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Medical Marijuana as a Cancer Treatment


My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, and medical marijuana is one of the tools we are using in an attempt to decrease the cancer and recuperate his health.


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Get your fathers body PH to an Alkaline

Right now your dad is acid as he can be! JUICING with raw Veg. Cannabis is HUGE in this. Juice it eat it vaporize it! NO WHITE SUGAR NO WHITE FLOUR ONLY LIVING FOODS! Vit B17 EXCELLENT!
H2o2 Therapy..The One Minute Cure By Madison Cavanaugh! He MUST BE DOING THIS TODAY! Food Grade H2O2 can be bought at www the guardian of eden .com Get some ordered TODAY! FLOOD your fathers body with O2 cancer CANNOT survive in this type of environment! There is more info that has been put tpgether on this site then almost ANYWHERE! The Daily Paul is awesome..get you dad some PH slips and test his saliva..once you you get him in the Alkaline stage you KNOW his cancer is getting its ass kicked. YOU MUST ACHIEVE THIS. Rick Simpsons Phonix Tears is a GOD SEND. Please keep us updated on how you Dad is doing..I will pray for his recovery..Just remember this God helps those who help themselves..and what you guys are doing right now is on the right track..you need to kick up into HIGH GEAR. NO MORE DEAD FOOD for your father..and if you are using a sweetner in ANYTHING it must be Stevia. NO WHITE SUGAR. Baking Soda is a great way to get your body acid free as well...so many all natural things to do GET BUSY my friend..get busy. God Bless you guys and may the healing hand of God touch your fathers soul. Now GO TO WAR!

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

Every week he went for chemotherapy and watched many young children not survive the cancer or the treatment. Halfway through the chemo he gave up and told the doctors to take care of the children first. He quit going and started to smoke pot like crazy, waiting to die. Astonishingly, he has been cancer free for six years now. I cannot say that marijuana cured him, but it sure looks that way!