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Pentagon warns that US faces IED threat at home

And the selling of fear to the mindless population continues. This is insanity. They even use the domestic terrorist plots that were FBI/CIA sting operations as proof that America has become so dangerous that we must become a totalitarian police state "for our own protection".

Well, GO FUCK YOURSELF Big, Huge, Criminal Government. I'm not afraid of anyone and the only thing that worries me is the unrestrained, unchecked, power of a tyrannical Government. They should all be arrested for treason.


The roadside bombs (improvised explosive devices) so deadly to US troops in Afghanistan are also being deployed against Americans at home, as the Pentagon adapts wartime strategies to help counter the threat.

“The domestic IED threat from both homegrown extremists and global threat networks is real and presents a significant security challenge for the United States.”


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Leave those people and their OIL alone

Leave those people and their OIL alone, stop installing dictators and using force to steal resources from poor black and brown people (that also goes for colonial Europe)and have honest open market trade without the use of sanctions then you wouldn't have to worry about a quote "IED threat at home".

Victim Fights Back in NSW Sydney School

It just makes me laugh when bullies are shocked when their victims eventually revolt and start to fight back

re the bullying clip...

looks like there is more to that story. I watched a couple more about that incident.

I expect a barrage of attention on bullying will be the next Democrat campaign focus.


General Consensus down here to that incident was, Good on Him! The Bully deserved what he got.

There was a bit of focus in the media about bullying though, always seems to be anyway.


they would be used to defend private property against oppressive forces. along of course with mines. i hope i don't get killed by goverment planted IED on interstate.

What would these "wind-up toy" federal agents do,

if there actually ever was a REAL "terrorist event" that they didn't orchestrate or know about themselves beforehand?

They'd probably all piss themselves, and run around not knowing what to do.

They are lying

If that was going to happen it would have been years ago. If it happens in the future 99.999% it will have come from elements in our own govt/military as a False-Flag event.

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