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10 Million Man March For Liberty !

I propose, in light of the massive fraud and corruption of government, media, 2 parties, etc., that:

We organize a peaceful 10 Million MAN MARCH FOR LIBERTY on Washington DC, and all 50 State Capitals, all on the same day, with a definite and specific list of our demands to our government.
We have seen how our nation is going down the tubes, and they will not change or listen to anything else.
We should have 50 State Leaders to head each State, have quality videos that promote and explain the March, and promote it with Liberty-minded radio and other media as well. To be successful, we must have unity that transcends party affiliation, so everyone that realizes that government is corrupt could and would participate.

If you think that this is a good idea, and are willing to help in anyway, please comment and let's do it! Thanks.

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Given My Personal Attitude

I could rapidly see this decaying into something....ugly. I believe there are enough folks who, like me, are mad as he** and aren't gonna to take the BS anymore. You see sporadic and isolated cases of this, mostly manifesting itself in random weirdness like OWS, to some extent the Tea Party, and it's even suggested on TV like certain references on 'Breaking Bad', so it's there. It has the potential to turn bad - but that's just my take. I even have my suspicions about Tampa - hence Ron's calls for 'respect'.

So - I suggest proceeding with caution.


The biggest demand should be to get ron paul elected.

Great Idea

What day?

Can we also have our own honest money ready to use on that day too, just in case the "authorities" threaten to turn our money into worthless paper or worse?


What Day?

Thanks :) I think before the election. Maybe in September or October, before the weather gets too bad. Maybe a Saturday is best, so more can show up. I want to add that, if enough patriots rallied around this one idea, I believe it would change the course of history. I honestly think without it, we are doomed to travel down a terrible road to collapse. We must do this. But it demands that we must all spread the word in whatever way we can, have youtube and other outlets to promote it, show up, and have our specific demands. Thanks again.

Bump for a good idea!

Any one else interested?