ron Paul had the largest booth there, I mean it was HUGE, probably took up a quarter of the space with the other candidates allocated to much smaller areas. I was energized, walking up to everyone, handing out flyers, discussing the issues and why Ron Paul made the most sense in this period of American history. I was practically herding people to the Paul area so they could vote and it seems to me that everyone obliged willingly and happily. I also had a crew who I was directing to get people to Paul.
I then had ‘to go’ for whatever reason, you know how dreams are, and as I leave the convention, I’m exiting from a huge Victorian style house, but I left super hyped. I’m going ‘home’, next door, and from the outside it looks like my house but when I enter, the inside is huge. The ceilings are high and there’s a beautiful, old, wooden staircase near the entrance. The interior is reminiscent of a Victorian house – why the Victorian house theme? The answer escapes me. I walk through a doorway to my right and enter into a very large living room. My parents are there (the TV is also on and I think basketball was on) and I ask them why they're still up because it's very late and I didn’t expect them to wait up for me. My Mom said that she received a phone call and said that Ron Paul would be stopping by. I was practically jumping up and down in excitement. I said I would go out and look for him because he may miss the house. I was also thinking that it’s very late and that he shouldn’t be travelling about at this time. I walk outside and there are people milling about. I turn right and begin to cross the street when I see a shadowed form of a thin man coming toward me. It’s him. The streetlight hits him and it's as if he's surrounded in light. I greet him and walk him to the house, asking why he is here. For the life of me I can’t remember his exact words but it had to do with wanted to meet and thank those helping him win the election. I introduce him to my parents and we sit in the living room and start talking away. My Mom asks him if he would like anything, he declines. Time passes and he says it’s time for him to leave and I asked if he had a car that would pick him up because it was too late to be walking around. This is when my Mom steps in and says it’s too late for him to go anywhere and that she has already prepared the guest room for him to sleep in, says something about she has already called Carol to tell her that Ron is spending the night at my house. He starts to decline, but I say he has to stay and he smiles and agrees. I was so happy. My Mom says she’ll show him to his room and the last thing I remember is seeing his shadowed silhouette standing by the stairs. His body is a shadow again because there's a light on in the room behind him and again, Ron Paul appears to have light glowing all around him.

I keep this dream to the fore at all times. I know he is what this country needs if we are to survive. And I just pray that this dream truly fortells what is to happen.

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