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Repeal & Replace The ‘Presumptive Nominee’ – Converting Delegates Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

If a ‘presumptive nominee’ cannot get enough votes at a convention to win the nomination of a primary he has already ‘won’ then there is no way his campaign can credibly continue. Furthermore thereal2012delegatecount lists his leaners as 419. If Willard Romney is defeated on the first ballot, he is defeated; and in absence of a single monolithic non-Paul alternative, Ron Paul has the advantage from then on.

I believe that subsequent to the first ballot, Ron Paul has the best support, enthusiasm, and organization to win. With that said, if Ron Paul has a “plurality” in only 6 states (maybe a few more), the delegates supporting him will not be able to prevent Willard Romney from being nominated on the first ballot.

There are just shy of 6 weeks until Convention. During this time there will be no headlines of an ongoing nomination process; but there can be.

Converting delegates is not a zero sum game. Non-Paul delegates do not need to become Ron Paul delegates yet. Put differently, they do not need to be convinced that Ron Paul is the best choice (yet); they just need to accept the truth that nominating Willard Romney is forfeiting.

I propose attempting to catalyze a groundswell of popular support to nominate somebody other than Willard Romney at Convention; which, with Ron Paul’s support in delegates, will hopefully be Ron Paul.

The past month is replete with ‘gaffs’ and ‘disappointments’ from Willard Romney and his campaign. When informed that delegates are free to nominate somebody other than a primary ‘winner’, coupled with surveys demonstrating support for nominating somebody other than Willard Romney; every time somebody says to herself ‘I wish our candidate was better’ she may instead say ‘I hope we nominate somebody else’.

I have previously posted looking to gain support to commission a survey of support among Republicans and leaners to nominate somebody other than Willard Romney at Convention.

If nothing else, I suggest that if delegates cannot be convinced to support Ron Paul, convincing them to not support Willard Romney may make the difference on the floor.

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Let Santorum & Gingrich supporters know they are unbound

That will get a second ballot.

We Agree

I believe that is exactly correct. If a Santorum supporter can be convinced to support Santorum over Romney, or a Gingrich supporter to support Gingrich over Romney, or fanning the flames of myriad Republican headliners (Christie, Jindal, Palin, Rubio, &c.) over Romney; any vote not cast for Romney is one step closer to a floor fight where Paul supporters have the organizational advantage.

What if that is what the public wanted?

What if a poll demonstrated that 1/3 of the Republican Party wanted to nominate somebody other than Romney at Convention?

What if the MSM was unable to ignore the results of that poll? What if in reporting the results of that poll they mentioned that all delegates are legally unbound, and nominating somebody else at Convention is possible?

What if that got people talking?

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