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The Hill promoting speaking time for Dr. Paul at the convention

Amazingly, MSM giving Dr. Paul a little respect. Thank you for that.

By any standard of national politics, Ron Paul has earned the right to address the Republican convention with the visibility appropriate to someone of his stature, who has made the contribution to our debates that he has made.

Read More: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/...

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God can change the hearts and minds of men.

May he change the hearts and mind of delegates at the Republican National Convention to know, to understand and tp perceive that Ron Paul is the only honest man running for president and thus the only right choice for them to support.

Which is why I started a private prayer vigil

several days ago. Keep the faith... whichever faith it is. Faith can move mountains as well as GOP delegates.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Only GOD knows the future.

Only GOD knows the future. Let's hope for the best and keeping on fighting.

As Saint Francis de Asis sayd:"Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace".

If RP speaks

FOX, CNN & MSNBC, after few minutes live broadcasting, will switch to commercials then to a commentary from the "field", may be from Sarah Palin.


...will fall over themselves telling us how PRESIDENTIAL he sounded, in a way they have NEVER complimented him and his positions before...

They will do this as an "in your face" insult to ALL of us with great mockery because they are all part of the system that keeps HONEST, trustworthy Statesmen of TRUE character from attaining high office, any political power, and their philosophy(our founding philosophy about GOOD governance) from their viewing public!


So are they trying to hide the fact that he has a plurality of delegates from more than 5 states and is already entitled to speak?
Is this a way to prevent people from acknowledging his entitlement and preventing him from getting nominated?

I can just hear it now: "after all we've done for you (letting you speak when the MSM says we didn't have to), you still want to run for president!?!?"

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Comment posted over there:

"Ron Paul has earned the right to address the Republican National Convention in prime time" and a lot more. Dr. Paul is the only honest one in that entire chamber of corrupt bureaucrats who has told us the truth. He is the one who has never voted for an unbalanced budget or who has never voted for a Congressional pay raise. The other scheduled speakers at the RNC are the ones who have not earned the right to speak in Tampa. If anyone will get a standing O' at this convention, it will be Ron Paul, should the RNC actually allow the good doctor to speak, that is. The RNC has done nothing except to attempt to silence Ron Paul throughout this campaign, so I hope that they too will wake-up, as all of the Ron Paul supporters have been woken-up by this man from Texas, to the tyranny that is present in our country.

Let him speak

This is how Dr. Paul should address those dirtbags http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY5EiRcjw9o

Sorry, but that was funny!

Sorry, but that was funny!

One Can Only Hope He Gets A Speaking Slot..

One Can Only Hope He Gets A Speaking Slot..

I believe, although it is premature to report it, so says the GOP, that Chris Christie is going to get a speaking slot, maybe the "PRIMETIME" speaking slot we hoped Ron Paul might be lucky enough to get..

But alas, our champion will more than likely get screwed out of a chance to speak to the nation and made fun of..

I hope he gets the

I hope he gets the 'Nomination Slot'...

Just why is it

That every article I read about Paul the Pundit has to coach any positive remark with a disclaimer?
"If Ron Paul does address the Republican Convention in prime time, he will say some things I agree with, and many things I strongly disagree with".

I wish at least once after saying they disagree with something RP has said, to at least let us know what it is they disagree with.

Brent, just what is it you disagree with? Sound money? Balanced budget? Ending multipe foreign wars? A free market economy?

He doesn't have a clue what

He doesn't have a clue what he disagrees with, he's just too afraid of being chastised in his profession if he admits to agreeing with Dr. Paul. It's called peer pressure and he's not really an adult.

by comparison

... I strongly REJECT over 90% of everything that comes out of Barack Romney / Mittens Obama pie holes.

It's Brent Budowsky, not 'The Hill'.

He's the guy behind the blue republican movement and has written numerous articles friendly to Dr. Paul.


Brent Budowsky, among others within the Beltway media, has discovered how to game the Google News search results. Mention Ron Paul a few times a week, and your articles are the most read and most commented ones going. This increases the Google "juice" for future postings. I've stopped clicking on links to The Hill and other DC news sources for this very reason.

still, it'd be nice to hear what

he disagrees with Paul on. I agree with the above poster. If you disagree with Ron Paul on any major issue, then that means you disagree with freedom. Ron Paul is right on EVERY issue IMHO. When you get it, you get it. Not disagreeing with what you said btw.

I believe it's actually Robin

I believe it's actually Robin Koerner, a damn good guy, who is responsible for the Blue Republican movement. In my opinion, Brent Budowsky, at times can come across as a closet Ron Paul supporter but his opinions seem to swing so wildly back and forth that I've come to believe he has only figured out how to get more views and comments to his blog by playing the emotions of true Ron Paul supporters. I would advise people not to pay any attention to his manipulations.

I stand corrected

Thank you

Get on board to nominate

Ron Paul to ell with the speaking position.
It's all propaganda to try and convince the delegates to nominate rombama.

I see it more of like a

I see it more of like a last-ditch effort to get the Ron Paul base on board with voting for the Republican candidate this year.

....or that's just how I see it